eat a bag of fire

growing pains

Prompt: makorragiftexchange to makosrightarm.

Summary: Snapshots of Mako and Korra growing up together AU.

Pairing: Makorra | AU

Notes: Yeah, I’m late, my bad Zack lololololol. I tried six different prompts and failed each time, so here’s what I got. More AU trash HAHAH. This is ugly, so I’m most likely gonna hardcore rewrite it because ugly sobs.

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Sleepover- Steroline Drabble

Request by Anon: Could you do an established steroline Drabble where Caroline has a sleepover at her house where she lives with Stefan with some friends she made at college and she’s bragging about how good he is in bed and she doesn’t know it but he heard her and you can take it from there. Thank you!
A/N:  This was super cute to write!  Enjoy :)

Caroline felt the sun beaming down on her cheek as her eyes started to flutter. Too tired to wake up after a long, yet perfect night, she turned around and felt a hand travel up her arm to reach her shoulder.  With a soft smile, the blond opened her eyes to find Stefan smiling back at her.  His hand was playing with her hair as her head rested on his chest.

“Good morning,” Stefan whispered, still playing with her curls with his fingers.
“Good morning.”

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