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I just found your blog and have spent the past half an hour scrolling through it; your stuff is amazing and so well in character - I can't stop laughing at Whirl's antics. You asked for headcanons, so I wanted to share this idea a friend and I had, hoping it would cheer you up (you seem like you need it lately). We ship Cygate, with Whirl as their lovable annoying friend who crashes on the couch and eats all their food. I hope that's amusing to you ;) and that you have time to rest and recharge.

I love your guys’ headcanon so much it’s perfect! I’ve always thought of whirl as the intentionally obnoxious third wheel, interrupting little Cygate moments. wonder if there’s any good fics with the three of them. I haven’t been able to read any Lost Light issues. ☹️

Also I appreciate your thoughtfulness you have no idea. It’s weird to think that there are people who are concerned for me.

I know you didn’t ask for a sob story but the reason why I’ve been inactive and mopey for so long is because my loved one was diagnosed with cancer. He passed away over the summer. We were extremely close. The transition to life without him is difficult but I’ll spare you the details. I do miss the bots and this blog and all of you lovely people though. It always makes me feel better.

Please know that you’ve really brightened my day with your cute headcanon. It was short and sweet but I smiled like an idiot reading it. Thank you so much for your kindness, anons. ❤️

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Leo and Jack respectively for the OC dating. ^_^


Pros: will talk about how amazing you are to all his friends, compliments available at all times (if you want), v thoughtful and caring, great listener

Cons: he’s always right, likes to correct people, thinks mess helps him think, will dress better than you, will lose everything ever


Pros: best kisser, remembers every tiny detail even you don’t remember saying, will take you on adventures all the time, nothing is ever boring, he’s 90% sarcasm 10% love for cats, will eat all your spicy food

Cons: dislikes hand holding, hates losing control, reckless so you’ll be worried 24/7, may end up in prison (but he’ll get you out), all your gifts are probably stolen, will eat all your spicy food

Thank you!!! I love doing these :)

That V Route video got me so shook I woke up at 2am just to sketch this hhhhhhh – i wanted like an ‘aesthetic look’ but it just ended up looking like he’s refusing some toppings on his pizza

it must be because im hungry and i dont wanna order food at 3am //wheezes
anYWAY goodnight LOL


The Chronicles of Jughead Jones and all the food that he has eaten so far. Since people are terribly concerned that Juggie has not fulfilled his expected eating quota…especially now that he’s homeless xD

yes im a hoe

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How Dan and Phil probably broke up #34
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Dan:</b> do you wanna make out?<p/><b>Phil:</b> sure-<p/><b>Dan:</b> cornflakes<p/></p><p/></p>
Australian Mammals that you didn’t know existed

You hear a lot about Kangaroos and Koalas and such, so I thought I’d post some animals that are unknown to lots of people, even some Aussies don’t realise we have them. Sadly most of these are on the endagered species list.

Also some fun facts added so you can have an idea of how awesome they are.


Considered Australia’s ‘native cat’ these guys are carnivorous marsupials and have the ability to bite through bone. 4 species; Eastern Quoll, Spotted-Tailed Quoll (or Tiger Quoll), Western Quoll (or chuditch) and Northern Quoll. ranging in size from 25cm to 75 cm long.


Cute little insect eaters, again a marsupial. Can move at speeds of around 13km/hr. Only about 10cm long.


Marsupial. Of which there are 5 species (and at least another 2 extinct); Eastern Bettong, Boodie, Woylie, Northern Bettong and Rufous Rat-Kangaroo (or Rufous Bettong). They seem to get along well with wombats, where I work they enter the wombat exhibits of a night to share their food.


Marsupial. There was once 2 species of Bilby, sadly the Lesser Bilby became extinct in the 1950s and the Greater Bilby is greatly endangered. In the same family as Bandicoots. Omnivores with backwards facing pouches (as they dig a lot this stops dirt getting in their pouch) Australian’s know these guys through the story of the Easter Bilby. Rabbits are considered a major reason for their decrease in numbers as they eat all the food and out-breed the Bilbies.


Marsupial. Aka the banded anteater or Walpurti. Mainly eats termites. Emblem of Western Australia. Up to 45cm long. One of the few marsupials that are diurnal (active of a day). Eats up to 20,000 termites each day. Estimated population of less than 1000.

Grey-Headed Flying Fox

Aka Fruit Bat. Placental mammal. Called a flying fox because they have a fox-like face and can fly.
Babies are called pups. Megabat. Wingspan of about 1m. May travel 50kms in one night for food. Eats pollen, nectar, sap and fruit. Long distance seed distributors and plant pollenators. Each colony plants around 30,000 trees a night. Without these guys we don’t have any of our lovely bush and ecosystem that we all rely on. Have very good eyesight and no echolocation.

Greater Stick-Nest Rat

Placental mammal. Up to 26cm long. Don’t have a ratty face. Were extinct on the mainland but through breeding programs have been re-introduced. Herbivores. Chew branches to length and weave them together to make a nest which can be up to 1m high and 1.5m wide.

Other unknown Australian Mammals you can look up:
Pygmy Possum
Feathertail Glider (smallest glider in the world)
Southern Ningaui
Greater Glider
Eastern False Pipistrelle

Sadly lots of these could go extinct within the next 20 years, and people haven’t even had the chance to really get to appreciate them yet.
**PS the Koala is also in danger of becoming extinct in the wild in the next 20years**