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Gentlest? -> Joshua
“He really has an image of a gentleman, a good kid” (Jeonghan)
The person himself commented, “Since a long time ago, I don’t really get upset towards others”
The runner-up is Jun. 
“He’s nice to the younger members, he never forgets to be considerate no matter when” (Seungkwan)

The most spontaneous? -> Jun
“I think all the members will have the same answer (laughs)” (Hoshi)
“Even though no one else is laughing he’d start laughing all on his own, it’s cute” (The8)
The runner-up is Vernon.
“He’s like an alien that’s beyond the comprehension of us Earthlings” (S.Coups)
“Jun and Vernon both have a different dimension’s way of thinking!!” (Seungkwan)

scan cr.

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*calmly eats your game console with nothing but a fork and a glass of milk*

“Um…don’t tell mama about this, I didn’t mean to hurt them. They might need some bandaids though…”

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It’s just you… and me.

We’re all alone. And I just wanted to say…

…And because of you we’ve almost hit that super secret number of asks that unlocks a special Pennywise flavored treat that you are unknowingly dying for.

But we still need your help! Share our blog. Speak of our great feats and triumphs. Lie through your fucking teeth! And most importantly— Send us Asks!

When we hit that super secret number your gonna cream your panties. I’m super cereal guys. Super cereal.

So keep on asking us silly questions, requesting XXX fantasies, and sending us dick pics. (We especially love that last one. Thank you. It was quite beautiful. You know who you are.)

And most importantly— thank you for being such amazing fans. We wouldn’t do this without your faithful unhinging support. We are but two young women with weird clown-related obsessions. Plz keep this fandom hot and the sewer parting popping, kids!

And together we’ll continue to have…

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Hello Studyblr Community! My name is Carly. I just recently created my blog (@eat-sleep-stvdy) and was introduced to this wonderful community, so I have no original content up yet. I hope to start posting when school starts for me this October (online). (when that time comes, I will update this.)

Zodiac Sign: Aries

🌿Some things I like: DOGS, music (too many favorites to list here), COFFEE, flowers, anything with plants really, my favorite scent is eucalyptus mint. I like shades of blue, purple, and yellow. I love thunderstorms and rainy mornings that make it easy to sleep in. 

I aspire to be a graphic designer 

🌿Reason for making this blog: Motivation mainly, I struggle with anxiety (and ocd) and some depression so I get very unmotivated. I feel like this community is very supportive and I could use the positive vibes I get from it. I made this with the intent of it being a place where I can express myself and not get overwhelmed. 

🌿What to expect from my blog: Me trying my best! Support to other bloggers. Attempts from me to post original content. Maybe a few short breaks if needed. A place where you can feel free to ask me anything or just talk. And last but not least, a blog that supports/values mental health over school. 

Blogs I support/inspire me: @sumerstudies !!! @emmastudies @studejing @studyhardsleepharder @sia-studies @littlestudyblrblog @miahstudies @studyneurons @kankenstudies @studyquill @nerdastically @studylustre (just a few)

Thank you for welcoming me into this community. it may take a little bit for me to get started but i appreciate all of your support! 💛

please like/reblog so I can get to know / follow more blogs 😊


I’ve been struggling a lot with my self esteem/body image lately but I’ve decided to start making art about it! Fuck these evil feelings!!
I’m excited to embark on this journey of self discovery and acceptance!

anonymous asked:

As an artist looking to make some money, do you have any tips you could help me with? Literally anything would be useful! :) I'm also not sure how to sell myself properly, so more people'll be interested in my art?

Hi anon ^^

I think that what is important, before making money, is being visible. Letting people know you are “out there” and no, promoting yourself efficiently is not “attention whoring”.

Tag properly so that people can find you on social networks or just thanks to Google, and have a website or Tumblr/Deviant Art/Blog whatever, that is well organized (artworks, contact, about). If you think that it has nothing to do with making money, you are wrong. Let’s imagine that your future client visit your website or your Tumblr. This person isn’t going to spend ages to look for artworks or for the “page 2″ button. Remember that people are lazy and they hate scrolling. So, a well organized website is good and will make people want to stay and know more about your work (and then willing to pay for it)

You can promote yourself by posting to famous art Tumblr blogs, like Eat, sleep, draw. You can also contact directly book or video games companies for instance, and letting them know that you are looking for a collaboration (if you are looking for a pro job).

If you are into the “fandom world”, participating to challenges on LJ is not bad. People will know you, they will follow you on Tumblr and DA, and latter, commission you if they love your art. Also, you can also have a more “opportunistic” approach and create artworks for “trendy fandoms” in order to be noticed.

The quality of your artworks is going to be important too, I’m not gonna lie.

If you are on Tumblr and DA, create a commission page where you’ll detail what you are willing to draw and post also relevant examples of your art. Post your prices too. $XX for a line work, $XX for a color drawing, $XX for each additional character, etc.. Don’t under price yourself. If people want your artworks, they’ll have to pay. Don’t let guilt tripping crap such as “Yes, but I found an artist on DA that is far less expensive than you!!!” get to you.

If you are looking for advice, you can also visit these pages:

That’s all I can tell you. Visibility, working hard, promoting yourself, and finding clients ^^ Voilà! Good luck!

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