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Me in Italy 2 years ago today (thanks timehop) –> me now. Miss Italy, don’t miss the body in that before picture, though.

anonymous asked:

I'm so slow at work even on meds and everyone's always irritated about it especially my supervisor (who tends to do almost nothing all day but has the nerve to complain about/to me) and my boss. I work at a hotel cleaning, there's one shift a day so everyone stays until everything's done. What can I do to speed up and forget less? It makes me want to quit and I hate every minute I work. I need my job. Boss seems tired of accommodating my adhd and I'm scared of getting fired.. Thanks tons!

Do you have a checklist? That will help with the memory thing. It should also help with your speed since you can just do each thing right down the list.


Hey! Don’t despair. 

First, go back to your doctor and ask if they think that you’re on the best dosage or medication and what time is the best time to take it. 

Second, are you eating/sleeping/hydrating whilst at work. Cleaning is hard and physical, and if you’re not keeping an eye on the above you could soon flop! 

Thirdly, make sure you wear a watch and keep a checklist with you. 

And finally, some bosses suck. It’s awful but true. If they have a superior write them a letter and explain what’s happening and what you intend to do about it. -lj