This is a product that popped up a few years ago, though it doesn’t seem to have survived. GEE, I WONDER IF THAT COULD BE BECAUSE IT’S A TICKLE TORTURE DEVICE???

I don’t understand how anyone could think to buy this and not be worried that it would tickle like crazy. And if you google “Easyfeet tickle” or “easyfeet ticklish” you’ll see several product reviews that do mention how ticklish it is to use, such as:

“This product would not work AT ALL for anyone with ticklish feet. It would be torture.” (their italics)

“It’s not for the ticklish, the long bristles tickle the bottom of your feet but i quite like being tickled, happy scrubbing!”

“The 1st few times I used it, my ticklish feet did jerk and I had some difficulty.”


So, my birthday is coming up in (casually glances at countdown app) 42 days so I’m sure all of you have already shopping for my presents. Now, while shopping for me it’s not only important to remember what I like, but also what I do NOT like. Specifically, bending over to wash my feet. Who even has the time and/or energy for that? Not this old broad. So, keeping that in mind, here is an example of a great birthday gift for me:

You’re welcome. Happy shopping!!