eat a sandwich bob!

My Sims 4 Review - People Are Blinded By Their Hate

If you tell yourself continuously that you hate something and it’s awful, then that’s how you’re going to view it no matter how amazing it actually is. Sims 4 is so much better than people are giving it credit for.

The new skills have so much depth to them. The new careers all have two separate branches, which add to gameplay. The addition of aspirations and aspiration goals add to the gameplay to keep it fresh and give you something to work towards. Cooking is ridiculous with how many different foods there are! There are 13! 13! types of collectables for you to find around town.

Multitasking is phenomenal! Betty was eating a grilled cheese sandwich, chatting with Bob, playing cards with him, and listening to the radio all at the same time. How would that ever be considered lame?

The worlds and scenery look beautiful, luscious, and alive. Sims 3 worlds looked great when they were compared to previous Sims games, but now they look so bland and empty. The towns are also so lively. No matter where you go Sims are everywhere doing all kinds of things.

Emotions change a lot of things, but not in a way that it takes any control from the player or becomes overwhelmingly in your face. It’s also the little things that make them worthwhile, like an angry Sim that’s cooking will slam the fridge door and knock the food all over the place while they’re stirring, and a playful sim can make gummy bear pancakes.

Progressing in your career is actually a challenge now. My sim still hasn’t been promoted yet and she’s been working at her job for about a week now. The bills make it more of a challenge as well as the penalties for not paying them. Losing electricity and water is terrifying, I’ve done it. Your sims can’t do much without them besides eat some yogurt or cereal.

Then to top it all off the game plays so smoothly without lagging or having to load textures, patterns, colors, etc. I’ve played for over 12 hours and never had any issues with lag or crashing or anything.

Sure, some things might be missing such as toddlers and pools, but it’s a phenomenal game already without them, so once they’re added it’s going to be perfect.