eat all the mangoes


get to know me: favorite female character → the ‘avatar: the last airbender’ girls
“I’m a warrior, but I’m a girl too.”


28-30/100 days of productivity Last three days revolved basically around me writing my essay and sleeping. Also I started annotating my history books so it would be easier for me to write my essay. And honestly I kind of love it and I feel good about the colour coding, but as a book lover at first I felt like I was just destroy it. Anyway, word limit on my essay is killing me and I have no idea how I’m going to fit everything in! Also I’m kind of obsessed with dried mango and that’s all I want to eat right now.

idk why any of us are eating oranges at all when there are millions of perfectly ripe mangoes in the world to be admired and eaten instead

sorry in advance @witchymoonhag 

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I love humid summers and monsoon rains, spending all day in the garden reading poetry and eating mangoes. this summer I want to wear bougainvillea and jasmines in my hair - I want to eat fried plantain, cooked jackfruit. I'm thinking again of wearing my grandmother's silver anklets. at night: singing old songs with my family, dancing alone in my room, reading ondaatje outside. have a lovely summer, Annie <3

Can’t wait for these snapchats 🌿🌺💫

Should You Start a Fist Fight with the Spriggans?

Brandish: I mean… if you gotta. Why do you want to fight her? All she does is eat mangoes. If at all possible, set up a time beforehand and give the address of the nearest florist. 

Invel: buddy I know you have a grudge after that Gruvia death match. plus he weighs 120 pounds soaking wet. noodle arms. destroy him. 

DiMaria: you’re gonna die because there’s no way in hell DiMaria Chronos Yesta fights fair but if you’re masochistic enough go for it I guess.

Ajeel: dude Ajeel’s only 5′2″, tops, but rage gets hyper-concentrated in the tiny bodies of the vertically challenged. plus he could lift Erza Scarlet, in armor, off the ground, with one fully extended arm. you will lose. 

August: why. why would want to beat up Resident Grandpa. why. 

Serena: do it for the entertainment value alone. do it. God Bye-Bye to you, but it’ll have been worth it.

Wahl: how far do you think you’re going to get punching a robot? think about it for a second. consider: broken fingers.

Bradman: he’s… intangible? made up of tiny particles that kill you? gajevy is like… in the bottom half of the big 4 anyway. it’s not worth it. 

Jacob: he’s a martial arts expert. you’re going to get your ass whipped, but I understand if you need to fight for Lucy’s honor that badly. a worthy cause indeed. 

Neinhart: this one is tough just because we haven’t seen enough of him? he’s a smug bastard, so fight him, but know that it could swing either way. from first glance, he doesn’t look like that much of a threat, but he actually has pretty broad shoulders and we have no idea what those weapons on his ship were. 

Irene: you’re either gonna be fist fighting a woman with claws for fists or a fucking dragon. there’s no way you can win this. fight her anyway. 

Larcade: punch him once for every person that he sexually assaulted in the orgasm chapter (plus an additional five times for Yukino), then find Zeref and punch him twice as many times. find Larcade again. apologize for his shit parent. educate him on sexual harassment because Zeref sure as hell never gave him The Talk. pat him on the head. your work here is done. 

Decided to eat my mango all by myself while no one was home. (Yes, I didn’t want to share.) Was aware of the GIANT ASS SEED in it this time.

Look isn’t that beautiful. Last time I just ate it like an apple. Then I decided to go all in and see if the glass thing worked to peel it.

Holy shit it worked

Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!! This is amazing!

What an adventure! Bon appétit!

This summer is about……
Kissing and holding hands,
And new lovers
And sunshine,
And love beaming from within
And not waiting
And not withholding.
And allowing myself to dream and live in that dream.
This summer is about trying new foods,
And traveling on foot and in cars and in groups.
This summer is about playing like kids.
This summer is about eating icecream and waffle cones and dancing and singing songs really loudly.
And new and old friendships.
This summer is about dream girls.
Dream experiences.
This summer is about dancing from that healed place.
This summer is about abundance and enjoyment.
And allowing losses to be lost.
Allowing in more sunlight.
Going to places where I can see the stars.
This summer is about frozen fruit and water and kissing at sunrise.
Going on dates.
Eating kiwi and melons and mangos and being all chocolaty and perfect.
This summer is about Goddesses.
Goddesses finding other Goddesses.
It’s about hair being down and out and wild.
Saying Yes to fun and love and adventure.
This summer is about being pretty and feeling Free.
And so it is
Here’s to Summer 2015
—  Cree Joy
Katara, Consumed by Destiny: Water

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We are working backward from the end of The Legend of Korra, pretending we don’t know anything more about Katara than that she is a waterbender and a member of Team Avatar. At this point, however, we’ve accompanied Katara through four books of LOK, four comics series, and two seasons of A:TLA. The progression, or rather, regression, of her character, is all too clear. We’ve seen Katara’s biggest triumphs and most cutting remarks; what more could the initial season of A:TLA have to offer?

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I feel your joy: I still get entirely too happy every time I get an avocado that’s perfectly ripe and it twists right off the pit and I can scoop it out with a spoon.

People are like “why are you obsessed with avocados” and I’m just like “If you had ever had a perfect avocado you wouldn’t have to ask.”

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Name: M

Nicknames: M technically is a nickname lol… but @lucyheartfiliavevo calls me Mueen

Zodiac Sign: Gemini, bitches
Height: 5ft 7in, I think

Ethnicity: White as hell my dude

Orientation: Queer/wlw maybe lesbian

Favorite Fruit: Mangos. I’ll eat all the mangos

Favorite Season: Spring

Favorite Books: The House on Mango Street, The Song of Achilles, In The Time of the Butterflies, Salvage the Bones

Favorite Animals: i love them all but esp kitties and also sneks

Favorite Beverage: ginger beer or hot chai

Average hours of sleep: 8??? Idk

Favorite Fictional Characters: Diana Prince, my woman, I can’t, queen of my life… James Kirk, Sch'n T'gai Spock… I would die for Ilya Kuryakin… It’s a long list tbh

Dream Trip: I have terrible wanderlust so I have to say one where I visit the majority of the countries like… in the world

Blog Created: I’m guessing it’s 10 months rn. I think I came back to tumblr last July.

Number of Followers: 454

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But what is this “glass thing” you speak of?

You use the side of a glass to peel it! So the fruit goes in the glass and you have the peel left in your hand. You hold the peel side and press the piece against the glass so the side of the glass basically cuts through to detach the fruit from the peel. And the glass is curved so it works really well on the round pieces. :) I saw a video of it on Facebook!

i bought a couple mangoes yesterday and none of them are ripe and i haven’t had a mango in like over a year maybe and all i want to do is eat these mangoes except that they’re rock hard and i am so sad