Easy Prey // Amycus and Lily

Amycus Carrow shoved his hands into his pockets, the fingers of his right hand curling around the slender wand that he kept there. He wandered along the corridors around the dungeons, sighing dramatically as boredom threatened to take over. He had a free period but Alecto was no where to be found. He had a sneaking suspicion that she may have been catching up with some of her friends but even so, he couldn’t help the lonely pang from ringing through his heart, regardless of how selfish it was.

He wandered down the corridors aimlessly when he heard chatter coming from one of the potions classrooms. It sounded like Slughorn was with a student. What could they be talking about? He wondered, edging forward. He pressed his back along the cold wall and moved towards the class slowly, ensuring his footfalls left little noise.

He peered inside the classroom once he reached the door and saw his potions Professor and Head of House inside chattering happily to that filthy little mud blood Evans. He scowled, his eyes burning hate into her as she stood there happy and ignorant to his presence.

Amycus had been greatly offended by the girls performance in potions. She was by far one of Slughorn’s favourites and that really did bother him, especially considering the fact that his sister had to worm her brother into his elite little club. What right did a mud blood have over him to be chosen before him to be a member? His hand clenched into a fist as he gritted his teeth, seething at her.

Suddenly Slughorn cut their conversation short, leaving Amycus to slink back into the shadows. He could hear the mud blood telling Slughorn to go land that she would finish tidying the room and then Slughorn thanking her. “Not today bitch.” He hissed, waiting for Slughorn to dart past him. The Professor was so blind that he couldn’t even see Amycus beneath his nose… Amycus checked the coast was clear before slinking into the class and drawing his wand.

He tapped it on the edge of a desk, a loud sound ripping through the still and silent room. “Hello Evans.” He greeted her in a dark tone with a smirk to match.