eat a star



before ya’ll jump on To The Bone (2017) for romanticizing eating disorders in the same way 13rw  romanticizes suicide, keep in mind that the film is written and directed by Marti Noxon who based the film on her own personal struggles with eating disorders and stars lily collins who has also been very public about her battles with eating disorders. also the cast (including Keanu Reeves) have been raising awareness about eating disorders since early 2016 (when they began filming). of course you should steer clear of any potentially triggering content if you have an ed, I just wanted to point out that To The Bone has not been composed in the same circumstance as 13rw

Here is a gentle reminder from a glowing, light-eating cat that every now and then it’s absolutely vital to pause and give yourself the time and space and snacks and stars you need to shine again.


If you listen closely, you can hear George Michael’s “Careless Whisper” playing off in the distance.

I did this earlier but I forgot to post it. It started off as a facial expression practice then turned into a comic *shrugs*

I wanted to focus on making each facial expression depict a specific feeling. 

Comforting your little

-make silly faces at them
-light a few candles
-lay in bed together
-turn on a fan and listen to the sound
-take them to petting zoos
-make them their comfort food
-give them warm drinks
-take a walk
-do yoga
-wash their favorite sheets with lavender scented stuff
-turn on a diffuser
-kiss their head
-tell them you love them
-listen to music
-watch cute animal videos
-don’t talk about stressors
-eat healthy foods
-make smoothies
-star gaze
-go to the lake/beach
-do significant things from their childhood (like climbing trees)
-be there for them