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Prompt: Kara and Alex dealing with her being on the spectrum (as adults).

“hey alex, there’s no need to freak out but im home from work early-”

“what’s wrong?”

kara groans for a long time, annoyed that alex picked up. well, not annoyed. just…she just wanted to say it and leave it all behind. go curl up on her couch and eat all the brownies out of the icecream and forget that she’d almost had a meltdown at work.


“it’s not a supergirl thing, i was just going to leave a message,”

“excuse me for a moment,” alex says in a way more formal tone and kara hears her boots echoing and sighs again, pulls the icecream out. a door whooshes open on alex’s end of the phone and alex is talking to her again. “talk to me. what’s wrong? is it that sleazy guy again?”

“no, no,” kara crinkles her nose. “well, he is still sleazy. but it’s not that. i just… hadabitofameltdownatworkandwantedtotellyoubeforejamesdoes.”

“okay, rewind,” alex chides her, but really softly and kara grabs at the duvet she’s been using as a cape - she likes the weight, and she likes that it’s so long it slides along the floor when she walks and makes the nicest shish shish shish sound - and she nods. “repeat all that but slower.”

“i had a meltdown at work,” she says. “and i’m calling you because i’m pretty sure james is going to call you soon to make sure i haven’t blown out my powers and i thought you should know. and, maybe,” kara picks at the raised loops sewing the patches of the duvet cover, “i wanted to see if you were busy.”

“you had a meltdown? what happened? you’re okay? i mean you’re talking so that’s a good sign,”

“yes,” kara nods emphatically, pushes her glasses up her nose when the move makes them slip down. “i’m okay. i stood in the sun, i did my breathing, james hugged me and cat gave me a pillow to hug.”

“that woman, honestly,”

“at least she didn’t fire me,” kara tells her, and damn it her voice wavers a little and alex - a literal spy and awesome secret agent - can’t not pick up on that. “no crying at work, remember?”

“you were crying?” alex asks very softly. “kara, i can be there in fifteen minutes.”

“no. no, you are working and i dealt with it and i am dealing with it and i want you to finish up your meeting.”

“you’re more important,”

“yeah but i’m also okay,” she insists. “please, i just wanted to let you know. i dealt with it, i did well. i’m not a kid anymore, alex, please don’t come over until you’re actually free.”


kara narrows her eyes. “i’ll know if you cut any meetings or whatever to come over.”

that makes alex laugh and she’s about to say something, probably along the lines of i was a DEO agent for years without you knowing, but the door whooshes open and a quiet voice asks for alex to join them again.

“i’ll be right in,” alex promises, and she waits for the door to close again. “i will be over the second my shift is over. save some icecream for me.”

“uh, no.”

“i will pick up some icecream,” alex amends, and kara lowers her head to the kitchen counter and listens to the fondness, the smile, her sister speaks with. “i’m really proud of you. and we can go through what happened to figure out why,”

“i know why, it’s okay. i just want to watch tv with you. but…on mute maybe?” she scratches at her arm. “it was all sounds and stuff today, i just.”

“mute is good.”


“okay.” alex lingers as long as she can, but, “i have to go back in there. my shift ends at seven, expect me at seven thirty. what’s your food today?”


“pick something else too.”

“just brownies.”


“i won’t eat anything else. not today.”

“fine! brownies then,” she grumbles, and her goodbye is hurried but sweet. “i love you, see you tonight.”


she doesn’t feel worse, exactly, when alex does show up. way more tired though so everything is a little harder to manage.

“hey kara,” alex says, and immediately shuts up when her little sister curls into an even littler sister shaped ball on the couch and tugs her duvet closed around her head.

alex makes her way around as quietly as she can. she toes her boots off at the door, pads to the fridge to put away the pizzas she picked up. it wasn’t on kara’s very short food list but it’s a danvers staple so she’ll want it eventually. the low whine of the fridge sounds especially loud and alex hunches her shoulders, moves as fast as she can to finish all the necessary steps. turns her phone on silent and do not disturb, shrugs off her jacket and picks up a blanket, grimaces through cracking open the brownie takeout box and the clink of cutlery when she pulls out a spoon for kara.

“are you done?” kara grumbles from her couch. if she concentrates, alex thinks she can make out a single, baleful eye.

“coming your way,” alex shoots back, and kara sobs once when she steps on a creaking floorboard and again when the couch springs shriek when she sits. “i’m sorry.”

“it’s okay.” kara doesn’t take the brownie box. alex sets it on the table. “it hurts,” she mutters, and alex eases her over so she can lay next to her sister and pulls her head to her chest.

“focus on my heartbeat,” she tells her, and wraps her arms tight even that even kara could feel it. she can’t hold that up for long, but a moment is enough.

kara knees her in the bladder and headbutts her chin, blind inside her cocoon, shifting around to find the most comfortable position and alex bears it with good grace though she’ll be cashing in her bruises for favours later, no doubt about that.

they doze off quickly, kara first, exhausted, and then alex once kara’s tears are mostly cried out. when they wake, it’s because of kara’s stomach. it grumbles and rumbles and kara floats them both over to the kitchen, putters around making their dinner - midnight meal, really - as quietly as possible.

“maybe you should tell your friends,” alex murmurs, trying to keep her voice smooth and low and even. “and maybe cat.”

kara shoves her pizza slice into her mouth and fetches her phone, squints at the brightness and turns it so alex can read the email.

“sick days are unfortunately a requirement by law. you have several. use them wisely.” alex rolls her eyes. “can she say anything without it sounding like a threat?”

“carter,” kara whispers.

“true.” she accepts kara back into a hug, despite the sauce on her chin. kara tucks her forehead into alex’s neck, brings her arms up to brace comfortably between their bodies. “sick day tomorrow? i have a date with maggie in the evening, maybe we can all hang out in the day?”


“we’ll see how you feel. could be a danvers day only.” she feels kara smile and nod. “sounds good to me.”

they stand for a while longer. then kara sighs and pulls back. “i’m going to tell winn and james. they should know in case anything happens while they’re with me. like today. and i trust them. and cat already knows everything,” kara sucks in a deep breath, less to do with cat and more to do with the effort of saying so much at one time. “but i’m going to tell her too.”


“will you stay, when i tell the guys?”

“of course.”

kara blows out her cheeks and nods, relieved. “thank you.”

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headcanons about Artemis????

- all the dogs

- what is it with the dogs

- honestly she pretends she’s the serious twin but she’s far more similar to apollo than she realises

- for one they’re both oblivious

- has anyone seen that tweet abt a girl who sends everyone a msg whenever she sees a dog - that’s probably artemis

- 100% ace/aro

- but she tries to help her brother with his love trouble

- but unfortunately they both suck at advice

- most times she and her hunters are serious

- sometimes they all get together and watch netflix and eat icecream

- once apollo said dogs weren’t that gr8

- once apollo also got hit by an arrow

- she’s a terrible liar

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Can I please request some saeran relationship headcanons please thankyou keep up the great work with the blog

you’re always here to help me with my saeran hc needs aahHhh -Green

💔 s w e e t  t r e a t s

💔 you’re both as bad as Saeyoung honestly, you have junkfood everywhere 

💔 you’re favorite pet name for him is sweety, sweet, or sweet treat

💔 he’ll never admit it because it is embarrassing but he Loves It… 

💔 Saeran isn’t the most physically affectionate person, and you’re totally okay with this but a small part of him still feels bad

💔 so when he can he’ll just hold one of your fingers or have your shoulders touch

💔 IT MAkES YOU DIE,,, it’s so CUTe???

💔 you two have a little whiteboard that only you’re allowed to see and Saeran will write how he’s feeling on it 

💔 this works out because he will always go to bed after you and when it’s night is when he’s most suffocated with depression and anxiety

💔 so the whiteboard helps him write down and vent his feelings, which ergo helps him calm down, while also communicating with you how he is and what you need to do the next day for him 

💔 if the whiteboard is empty, you’ll leave little cute messages for him to find that you hope make him feel better

💔 sometimes you’ll do little doodles that are honestly crap but he loves them 

💔 you two don’t go on outside dates much, they’re usually inside with the two of you either watching something or playing a game, even just eating icecream and talking all night is considered a date for you two 

💔 when you do go on outside dates, it’s late night drives and park dates. you love bringing him to toy and comic stores because he’s really intrigued by them since he didn’t have those as a kid

💔 you also like recommending him new songs to listen to and see his opinion on them

💔 out of all people, Saeran trusts you the most so when he’s feeling horrible, he’ll go to you and just slump against you 

💔 if he wants to rant, you’ll let him, but if not you’ll just hold his hand and stay as long as he needs you

💔 when he has PTSD episodes, you’re always the one who is called to come over and calm him down, and make sure he doesn’t hurt himself or others 

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Rev squad, all eating icecream together (I forgot the prompt number)

(Rev Squad 14) “I found you–Ordering ice cream for us both, and spilling yours”

Alexander didn’t know peace of mind even if he was to be put in a coma. Spring Break had come full swing and well other high schoolers were going away for vacation, having parties, getting LAID he was at home. Working on school work, why? Because reality just hit Hamilton last summer. Fun was fun but fun didn’t get him money. Fun didn’t get him noticed or success…of course he loved his pool of friends but he was out to make his future.

“Alex…” John peeked over his shoulder and glanced at the smaller teen in the back seat. His body shaking around as the car wiggled over potholes along the road. It was Spring Break and his friends had to nearly break into his home and drag him out by the binder. Alex didn’t respond to John, he sat there with his nose in his work. “Glad to see you’re hanging out with us, since, ya know, Spring break is almost over” John smiled but there was a sourness to his voice.

“Uh huh, that’s nice John.” Alex mumbled only catching some of what his best friend had said.

“Truly, you’ve been a joy this whole car ride. I’m starting to think the binder is part of your face.”

“Whatever you say, John.” He mumbled again, scribbling as he swayed with the car. John’s eyes narrowed as he glared at Alex’s reflection through Herc’s rearview mirror. Beside Alexander, the tall and muscular arm of their Frenchman friend wrapped around Alex’s slender, studious shoulders.

“Don’t be too hard on him John” Laf gave John an easy smile staring up at the mirror; he placed his chin on the top of Alex’s head. “He’s working hard, we should be more supportive, no?” he mused as their fiery little friend had a side to him that was almost obsessive. He obsessed over work and what he had to get done. It worried his friends, his very close, friends.

John didn’t ease up, the entire spring break session Alex had spent it cooped up in his house doing work. He missed him, they all missed him. It wasn’t fair but for the sake of not ruining their day while it had just begun he changed tunes. “Are we almost there, Herc?” John bounced in the passenger seat. “Are we? Are we?”

The hulking driver chuckled a bit, “almost, just sit tight.” He shook his head taking another long turn. The turn forced Alex to shift too far and his pen rolled off the paper. He watched as a line now stretched from one corner of his paper to the other ruining the sentence he had just finished. “A-Ah whoops” Hercules smiled weakly while John cackled in his seat.

With a resound and defeated, “ugh” Alex slammed his binder shut and tucked the pen behind his ear. “So, where exactly are you all dragging me to that couldn’t wait until I was done?” He frowned realizing just then they weren’t in the city.

John nearly did a 180, his body shifting out of his seat and turned all the way around to face Alex with a glowing smile. He missed that smile of John’s. “The ice cream place out of town opened up for the season today! Best ice cream in ALL THE LAND” John howled out the open window. His curls flopping around as the wind through his words back at him.

Alex exchanged French words with Lafayette, “seriously, you dragged me out here for ice cream? We could have gone to Dairy Queen.”

Lafayette’s naturally bedroomy, half lidded eyes softened. Alex felt warm staring into them so he focused on something else. John’s sunny smile? No that also made Alex feel too uncomfortably warm. Perhaps Hercules’s robust and bountiful laughter? Nope, there was no escape other than the window and the image of greens as they sped past trees. “We’ve just missed you is all, sweet lion.” He rubbed his chin against the stop of Hamilton’s hand. “Alexandre, when did you last take a bath?” Laf teased noting his hair was on the greasier side.

“Shut up” Alex hissed turning back to English. John eyed the back seat just in time to watch Hamilton swat Laf’s smirking face away from him.

The car stopped into a small parking lot of a tiny ice cream stand who’s sign had recently taken down as they were open for the season. “YESS” John sprung out of the car and immediately went to the list of flavors and toppings.

“Kid has been waiting for this all year.” Hercules chuckled, hanging back with Hamilton who was strangely sluggish. “We come here all the time.”

“I know why is it so important we come here just as it opens for the spring?”

“You know this is John’s last spring with us, Ham…” Mulligan mumbled a bit. “I know that’s why you’ve been stuck up in your room, working the pain away.”

“Oh please, John moving is not painful! We’ll still talk!” Hamilton hissed, he felt his stomach churn a bit. The idea of John leaving left nothing but a vacant spot in his chest. He pursed his lips trying to keep his mood in check as he approached the ice cream counter. Lafayette decided to go with the American classic banana split and Hercules indulged in Rocky Road. “Why don’t you let me get yours, Jackie?”

John smiled a little, it was hard to be annoyed at Alexander. First off, he was John’s best friend and second Jackie was his loving nickname for John. “Alllright then, I’ll go sit down.”

Hamilton figured if he did something nice the emptiness would fade and the others would leave him alone more or less for the remainder of the spring break. Alexander ordered two ice creams; he held both cones in one hand as he tried to count the change properly.

“Alex you should hold those with two hands…” Mulligan warned watching one cone sway a little too much.

“I’m fine, I have to check my change, I think he did it wron—“ He watched as one of the ice creams fell on the ground. John’s eyes followed it too and before anyone could say a word, Alex jerked the remaining cone to John before taking a seat. “Whatever, I don’t care” He had just ordered ice cream for the both of them, and now he spilled his. He couldn’t wait to go back home and focus on something else.

“Aww don’t be like that, Ham” John smiled; he took a lick of ice cream and then motioned for Alex to try some. “Come on~ say ahh for Jackie” John purred rubbing the melting treat against Alexander’s lips. Reluctantly Alexander stuck out his tongue and took a lick where John had started licking from. “Feeling better?”

“Nope.” Alex licked his lips only to have his face jerked around by Laf who held his chin with one hand and had a spoonful of ice cream in the other.

“Open, Alexandre~” Laf leaned in sliding the spoon into Alexander’s unexpecting mouth. Alex swallowed slowly, licking his lips again much slower. “I think he likes mine more”

“Tch, no way” John narrowed his eyes, Alexander felt his chest tighten as he was caught between an ice cream love-rivalry. “He likes mine the best, Alex take another lick”

“Actually I like—..”He turned looked straight ahead and found Mulligan’s towering body, leaning over the table. He didn’t say a word, his eyes said them all and Alex immediately opened his mouth and welcomed more ice cream. “mm” He licked his lips. All three of them took turns feeding Alex, swapping ice creams. It was nice being showered with attention, Alex forgot how good his friends were to him.

“You got a lil something on your face” John smirked, “right here.” He leaned in and kissed Alex’s cheek.

Laf eyed down Mulligan and they started honing on Alexander as well, “yes and here” Laf kissed his other cheek.

“And here.” Mulligan kissed the top of his head.

Finally Alex released a small bubble of laughter. The joy of being around his affectionate friends and having the sugar from all the different treats was finally working on him. “Alright, alright I admit it…a little time away from homework is pretty nice…”

would there be any point keeping up this blog if i’d come to believe that maybe i don’t have arfid?

lots of new information is making me wonder what’s actually going on with me. like if i had an eating disorder like arfid surely it would be easier to treat/ deal with? i still have the same problems as before so maybe this blog would still be relatable (if i ever actually posted), and i’d still like to try and document my progress, but… idk, at the very least the title feels like a lie if i’m no longer sure about it. if you think it’s similar enough to still be helpful i might stick around

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It's almost summer and I bet you can't wait to go out in your tight pants and your outgrown bikini👙... You'll love people looking at your big giggly belly wobble over your pants and tubby side rolls around your big melon sized boobs bouncing and giggling as your straps struggle to contain them! Oh what a fine thick piggy you've become since last summer 🐽 :)

It really turn me on so much going at the beach and seeing people who stare at me and my big squishy body getting too fat for my last year bikini with all the wobbles and  jiggles. 😳 Gosh, I love it. 😳 And maybe eating a lot of icecream and treats, while all the skinny girls are watching me… my belly getting even bigger 🐽💕 oink

  • me knowing that there are still 3 icecream sandwiches in my house and wanting to eat them all at once but also savouring them because they are the reason im alive because i love icecream sandwiches so much and they bring me a lot of joy so i want to feel that happiness but also i dont want to waste it all in one go so i restrain myself from eating the icecream sandwiches that are in my house right at this moment: i could really go for an icecream sandwich right about now

So far I am adjusting pretty well to the whole dairy-free thing (apart from the fact that now all I want to do is eat icecream) but I’m still not used to thinking about what goes into things, and whether those things will make me sick. Like how my mum’s homemade apple pie has a crap-load of butter in the pastry, and will therefore make me lie on the floor with a stomachache for the rest of the night. 

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Can you please do Namjoon as a boyfriend?

Can you do Namjoon as a husband please?

A/N: I’m going to combine these two because I feel like I would end up saying the same things for both.

Dating/Being Married to Namjoon Would Include…

  • expect to have replacements for your stuff because he would break it all with his clumsiness
  • snuggles when he’s not working and then he gets an idea and gets up and leaves
  • he would be really protective over you
  • like if you two were out in public and he saw a guy check you out, he would flip his shit
  • and then when you two came back home, he would make sure you knew who you belonged to 
  • I hope you have a huge daddy kink
  • because this dude is daddy af
  • cute little couple clothes that he claims to hate wearing
  • but he wears them all the time because he secretly loves them
  • a lot of skin ship
  • like A LOT
  • I see Namjoon as a very cuddly person
  • so he would give you back hugs and stuff like that
  • couple showers
  • the two of you just watching movies and eating icecream all day
  • I feel like with you, he would get really embarrassed easily
  • “maybe..” *blushes*
  • but that would only be outside of the bedroom
  • inside of the bedroom, he would be so dom, it would actually be overhwelming
  • like this dude would have all the kinks
  • but especially a HUGE daddy kink
  • but outside of the bedroom, he would be a dimple-ful, blushing mess 
  • total putty in your hands
  • there would be days when he would try to teach you how to rap and laugh a lot when you failed
  • and then you would teach him how to dance and laugh when he fell on his face
  • couple showers
  • that would probably end up in shower sex
  • that would probably end up in you two dying
  • and he would also have a MAJOR daddy kink
  • <p> <b>My boyfriend:</b> *complains he's fat*<p/><b>My boyfriend:</b> *eats icecream and all the cookies I always bake*<p/><b>Me:</b> *continues to bake all those cookies because they make him so happy and regularly tells him how handsome I think he is because I love him to death and frankly don't give a shit*<p/></p>

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So in my head bb Frodo is like super shy when you first meet him and Sam talks for him until he warms up to you, my little cousin and his sister do this because he's a shy little bb and it is the cutest ever. And Thorin calls Merry and Pippin Fee and Kee Junior and thinks Frodo is Eru's gift to Middle Earth. Also, off topic but Eomer's motorbike has personalized plates that say HORSE LORD and no one can convince me otherwise.



One Bad Night

Not only did she get booted out of a lyft but upon stumbling onto the curb she broke her heel. She glared at her best friend Amber who shrugged. “What that fuckin guys was a misogynistic dick! I wont have someone critisizing my choices in showing my body just because he’s a prick.”
Y/n closed her eyes “how far are we from the club?” She sighed with an edge of anger lacing her voice. “Are you mad at me it sounds like you’re mad at me…?” Amber pried. Y/n let out a long sigh. Youre goddamn right im mad (is what she wanted to say) however she shook it off and asked again. “How far are we from the club?”
Amber looked at maps on her phone and scrunched her nose. “About 6 blocks?”
Fuck you Am. “How am I supposed to walk 6 blocks on a broken heel?” Y/ N asked. Amber fished through her purse “dont worry ive got back ups. What kind of friend would I be if I didnt have back ups?” The kind of friend to have me out here on my birthday ruining my favorite pumps and having to fricken exercise in tight jeans and a crop top thats what. Y/n kept it to herself and took the black patent leather flats.

By the time theyd made it to the club y/n had shoved her long beautiful mane into a bun disregarding the time spent curling and styling that she did earlier. Its bad enough Amber scared the fuck out of her while she was curling her hair leaving a burn the size of the state of California on the back of her neck. She hoped no one would notice. Upon approaching the lengthy line they ambled up to the bouncer who hardly looked up from their clip board. “Back of the line.” They said in a droll tone. “Arent you gonna like…” Amber started “back of the line like everyone else.” They said turning the page on the clip board still not looking up. Y/n sighed rolling her eyes and starting off toward the other direction. “This is stupid.” She mumbled. “Hey! If you wouldve worn that sexy black dress that I got you we wouldve already been in there. Who goes out in jeans?” Amber snarked. “Dude! That dress wouldve had my thighs rubbing together like there was no tomorrow especially since your narrow ass had us walking for 6 blocks.”
“Youre always complaining, if I had your body Id be running around naked.” Amber sighed locking arms with her. As soon as Y/n and Amber started toward the back of the line a motor cycle pulled up on the curb. Screams erupted from the back of the line, “what the fuck is happening?” Y/n asked. “Holy shit bitch…” “what???” “Do you not know who that is?”
“Amber I– ”
Amber turned and grabbed y/ns face “your baby daddy in your head…think girl!” “Thats not Jason Momoa…” y/n said. “No bitch the Vanilla one.”
Y/ns eyes went wide as the realization hit her. “No no girl nu-uh.” “Uh yes bitch.”
He approached the front of the line as they were leaving. “Where are you going?” He said to Y/n scanning her up and down before giving her his signature smile. Amber grabbed her arm and whispered “bitch Chris Evans just gave you THE LOOK.”
Y/n elbowed her. “We were headed to the back, yknow rules.”
“No that idiot bouncer doesnt know a goddess when he sees one!” Amber barked loud enough for the bouncer to hear. Y/n closed her eyes and let out a sigh. “Well I sure as hell do.” Chris said, still looking dead at y/n. He was looking at her like he already knew what she looked like under her clothes. She crossed her arms feeling suddenly vulnerable in her crop top. “Why dont you come in with me?” He said holding out his hand. Y/n turned to Amber who nudged her on.

The two women followed Chris into the club, about half way toward Chris’ booth Amber disappeared. Of fucking course when she actually needed Amber and her forever running mouth she was gone. Now she had to talk to him. What the fuck is she gonna say? Thoughts bombarded her ‘I hope I didnt sweat off my makeup.’ ’ I hope I still smell good..’ ‘what do I even say to him???’. He stopped and guided her to sit down with his hand at the small of her back. She sat down and undid the bun at the top of her head allowing her thick dark hair cascade down her shoulder. He watched in awe as she adjusted herself. “Wow.” He said breathlessly. She smiled softly “what?” “You’re so beautiful…” he said eyeing her. She let out a small chuckle. “And here i was thinkin you felt bad for us and had us follow you in.” “No.” He laughed. “I just. I dont know I dont see a lot of girls like you anymore. I really wanted to meet you.” He said.
“What do you mean girls like you?” She said quirking an eyebrow. “You’re just everything. You’re genuine and gorgeous. Its refreshing.”
She rolled her eyes “shut up.”
“I mean it.” He laughed. “Come on I’ll order us some drinks.” He said soflty brushing his hand over hers. Shivers ran down her spine.

“You know what I didnt even want to come out tonight.” She said taking a sip of her third drink. “No?” “Nuh-uh its my birthday I wanted to stay home and order thai food and watch x-files all day then get a little drunk and eat icecream.” She giggled. He smiled at her “what happened?” “I got fuckin dragged out here by my friend, and she argued with the lyft, uber, whatever the fuck, point is she fought the guy for like 20 minutes and he dropped us off like 6 blocks away and i fucked up a pair of $500 shoes.” She said. “Oh no.” He laughed. “Shush those were my favorite pumps they were sparkly red platforms and now theyre in Ambers purse probably getting granola crumps in them.” She said finishing her drink.

He sighed and finished his own. “Well the night of your birthday doesn have to be a total disaster. ” he said rubbing her thigh. She looked at him raising her eyebrows. “We can still get you that thai food.” He said grinning. She laughed “I cant leave Amber here.” She said stroking his hand. “She left you with me, she got you kicked out of an uber, I think its fine with the party gods if you ditch her just this one time.” He said. She sighed he was right this whole night all she had been doing was getting y/n in messy situations. Besides she wouldve done the same thing if she’d gone home with somebody. “Okay fine.” She smirked. He laughed before pulling her out of the booth. He left money at the table for their drinks and the two weaved out of the club. They made it back to his bike. He gave her his helmet and let her wear his leather jacket. The two of them peeled down the streets. This was exciting the speed of his bike, the smell of his cologne the brisk night air. This was turning out better than she thought. The two stopped at a hole in the wall thai place. The two took their orders to go and he drove them to his place. “Jesus, swank digs my guy.” She sighed upon seeing his house. He chuckled at her, “I guess you can say that.” “I guess? Bruh your house can eat mine and have my truck for desert.” She groaned. He pulled her into him and kissed her “I’m hoping I can just have you for desert instead.” He grinned at her deer in the head lights expression. “Oh…” was all she could manage. He unlocked the door letting her in and following close behind his chest grazing her back. Shivers ran down her spine as his hands ghosted over her exposed waist gently digging into the warm soft flesh. He dipped down and nuzzled the back of her neck taking in the scent of coconut and rose emanating from her thick dark hair. His teeth clipped her neck. She turned to face him standing what would be chest to chest if he hadnt been so goddamn tall. Her hands splayed across his chest as she peered up at him. Even in the dimly lit foyer she could see the color in his eyes go from sky blue to oceanic as they darkened with lust. She was surprised and proud of her self. She never thought someone like him would be looking at her like their last supper. “Are you gonna stand there staring at me or are ya gonna do something?” She smirked. With that he set the food down on the floor and picked her up hauling her into the living room. She shrieked letting out high pitched giggles as he squeezed her butt with his free hand. He lobbed her dowb on the couch before straddling her. “Tell me birthday girl.” He started before taking off his shirt. “What do you want?” He smiled down at her. She covered her mouth as a moan left her lips as she scanned the glorious expanse of muscle infront of her. “Oh damnit. That…that right there is just straight up rude. ” she said “what?” “That!” She said hitting his chest. “You are way too damn fine, just ….“she trailed off as her hands wandered about his chest. Him chuckling drew her out of her daze. Her eyes snapped up at him. He dipped down to kiss her. “I could say the same for you, doll.” He said grabbing her by the back of the legs and pulling her closer to him. “Shut up.” She groaned as he peppered kisses about her neck. She could feel him smile against her skin. “You never told me what you wanted for your birthday.” He said letting his hands crawl up her thighs. Heat pooled in between her legs as she searched for the words to say to him. He teased her with his denim clad bulge gliding against her cunt. “Whatever you got is what I want.” She said carding her fingers through his hair. “Yeah?” He said nipping at her neck again “yeah, surprise me.” She said grinding against him as his lips clamped down hard over her collar bone. He unbottoned her jeans letting her wriggle out of them before releasing her neck from his lips. “Well on my birthday a big fantasy I have…I getting fantastic head.” He grinned inching his way down her body. “Really?” She giggled as his fingers hooked her black thong. “Definitely. ” he peeled them down her thighs. She beamed at him as he disappeared in between her thighs ghosting his lips over her cunt before planting sloppy kisses about her warm thighs. She twitched and he hadnt even tasted her yet. She knew she was in trouble by the way he gripped her thighs holding onto them tight before drawing a broad stripe over her heat. She wiggled toward him, he looked up at her with a shit eating grin before giving little kitten licks on her aching clit. She smiled at him before tugging his short blonde hair. He gasped and let his mouth hang open as his tongue darted over her. She rolled her eyes “fuckin tease.” “The build up is my favorite part” he chuckled before swiping his tongue over her heat. He caressed her thighs as he drew the soft bud into his mouth rolling it in between his lips and tongue. Christ the boy had skills! She thought. He varied speeds as he alternated between licking and sucking using her sounds as cues as to what worked best. She hit a fever pitch as his finger slid inside of her he pumped slowly curling his finger againsy her g-spot. She let out a throaty cry as her back arched up off the couch. “Oh oh oh oh n..oh my god.” She moaned as he sucked and continued to curl his finger adding another for good measure causing her to grip his hair and pull hard. He winced and replied by pinching her clit with his lips. He could feel her clench and flutter around his fingers. He picked up speed moving to the rhythm of the soft “oh…oh…oh ooh! oh! oh!” Coming from Y/N. She came hard he could feel her gush around his knuckles. He drew his fingers out of her slowly watching her body flicker he licked her juices clean off his hand before wiping his lips with the back of the opposite hand. She was flush, her chest heaving a soft sheen of sweat making her skin glimmer. He kissed her. She pulled him into her wrapping her arms around him and jamming her tongue into his mouth. The kiss was hot and dirty, tongues swapping their different tastes into eachothers mouths he groaned into the kiss as she sucked his tongue. She pulled away to catch her breath staring with lust blown eyes at the dazed adonis ontop of her. “I can still have anything I want?” She breathed. “Y-yea.” He stammered. She pulled him closer so that she could whisper in his ear. “I want you inside of me.” She caressed the shell of his ear with her tongue illicting shivers from Chris. “I can do that.” He answered. He pulled off of her and fished in his pocket for a condom before peeling out of his jeans. There was a dark mark on the front of his jeans. “Did you?” She chuckled “Did I cum in my pants listening to you? Yes, yes I did. It doesnt help that.” He rolled on the condom as she took off her shirt “that you sound like a porn star and taste like heaven.” He said yanking her toward him by the backs of her legs making her slide down the couch. She giggled as his lips met hers again while he alligned his hips with hers. She gasped as he slid inside bottoming out in her wetness. He stuck his tongue in her mouth causing her to continue kissing him. “How do you want?..” he tried to continue speaking but she felt too good. “Slow, deep…” she groaned as he moved in and out each thrust deeper than the last. He felt her nails claw into his shoulders in respinse to the pain he slammed into her. She yelped pulling him in. “Yeah, pull me in, pull me in it feels good when you…” he moaned as she matched pace she wrapped her legs around him rolling her hips against his thrusts. “Fuck you feel…y/n you feel so…” she cut him off with her lips crashing on his. “Oh Chris, fuck…just…oh my God…I ..” “what is it baby? What do you need?” “I want..i want. I” she broke off with a long moan. Her hand gripped the back of his neck “harder please.” “You got it.” He bore into her. She screamed as he continued to slam into her filling her to the hilt “Im fuckin close please…oh pleease.” “Mhmm. I can feel it.” He continued feeling the familiar presure of her walls clenching around him. It was so different feeling it around his cock than around his fingers. She was going to make him cum before he could get her there. He kissed her messily as she tried to kiss back in between moans. He collapsed holding her closer to him and deepenig the angle fucking her desperately, spurred on by her sounds of ecstasy. “Chris.” She let out in a long whine.“Y/n?” “Chris.Chris. Chris…oh fuck.” She cried. Her walls fluttered about his cock as she spilled over onto his pelvis. He chased after her as she kissed him softly, peppering hot kisses about his neck and collar. She bit down as he grabbed her ass for leverage she could feel his thrusts becomming erratic. “Kiss me.” He ordered. She did kissing him hard their tongues meeting once again until his mouth went slack and his thrusts became sloppy as he came gripping onto her fucking through his orgasm. Watching him come was enough to illict one more sneaky orgasm from Y/n as he melted into her arms kissing her sloppily. He remained inside of her for a while letting her smooth down his matted hair. “Happy birthday.” He murmured. She let out a ragged laughand kissed the top of his head. “I’ll be right back.” He said before getting up and trotting off to the downstairs bathroom to dispose of the condom. He made his way back with the almost forgotten thai food and their drinks. “There’s a blanket on the back of the couch.” He said jutting his chin toward the soft grey and white blanket. She wrapped herself up and waited for him to settle down next to her. “I guess you’ve already figured out that you’re spending the night.” He said passing her the bag with the thai food. “Hey, as long as you have netflix I’m not complaining.” She shrugged. He chuckled before kissing her one more time.

The first of a series of four pictures about Croix’s instinctual desire to gain weight every winter.

You see, jackalopes like many species, gained weight for the winter to prepare for mating season.
Jackalopes are a headbutting species, and contest for dominance. The more weight, the stronger the headbutt.
And while they are a civilized race now, the blood of their ancestors still runs in their veins.

“I can’t help but notice you’ve been staring at my icecream Croix.”
“I’m just lost in thought.”
“And it’s funny, because you’re sitting there with your own.”
“And you’re basically eye humping my icecream.”
“I’m eye… looking it. Your icecream.”

“You want to eat my icecream.”
“I just… regret not getting more, that’s all.”
“So I’ve got a proposal for you.”
“Roland, let’s not tarnish what icecream means to us.”
“I’ll let you have my icecream, if…”
“If what.”

“I’ll let you have my icecream if you can go five minutes without licking your own.”
“And if I lose?”
“You have to watch Zootopia with me.”
“Out of the question.”
“I guess I’ll just start licking my icecream then. Ohh… it feels so good…”
“Stop that.”

anonymous asked:

I think that besides me allot of people would like to know the recipe for the mystery croquettes. I hope you don't want to keep it secret and if you find yourself having the time please do post about it.

I based my recipe on the one that was used in this video:

A few tips:

  • Don’t boil your potatoes more than 10 minutes! Otherwise you won’t be able to shape the croquettes.
  • First sauté the chopped garlic cloves and onions for the amazing smell (and it will taste better).
  • Don’t forget to add salt, pepper, and other spices to the vegetables before you mix them with the smashed potatoes!
  • You need lots of eggs for the coating. Two aren’t enough. 
  • You don’t have to use panko bread crumbs, normal bread crumbs are just as fine!
  • Don’t make too many! If you make them as big as I did (palm-sized, which I think is roughly the size you can see in the show), then make only 2-3 for each person. I can eat a lot (e.g. I once ate 11 slices of pizza with pasta and 4 icecreams at pizza hut all you can eat), yet I was completely stuffed after only 3 of these croquettes. They are like lambas bread, no kidding.
  • In case you are not sure if your oil has reached 350 degrees F because you don’t have a cooking thermometer (like me), you can just start frying the croquettes as soon as the oil is bubbling.
  • Definitely don’t fry them for more than 30 seconds!! Stop the time, then take them out immediately! Otherwise they will look like this:

Next time I will try to make the “genuine mincemeat cutlets” Sukuyo made in episode 7 when they had money :D And I will also try to add cheese because I think the yellow thing here is cheese?

One last thing: Even though the process is very time-consuming and elaborate, it’s a lot of fun when you do it with friends, and it’s even more fun when you listen to the Kill la Kill OST for an extra power boost! Enjoy!

Food n HP in Undertale

I didn’t see anyone bring this up yet, so contributing thoughts. In a closer look, all the cuisine that you can buy in UT is 99 percent COMFORT FOOD ;) Aka, all the food you’d eat when feeling angsty or depressed - all sweet and greasy stuff. Chisps, icecream, hamburgers, donuts, hot dogs, hot cats-watersausages (seriously Sans? ….)….. Maybe except the Old Turtle in Waterfall who sells apples ;) Frisk isn’t eating to regain “health”, they eat to regain “stability” and “comfort” in their mind, to be able to face the challenges. They are a scared stressed kid afterall, being thrown into battles and a completely different world. It’s difficult.  It’s a nice thought that the UT world isn’t based on real life logic, but rather on logic behind comfort of soul. The monsters are all anxious, delicate beings afterall. So thought someone might think this is interesting.

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i really love how you draw mai wafiu. also do you have any headcanons for her?

tbh Mai is like a character id probably put in a game too..

  • Has the most admires, daily routine is just clearing her locker of letters
  • She’s like the main protagonist of a different story going on with the school, just a sappy cliche romance story
  • Listens to the most sped up happy hardcore bass music
  • Intense sweet tooth, eats icecream and sugary stuff like all the time
  • Makes amvs on video games
  • Customises her computer to be all decked out in pink cutesy stuff
  • if this was a different genre she’d be a magical girl with some cute looking cat companion
  • Sits by the window, looking sorrowfully outside, wondering if life will ever get exciting…
  • favourite breakfast meal is buttered toast
  • Plays cute pixel games the most, sometimes visual novels

Shes like… a character i just can’t ever hate for existing… shes too innocent..

you know what i need now??


just imagine…

kagami getting all full of fighting spirit but accidentally shooting himself in the first 5 minutes trying to figure out how his gun works

aomine teaming up with kise and kise getting all excited but aomine just uses him as a shield despite being on the same team and just draggin his “dead body” around for that purpose

everyone shooting kise’s “dead body” at least 5 times. just for fun. they start keeping score on who can shoot kise the most.

aomine’s plan backfires as kise in a drenched transparent shirt attracts fangirls. imayoshi uses them as a distraction for aomine by getting their shirts wet aswell. aomine can’t look away. fangirls get him. imayoshi shoots him while he’s lying curled up on the ground but with a big smile on his face. it’s ok he can die happy now.

everyone continue shooting kise anyway

murasakibara doesn’t listen to the instructions or realizes the game began. gets killed right away by just standing there wondering why everyone running suddenly and goes to get snacks.

midorima a crazy lone sniper and master of camouflage shooting people from a distance. no one knows where he’s hiding and everyone are scared

takao has terrible aim and luck and can never hit anyone despite getting the best opportunities for a perfect shot. tries to shoot hyuga and accidentally hits midorima who was hiding in a tree dressed in something ridiculous. midorima falls on hyuga. takao starts laughing till tears come out of his eyes. hyuga shoots him from beneath midorima.

akashi getting way too serious about things planing to lure all the players into a room and starting a fire to trigger the smoke alarm so he can kill everyone in one strike

kiyoshi dying protecting his teammates like duh

kuroko’s team winning because everyone forgot he was playing also and went home, he shoots all of them while they’re eating icecream.