eat a zine


lately I haven’t been able to post art very often except on twitter, but here are some previews of illustrations I did for two separate mystic messenger zines!

the first is for the “let’s eat!” mm food zine (preorders are over unfortunately!) but the second is for the “day 12″ mysmes zine! preorders for the latter haven’t opened yet but they will soon! I hope you’ll be able to support them both! ^^

Tried recording a bit of my drawing process! I messed up so this is more of a fast forward gif than a video hahaha enjoy my shrimp tempura!

Anyways, here’s a WIP pic of my entry for Let’s Eat! A Mystic Messenger food zine!! 


Also, I posted this on my twitter already, but here’s a gif of my first attempt at trying to capture my process (lmao)! This WIP is for a different zine centered on the Chinese zodiac.