eat clean work hard

Such a long journey :) But I can see some changes and that’s the best motivation.

So this is me in 2013 and in 2015 (January) 

I was in a really bad place then and now, after 2 years I really feel happy ;) 


Me in Italy 2 years ago today (thanks timehop) –> me now. Miss Italy, don’t miss the body in that before picture, though.

Because I ate healthy all day, even though it was super hard. I’m proud of myself. 👍🏻
Also shout out to @gradschoolforty for keeping me on track! And tomorrow is no pasta day! (I have to mentally prepare myself. I LOVE pasta.)
So in light of recent (good) events, here’s my dinner. 😂

I don’t care if monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday or sunday. every day counts, make the best of it. and don’t ruin your diet on weekends! train dirty, eat clean.


A little less than a month into T25, and this is where I’m at. I can’t believe that this program has done so much for me with just 25 minute workouts. I’m definitely sold on Team Beachbody products! I’m feeling fabulous, and I cannot cannot cannot wait to keep working towards my dream body!

Spiderman approves ;)