The Thing About Trauma

It’s not as easy
as being Something That Happened to You,
a package you opened once.

You will wake up in a new ZIP code,
have to wander your way home,
carry a few of the things you love
to this new place
you live in now.

& so you buy throw pillows.
You put up twinkle lights
and have a big celebration,
point at the open windows
and tell everyone who has ever seen you crying,


look how I have not caged myself,
look what I have made
out of two paint buckets
and the blessing of my still-here body,

but, of course, trauma leans into the bar cart.
Spills a drink on the new rug.
Breaks off the door handle on his way out.

Trauma sends you letters,
without warning,
for the rest of your life,
usually disguised as something else— 

a medical bill, maybe,
or a box of photo albums packaged up by your father,
just so you remember
trauma knows exactly where you live—

who did you think built the house?

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Make it So Easy

A Reference Material Verse ficlet

“You nervous?” he asks finally, finding his voice for the first time in what feels like hours. They haven’t spoken since he sat down, pulling her beside him, and the question bounces over the walls, louder than he means for it to be.

Her fingers twitch, curling tighter around his own. Her thumb slides over his, lazy and soft despite the tension in her other digits, the tension in her wrist. She’s soothing herself as much as she’s soothing him right now.

“Yeah,” she whispers, clearing her throat. “Yeah, I am.”

Rick nods, lowering his chin. His lips brush her hair once before he turns his cheek to rest against her head. Kate settles against him on a long exhale, allowing him to take her weight and shoulder some of her burdens for the moment.

“It’ll be okay,” he says, careful to lower his voice this time.

His girlfriend squeezes his hand. “This isn’t like an exam, Rick. We can’t just study and wait and hope for the best. This is–”

“I know,” he interrupts, shifting his weight. The tile under his ass is hard, though it no longer feels as cold as it had when he plunked down and refused to move. “I know it is. But it’ll still work out. Whichever way it needs to, it’ll work out.”

Her head lifts from his shoulder, her worried eyes nearly emerald in the cool overhead lights. Her mouth opens, but she doesn’t speak. Instead she rocks closer to taste the assurances from his lips.

“You make it sound so easy.”

He laughs against her mouth, trailing his fingers down her wrist. “Easy is the last thing I expect it to be. I’m nervous, too, Kate. But it’ll be okay.”

“No matter what?” she asks, moving their joined hands closer to her body. It twists his arm awkwardly, but he doesn’t complain or pull away.

“Yeah,” he promises quietly, willing the agitated flutter in his own chest to slow. He can freak out on his own time if he needs to, but right now the woman at his side deserves his full focus. “No matter what.”

She tenses at the beep of the timer, but doesn’t move to silence it. If anything, she burrows closer, pressing her nose into the warmth of his neck.

“I love you,” Kate breathes, squeezing his hand tighter. “And you know that… in a couple of years, it wouldn’t be… you know that, right?”

“I know,” he answers, steady in her reassurance. “I know, and I love you, too.” Rick cups her cheek, smearing his lips to her forehead. “Come on, moment of truth.”

Kate nods, pulling away. He watches her swallow hard and presses his mouth to hers one more time.

“Moment of truth,” she echoes, sucking in a deep breath before reaching across his body to silence the timer and lift the test from the lid of the toilet.

She sags against him, her fingers going slack in his grip. He doesn’t ask, won’t fill the silence with conversation just yet, but she knows what he needs to see, turning her wrist to let him read the display for himself.

Not Pregnant.

Her arms wind around his neck. “Just stress then,” she says, resting her forehead against his temple. “From the semester, graduation coming up, my training…”

Rick nods, palming her back. Exactly what they’d needed it to be right now with the final few months of school for the both of them, his writing, and Kate preparing to enter the police academy at the end of the summer. But even as relief washes over him, want does, too.

He wants that life for them. The kids, and the pets, and the driving each other crazy forever. He wants that.

When the time is right.

Her lips brush the corner of his mouth, drawing him from his contemplation. He hums, nudging her nose with his, letting her know he’s with her.

“Me too, Rick,” she whispers, somehow reading his mind. Or maybe the look on his face. “I want that, too.”

Palming her back, he pulls her onto his lap, sealing his mouth to hers as she gasps. He needs her closer right now.

“And when the time comes,” she adds, panting against his lips. “I promise to only freak out a little bit.”

He grins, preparing to stand with her in his arms. As much as he likes this bathroom, making love on the floor has its drawbacks.


❧ l.jh | don’t listen in secret

jihoon | woozi x reader.

Originally posted by seungcheofine

word count : 737
genre : angst/ tragedy
synopsis : two months gone since you both had parted ways, broken off the connection of love, the fragile yet beautiful thing that was love, love which floated in the air between lovers and was scented with everything you could remember of home but whenever he breathed now, all he could notice was how there was no such thing in the air anymore.

✐  this was an idea @mintyjihoon​ had given me, and i just had to write it both for her and for me, based on svt vocal unit’s don’t listen in secret, which is what i would recommend you listen to while reading.

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❝whatever happened to chivalry? does it only exist in 80′s movies? i want john cusack holding a boombox outside my window. i want to ride off on a motorcycle with patrick dempsey i want jake from 16 candles waiting outside the church for me. i want judd nelson thrusting his fist up in the air because he knows he got me, just once, i want my life to be like an 80′s movie. preferbly with one with a really awesome musical number for no apparent reason. but no, john hughes did not direct my life. 

@michaelguerins asked:easy a or freaky friday

anonymous asked:

Do you think certain classes work better with certain aspects? Like, a Mage of one aspect fits better than other mages with different aspects.

hmmm. Not necessarily, I had the idea before in this post that some classpects can offer a sort of “double whammy” challenge because the challenge of the class matched up with the challenge of the aspect, making them have double the challenge

for instance Prince of Time, where Prince’s class challenge was don’t get caught up in the wave of destruction of your aspect as you wield it, and Time being the Aspect of, well, Destruction

or Witch of Life being rebellious rule breakers trying to figure out where it’s morally right to bend of break the rules, in an Aspect that pushes you to just dominate everything everywhere at all times, Life

and that post is here: http://dahniwitchoflight.tumblr.com/post/106883379722

and then on the flipside, the opposite aspect of those might face a different kind of challenge, a Prince of Space trying not to get caught up in Space’s Destruction? Space isn’t usually Destructive by nature, so this seems easy, almost too easy

As well as a Witch of Doom, controlling that which is easily controllable, but then you could also spin that as a Witch trying harder to bend or break that which refuses to be bent or broken, so it depends on how you spin it I guess

but I wouldn’t say Doom or Life fits a Witch “better” than other aspects, nor Time to a Prince, really those ones make their natural challenges seem more difficult, and the ones that seem “easier” on the surface instead can also be thought of as being classpects that are very difficult to understand how to use their powers at all in the first place

so it depends, I think each aspect offers their own kind of challenge when matched up with each class, but certain aspects with certain classes almost seem to line up what kind of challenges they offer, making for an interesting situation

but I still wouldnt say they are “better” for those classes than others, just different, unique and interesting to think about


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French Grammar

hey guys heres a quick little post on how to form sentences (specifically structure, questions, and conjunctions) in french!

[ requested by @justlurkingay ]

Basically French follows a Subject-Verb-Object structure just like English. 

J’ai un chien - I have a dog

Je vais au cinéma - I go to the movies

When forming a question you can use est-ce que which literally means “is it that”, invert the verb and subject to ask something, or use interrogative terms such as quand (when), quel (which), pourquoi (why), etc.

Est-ce que c’est facile? - is it easy

As tu un chien? - do you have a dog?

Quel livre lis-tu? - which book are you reading?

As for conjunctions, there are two types, coordinating conjunctions and subordinating conjunctions

  • Coordinating conjunctions connects words that have equal value and serve the same function in a sentence 

J’aime les chiens et les chats - I like dogs and cats

  • Subordinating conjuctions - join dependent clauses to main clauses. A dependent clause is incomplete without a main clause

J'ai dit que j'aime les pommes - I said that i like apples

(if i made any mistakes pls correct me and feel free to add on to this post as well!!)


So I wanted to give a friend the ‘Pocketful of Sunshine’ greeting card from Easy A, which Emma Stone’s character receives in the movie. However it’s not a card that actually exists. And I don’t want to live in a world where the greeting card from Easy A doesn’t exist. So here it is, recreated in its full musical glory. The only change I made was to remove the granddaughter text on the front, making it suitable for any occasion. I will put some up in my Etsy store for anyone who would like one.


Original Scene: