eat a block of tofu

the unofficial not-guide to making depression meals just like wesley

as a second generation korean american who grew up vegetarian and eating primarily rice, i have a bit of an aversion towards most “american” foods, but i’ve found that most suggestions for vegetarian foods or quick and “easy” foods usually involve things like cereal or granola bars or bagels or sandwiches or pasta and i’m just like,,,,,,, No Thank You

anyways, i’m in the midst of majorly procrastinating on some important stuff, so i figured, what better than to share my top ten “recipes” !! 

though, as a disclaimer, i have access to a rice cooker, which most people don’t tend to have access to. these “recipes” also require access to a fridge/freezer and a microwave or stove/cooktop (depending on which one we’re looking at)

but okay, here we go, here’s a list of what more or less comprises 80% of my diet, under the cut. obvious tw for food.

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Confessions of The Human Secretary (AkaKuro Platonic Fanfic) -PART 5-

Time to kick things up a notch. As we get closer to the end, you’ll start to see this story for what it really is. This story may be a little cracky but that’s not gonna stop us from making you guys ‘feel’ something about life and friendship.

We hope you enjoy this chapter~ P/s: Nina and I made a promise to meet someday at the land of the rising sun. What a time to be alive honestly. But seriously, enjoy the new chapter~ It’ll be a while before the next update.

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Part 5: AO3

Entry #2411

I do not see the appeal in aesthetic purposes. Who even taught him that? Why did he even thought that filling the office with different things each floor be called ‘aesthetic’? How did he even get the floors to be filled in one night?

On the good side, the cheesy 12th floor was easy to clean. It blended well with the nachos on the 11th floor. Aesthetic-ly well.

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