For the Girl
The Fratellis

Well she said I know but I just cant tell
Everything you’ve just been saying
Lucy was there as well in the dark
The kids in the band were playing

No-one can hear a word or tell
What the girl was singing
See she must’ve been 16 or 18
I’m just past caring

She was into the Stones when
I was into the Roses
She was breaking my bones when
I was bursting their noses
She would tell me a secret
I would lose it the next day
Young love pleases you easy
Makes you sick in a bad way

A Few of the Glorious One Direction Memes

Thanks to you, Internet, we have the gift of oh-so-many splendid One Direction memes!

Ones that answer the philosophical questions…

Show disturbing emotional states…

Encourage us to judge others whenever possible

Let people down easy

Make sexual propositions

Advise with compassion

Explain various car activities

Berate others in a kind manner 

More judging

Wig out

Cower in fear from the ones we love 

Regain sexual prowess

Scare unsuspecting puppies

This post has been brought to you by Louis + Zayn smoking in a car:


AND brought to you by Mermaid Niall….because lets face it, the Zayn interlude was only because there wasn’t enough Zayn in this post

Hangover halloumi and pineapple beef with cranberry couscous.

After a heavy night on Saturday, I awoke with a craving for halloumi, pineapple and beef and I wouldn’t have been true to myself if I hadn’t gone to the supermarket and shopped for a classic three item food date.

Ingredients (for the beef):
Pineapple chunks, as many as you can handle, plus keep 2 tbsp of the juice
150g halloumi, cut into cm squares
200g beef (I used cheap diced beef, but this would be MUCH nicer with rump or fillet steak)
3 tsp honey
1 tsp ras el hanout spice mix
A clove of garlic, crushed

Put everything into a bowl and stir it all up. Let it sit and marinate in the fridge for anything from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Pop the oven on low to 60 degrees (fan). Heat a tablespoon of oil in a frying pan and empty the beef mixture into it on a medium heat. Once you’ve browned the beef on all sides, transfer just that the beef to an ovenproof dish and let it sit in the warm oven.

Continue to cook the halloumi, pineapple in the wet mixture, turning the heat up so that it begins to caramelise. The halloumi should start to blacken, but will keep a somewhat gooey outer. Once it has caramelised, put the beef back in and give it a good stir. You’re good to go!

This is one of my spicier recipes, but I really enjoyed it and I’m glad I stuck to my guns with the combination. The ras el hanout has an earthy taste, with the rose petals in the mix keeping it nice, light and floral. Serving it with couscous (with dried cranberries added in) really kept the taste all on the beef mixture and has definitely made me want more! Next time, I’ll be sure to keep some plain yoghurt to hand as it was a little more spicy than I had bargained.

Miss Q x