Day hiking the Grand Canyon: Rim-to-Rim

As we climbed the final switchbacks up to the South Rim, having logged 24 miles and ~10,000’ of elevation change on our feet, we passed by a father and son heading down trail a bit to catch the sunset and some photos.

Son: Dad, what are they doing with those?
Dad: Hikers use those poles when they are traveling a long ways – it helps to lessen the load that they carry.
Son: That looks fun! I want to do that.
Dad: No, you’ve got to be tripping to do that. C'mon.

Despite how terrible I felt at this point, I couldn’t help but smirk. To be honest, Dad, you’re kind of right. (But I still like your Son better.)

I guess we should rewind about 12 hours or so, because we certainly didn’t drive to this overlook.

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Today was Jess’s first day skiing. She and E killed it!

While they were getting their lesson from Ski Instructor Danny (and what a doll he was!), I was fully initiated into That Tree Life. My friends took me down a tree’d black run that was OMGSOSCARY (“Don’t make me cry, guys. Please be gentle. All the lube.”), and we eventually popped into this little clearing with a 2DOLLA license plate, and my Better Off Dead-loving heart leapt. (“Two doooooollars!” + “HE’S SKIING ON ONE SKI!”) Anyway, I am so smitten with the soft snow of the understory, the obstacles, the mini jumps, and the sharp turns. There’s no going back now.

After skiing for 4 hours, I ran home, changed, and went right back out to celebrate The Mormon’s dad’s birthday. Huge salad + mac & cheese + cornbread. Yes, please.

Then more gym (60 minutes of incline walking + 2k row), because lolol, WHY NOT? This week I worked out 10.5 hours (any non-active ski time, like lift rides, was omitted). We’re halfway through my 6 week fitness challenge, and I will be damned if, as team captain, I do not lead by example.

Also: enjoy a ton of photos of me, because I was stupid happy all day, and couldn’t stop smiling even when sitting in my car alone and driving up and down canyons and across valleys.

Life is too good not to smile, man.


I don’t usually like forcing myself to write when I don’t feel words naturally pouring out of my fingers, but on the other hand, sometimes you just fall out of the habit of something. I’ll keep it brief.

The past month and a half has been a whirlwind of outdoor adventure, medical mystery, and western debauchery. I hiked a 13 mile canyon with a 4th class entrance while enduring a migraine, spent a couple of weeks with nausea/vertigo/headaches while waiting to find out if I’d had a stroke (I didn’t! my brain just hates me!), romped around the Front Range with @bizzyinindy, went wine tasting in southwest Colorado with my “I’m outdoorsy in that I like getting drunk on patios” friends, went kayaking with @easybeinggreene and ate some delicious gin & tonic cupcakes, baked a lot of cupcakes/croissants, turned 28, saw Saturn’s rings, and hosted a non-Tumblr internet friend for a weekend of play (including a night out wearing glittery gold heels and tiaras).

During the same time, I ended up hurting someone who I cared about and who cared about me, because I couldn’t fill the role that she needed/wanted me to fill. This is my first time on this side of the feelings imbalance, and I can now confirm that it also sucks (though it’s obviously nowhere near as shitty as from her perspective). I tried to be gentle, but it probably came across about as delicately as a bulldozer tearing through the alpine tundra. I did my best, but there’s probably no Right Thing to do or say in these situations, so I am left feeling like a callous asshole.

Life has been, and continues to be, full and beautiful through it all.

Boston Marathon Runners - What's your BIB #?

Hey – I know that there is a slug of us running Boston this year…

I would like to track everyone {I run with my phone} on marathon Monday so wanted to get everyone’s bib info…






Reply or reblog so that I can capture these….

Also, for those of you supporting us near and far here is how you can track us next Monday:

  • Open a new text and send to: 345678
  • In the text field type in the bib # of the runner:  26753 (that’s mine)
  • Hit send

You should get a text notification that you will be getting updates on that particular person…


Salt Lake City Marathon

Coffee-less Brenny at 6:30am on a Saturday = cranky

Caffeinated Brenny spectating a marathon at 8:00am on a Saturday = obnoxiously peppy

Someone stopped to take a photo of E’s “I’d swipe right” sign. Another runner did a high kick with Jess. I probably hit on 15 runners, and I said hi to my postman. We made a lot of people smile.

Time for a movie and some cinnamon rolls.

Operation Right & Tight, Day 8! (...I don't have anything to call this one.)

In pictures:


Spinach, dried cranberries and blue cheese will be my go to salad FOREVER. It was so good, the perfect light meal before heading to the…


I had the gym to myself today, thanks to the rain falling all day! This made it easier to lift, acknowledge that I am the least coordinated person when it comes to the rowing machine, and scream at General Hospital while completing c25k on the treadmill:

  • Squats: 3 reps of 10 @ 75#; 1 rep of 10 @ 85# (<–PR)
  • Barbell Curls: 3 reps of 5 @ 45#
  • Deadlifts: 3 reps of 5 @ 85#
  • KB Swings: 3 reps of 10 @ 35#
  • KB Press: 3 reps of 10 @ 16 lbs
  • Row: 250m in 3:44 (HAHAHAHAHA. Oy. I suck at the rowing machine. Tomorrow I’ll try for 350m. I haven’t been this amused at the gym in a long, long time!)
  • Run: 2.04 miles @ 12:14 pace (c25k, w2d1 repeat)

After finishing up all sweaty and smelly, I came home and started:


The lighting in this picture is awful, but the Cream of Broccoli soup is FANTASTIC. So good, and low in calories! HOLLA.

Best part? I have enough calories left over for a donut. The goal is to resist the donut, though, because I’m not hungry and I don’t really want it. I just want to eat it because it’s there and, as Jess pointed out, we should eat to live, NOT live to eat. 


Happy Tuesday, Tumblr! 

ran 6

with my favorite crazy again! We were under 9min miles, so that’s neat. My hip flexors loosened up and I felt good. We shared some personal dramas and talked through things. Good times

She did 3 before school, 2 before me, 6 with me, and like, a million after. She ran home from our meeting spot, then did the elephant loop. ‘Cause sometimes you need a midweek 20 (!!!!).

Awesome stuff.


Sunset Peak (10,648′ x 2!) + Pioneer Peak (10,450′)

1919′ gain | 4.6 miles | triple [baby] summit

We’d all done Sunset before, but we needed to summit it again to get to the east ridge so we could nab Pioneer. So we summited, descended the ridge down to the saddle, and climbed the ridge up to Pioneer. We had a summit snack/meal, and then descended the ridge back to the saddle, climbed the ridge back up to Sunset (our second Sunset summit of the day!), and made our way back to Albion Basin via Catherine Pass. These were sandy slopes – so rude going up, but so pleasant going down.

Gorgeous evening, even with all of the smoke clogging up our skies from the CA wildfires. Do a rain dance tonight, will ya?


Mountain Girl Gang, inaugural meeting – Lake Catherine + Pig & A Jelly Jar

We were supposed to hike last night, but afternoon and evening thunderstorms kept us away. Instead, we opted for a morning lake hike followed by brunch.

Fourth of July snowball fights, ridiculous sing-a-longs, a tiny dizzy human named Brenna (I feel you, kid – elevation is hard), three gorgeous alpine lakes, marbled rye toast with strawberry coconut & blueberry lavendar jams to share, saucy eggs skillets for each.

Phenomenal morning.