Captain’s Vigilante (7/?)

Word Count: 3500ish

Warnings: This one is shorter than the others. I apologize for that, there has been some problems. This is just a filler, like an update on what’s currently going on. But I will make up for it the next chapters to come. Thank you for reading.~~~

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: You are a genius vigilante, misunderstood, feared and on top of the Avengers watch list. They see you as a major threat and has to be stopped. They’ve no idea you only have the best of intention but just has no idea how to express it a better way. And you like the reputation they gave you. It’s what you’re used to so you play with it. After yet another visit to the Avengers tower and being caught and then being shot. Things take a turn for you both when Steve seemed to break those walls and get to know the real you.

A/N: I just wanna remind everyone that this is going to be full length. I can only write slowburns so yea. this may have 20 or something. just putting that out!

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“I could’ve sworn this was a two person mission.” Natasha murmured to herself  as she scanned over the files they were given. They were just at a briefing and were handed newfound missions.

Steve found himself silently wishing it was his.

“It’s for you, Steve,” Nat handed the file to him. He bit the inside of his cheek, to stop the corner of his mouth from turning up. Of course it is. [Y/N], wouldn’t have it another way.

This deal of theirs evolved into a habit. For the past 3 months, Steve will be needed for about 2-4 days twice or trice a month. It was always an over the top mission but somehow it only needed the captain. If someone in the team is required to accompany him then just by chance, a mission will be assigned to that person thus leaving the captain on his own accords.

Steve slowly felt that he would be waiting for the said specified mission for him. Even though [Y/N] never credited herself for it, Steve knew that it was her. He was always placed on solo missions that would be too easy even with just him and then before he goes home way earlier than stated, he gets a message from [Y/N] that he’s needed. That much coincidence wasn’t just pure… coincidence.

“What mission are we going now?” Steve asked worriedly, removing the jacket he wore. He got a text message with only the words: ‘urgent mission. come as soon as you’ve seen this.’ With only those words, he speeded towards the place, using his motorcycle. 

“You’re in for a treat, captain.” [Y/N] walked towards him, a small cylindrical object in hand with her usual smirk. “I have a special job just for you.” 

She shoved the object to his hands before going back to her work space, leaving him confused. “It’s called ‘hold the flashlight while I fix the thing’.” 

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Hello! I’ve wanted to make a post for a while now about the top KonMari tips that helped me to organize my study space and my living space. So here are the tips that work best for me.

If you don’t know what the KonMari method is, or who Marie Kondo is, she is basically a tidying guru and has helped people around the world tidy their homes. I highly recommend her books. Her method isn’t like any I’ve ever read about and it actually works. I recommend that you try the full method. This is just a breakdown of her method in my own words. The most basic of the basics you could say.

1. Throw away everything that doesn’t spark joy

This is the defining feature of the KonMari method. Throw away anything that doesn’t make you happy. You have to touch them and hold them and ask yourself if they make you happy or in her words, “spark joy.” If they don’t, throw them away, if they do, keep them. This way, at the end, you should end up with things that only make you happy. The recommended order is




Komono (Miscellaneous)

Sentimental Items

2. Designate a spot for everything

This is probably the tip that helped me the most. She advises you to make a home for everything and make sure that items are returned to their homes after they are used. I find that after I only have items that spark joy, using this method is extremely helpful in keeping my space clutter free.

3. Make things easy to access

Keeping storage simple instead of having fancy-schmancy storage has been really helpful. It made things easier to get and put away which in turn, made me put things away in their proper place more instead of just leaving it out because I didn’t want to go through the trouble.

These are the tips from KonMari that helped me most. This is most definitely not the whole method and you should definitely try reading the book if you’re interested. But, these are the tips that I found the most helpful and I hope that you can try these out because they really will help out with keeping your space clutter-free. Thanks for reading and sorry if this isn’t very good, it’s my first text post thing-a-ma-jig :D.

[Saito Souma blog 032317] An important announcement.

Everyone, good day, I’m Saito Souma.
This time, I’d been given the honor of spreading the news myself!

Just as announced everywhere else, I, Saito Souma, shall be making my solo artist debut under SACRA MUSIC!

The first single is to be released on June 7, 2017, Wednesday!
It’s called “Fiche Story”!
Amazingly, THE Oishi Masayoshi-san had been put in charge of the lyrics, arrangement, and composition!
While there’s a lot I can’t say yet, it’s a quirky pop song, and definitely became something embodying the things I like.
I really want everyone to hear this tune I love very soon!
If you’ll grab hold of a copy, I’d be pleased!
I’ll be in your care!

It’s been a long time preparing for this, so I think I’m really happy to be finally able to convey this to you all!
To be honest, when I first started going on the path of a seiyuu, whenever there’d be talk about me going on stage, I never could imagine how the me singing songs would look like.
I’m a seiyuu until the very end, so I thought I wanted to be someone who just supports the productions I’m in.

However, as I’d challenged various things in my role as seiyuu, I’d gradually begun to think stuff like “I wanna do things like this more,” “What else should I do for the sake of broadening my range?”
If the me from that time would feel something along the lines of “becoming part of [the music industry] is a delusion!” at today’s news, now I’m boldly taking a step forward.

While it’ll take a bit longer before we can say anything more concrete, I have a lot of feelings about promoting things about me singing songs, about performing in front of everyone!
To everyone who’d been supporting me, if this new “Saito Souma” I’m conveying to you pleases you, I think I shall devote myself so that you may want to call on me!
From now on as well, the seiyuu Saito Souma will also be in your care!

Also, accompanying this turn of events, an official webpage and Twitter account had been established!
Either one is managed and updated by the staff team, and aside from this blog, they will convey various news!
Please look upon both of these kindly!

Official webpage

Twitter account

That being said, that’s the news about my debut single’s release!
Please look upon me kindly, and cheer on me continuously!
Well then, until next time!

Saito Souma

souma blog tag | my translation index | please do not reproduce this translation anywhere without credit and permission. | the original title was フィッシュストリ. i chose to take it as “fiche”, short for microfiche, where stuff was printed on really tiny-like for easy storage, cuz it fit with the “story” half and sounded like a word Souma would use? …he also could’ve meant “fish”, though. fish story. souma, why | translated 参りたい as “you may want to call on me”, but it could also mean “you would like to fall madly in love with me”…Souma pls stop reading my mind | thanks for reading!
H o w t o b e o r g a n i z e d

Really organized people are not born organized people. They have to cultivate healthy habits, which then help them to stay organized. Here are the essential ten habits they use to keep their lives in order :

1. Write Things Down

We all know someone that remembers every birthday and sends cards for every holiday. It’s not magic and they don’t use memorization. Trying to remember things will not help you to stay organized. You should try writing things down. A pen and some paper is our way of remembering things externally, and it’s much more permanent. You can also use a computer or a smart phone. You will only further complicate your life by trying to contain important dates and reminders in your head. Write down everything: shopping lists for groceries, holiday gifts, home decor, and important dates like meetings and birthdays.

As an experiment, try writing down people’s names shortly after you meet them (when they’re not looking). I’ll bet you remember a lot more names that way.

2. Make Schedules and Deadlines

Organized people don’t waste time. They recognize that keeping things organized goes hand-in-hand with staying productive. They make and keep schedules for the day and week. They make deadlines and set goals. And most importantly, they and stick to them! Similarly, by living a cluttered lifestyle, you will not have the time or space to make your deadlines or achieve your goals.

As an experiment, look at your bucket list or make one. Write down the things you want to achieve this year or in your life. Then write down what you need to do to achieve them.

3. Don’t Procrastinate

The longer you wait to do something, the more difficult it will be to get it done. If you want your life to be less stressful and less demanding, then organize as soon as you can. Putting in the effort to get things done as soon as possible will lift the weight off of you from doing it later.

As an experiment, think of one thing that you should organize in your life. Write it down. Then write down when you can do it and what you need to get it done. If you can get it done right now, then go do it!

4. Give Everything a Home

It’s easy to get lost if you don’t have a home. Keeping your life organized means keeping your things in their proper places. Organized people keep order by storing things properly and by labeling storage spaces. Make easy-to-access storage spaces for things you use all the time, and don’t let your storage spaces get cluttered. Be creative about finding places for things. In addition, as a BIG NO : never label a storage space as “miscellaneous!

As an experiment, choose one place in your home that you can re-organize. If there are scattered items, then group them together. Once you’ve sorted everything, find or make a “home” for similar items, label the “homes,” and put them in the proper places. For example, a cup holder for your pens and pencils should go in an easily accessible place, but the rarely used craft materials can be stored out of sight.

5. Declutter Regularly

Find time each week to organize. Highly organized people make sure they find time every week, or more, to organize there things. Stuff does not stay organized on its own; it needs to be reorganized continuously and consistently.

As an experiment, look at your schedule and find a time to organize, then do it.

6. Keep Only What You Need

More stuff means more clutter. People who live organized lives only keep what they need and what they really really want. Having fewer things also means that you enjoy those things more and feel better about using everything you own, rather than letting half of what you own collect dust. Have you ever felt like you don’t have the space to keep all the stuff you own? Instead of renting a storage unit or buying a larger home, get rid of some things.

As an experiment, write down the number of things you think you actually need. Then, write a list of all the things that you own. If the number of things you actually own exceeds your ideal need list, then it’s time to organize.

7. Know Where to Discard Items

Do whatever you can to get rid of stuff. Less stuff means less clutter. Donate to thrift stores. Sell on Craigslist or eBay. Take a trip to the recycling center. Set up a garage sale. Find a place to get rid of your things.

As an experiment, choose one space in your house to purge. Go through shelves, drawers, and boxes. Everything you find that you don’t need, set aside. Make a pile of things to maybe keep, which you can go through later, and a pile of things to discard now. Then find a way to kick those things out the door immediately.

8. Stay Away from Bargains

You have removed the things you don’t need. Will you replace them when you see something on sale? Instead of bargain shopping without planning ahead, write down down exactly what you need and buy only those items. Organized people do not give in to false advertising. Items on sale will only produce more clutter.

As an experiment, go to a shopping mall with no money. Just look at all the things on sale that you wish you could buy if you had brought your wallet or purse. If you find nothing, then good for you. If you made a list, then keep that list somewhere and look at it a month from now. If you still want it, then it’s safe to buy.

9. Delegate Responsibilities

A really organized life is not overfilled with responsibilities, meetings, and deadlines. In fact, it has less because things that create stress have been slowly organized out.

As an experiment, look at your to-do list or make one. Go through the list and find one task that you can remove from your list or give to someone else. Now feel the stress of having to do it fall away.

10. Work Hard

Put in a little effort. Actually, put in a lot of effort when necessary. Once you have delegated responsibilities and made a schedule, then you can organize what you have to do and when you can do it. Staying organized is not all a breeze. It requires that you work hard with recognition that when you work harder, you can enjoy your clutter-free home life later.

As an experiment, worker harder when you feel like giving up today.


With so many other studyblrs owning muji pens/sarasas/any other type of high demand pen out there, I feel like we just have to pause and appreciate the wonderful pens by kikki-k.

They are gel (like our bestie muji) but only come in one nib size. BUT they come in a really cute case for easy (and aesthetic) storage!

I purchased them here in Australia for $14.95 (and the labelling says it’s the same for US$). ALSO when you sign up as a member with kikki-k, you get a $10 voucher to spend without a set minimum spending amount!! How cool is that? So I technically purchased these pens for only $4.95 for the whole set.

So far they are quite inky enough (haven’t died on me temporarily… yet).
I use these pens for any “fake calligraphy” I do for my bullet journaling or notes as they are thicker than the 0.38mm muji pens I own, and hence better to colour in.

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a vuvuzela and a bow (a bow as in bow and arrow)

Vuvuzela && Bow

You get the “Supersonic Bow”

This neat bow is wildly colored. It has a lot of plastic components and can be folded together for easy storage.

On top of the colorful design it is pretty powerful! It can shoot blasts of sound, making your enemies eardrums burst. Because of this, it requires no ammo. No need to carry around arrows!


Alrighty buds, I have assembled my favorite (cheap!!!) dorm related youtube videos. These would all also work if you are getting your first apartment or maybe just want some ideas of how to redecorate your current bed room! <3


this is super cute

this is also super cute

some super cute  diy BTS stuff

super awesome wall art!

adorable and easy decorations

more really cute wall art

diy storage!

suuuuuper easy diy storage!!!!

more simple storage for makeup and stuff!

DIY school supplies organizations!!

More organizing your room

Decorating with that super cute and removable washi tape stuff (it’s adorable)

Super cute and original DIY room decor!

Mason jar organization!

These are all super adorable and realllly cheap!

These projects are goals tbh, seriously my fav

Okay well I hope you guys get some cute ideas on how to decorate your space! <3

Life Hacks Every Lady Should Know

Clever beauty ideas that will make getting dressed quick and easy!

#1 Bobby Pin Storage

It’s sometimes hard to keep bobby pins neatly together, right? Try this idea of storing them in a Tic Tac container. It’s handy especially when traveling!

#2 Slippery Bobby Pins

Do you ever have trouble keeping bobby pin securely tucked in your hair? Spray them with hairspray and your problem is solved.

#3 Scarf Storage

Use shower curtain clips to hang scarves in your closet. Now you’ll see them all easily.

#4 Wire Basket Storage

Save space in drawls by using wire baskets on the inside of doors. Store wardrobe items like purses or any other “easy to access” accessories!

#5 Costume Rings & Jewelry

Avoid green fingers, by painting the inside of your costume rings with clear nail polish. Be careful not to get polish on precious stones.

#6 Bootcut Jeans

Ever wondered how to neatly tuck jeans into knee-high boots? Follow the diagram below!

#7 The Perfect Necklace

Here’s a guide to pick the most flattering necklace for your top’s neckline.

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro : Abdominal Trainers : Sports & Outdoors
Amazon.com : Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro : Abdominal Trainers : Sports & Outdoors
  • Ultra-wide ab roller with built-in resistance and ergonomic handles to help maximize results of ab roll-out exercises
  • Interior kinetic engine uses a carbon steel spring to provide resistance and  amplify abdominal and arm workout
  • Ultra-wide wheel tread offers  stability when carving left, right or center for targeted work on obliques
  • Ergonomic hand grips are angled to activate arm and core muscles; handles are removable for easy storage and transport
  • Includes high-density foam kneepad for superior comfort; downloadable 21-day workout plan; 1-year manufacturer warranty

immortal-tadashi-deactivated201  asked:

Hey Rune! A quick question, *SO SORRY IF YOU'VE ANSWERED THIS BEFORE* but how do the wings retract/expand out in the Armored!Tadashi AU?

That is not something I’ve answered before actually! Essentially the wings are stored in the back, they’re a bunch of shifting plates that compact for easy storage, and then expand and fit into place when he’s ready to fly. I hope that small step by step up there kinda shows it well enough? Alternatively I was also pitched the idea that the back of the suit is in portions that can slightly raise to allow the wings to pop out and expand. He can also just keep them out and have them folded behind his back when idle.

Bonus because I felt like doodling:

Seprent Magick- Uses for Snake Sheddings

I have a snake and have been actively working with her shed skins, i figured it would be a good ideas to make a post about their uses. as a snake grows they naturally shed their skins, and in many cultures they are strongly associated with the natural cycles of life, death and change.

Uses for skins:

  • used in protection spells
  • used to represent a transformation
  • Renewal of growth (because in order for a snake to grow it must shed its old skin thus revealing a new one)
  • can be used for changes
  • used to represent natural cycles 
  • can represent rebirth
  • can be associated with either masculine or feminine energizes
  • could be used in vision work (when a snake goes into shed their vision clouds and they cannot see well, because the protective skin that cover’s their eyes detaches so that a new one can form. the snakes vision dose not fully return until the old skin is shed)
  • getting over someone or something 
  • can be used in magic pouches and jars.
  • collecting the suns energy (since snakes are cold blooded some must bask in the suns energy for warmth in order to survive. so thinking about it snake sheds would be a great way to absorb and store the suns energy.) 
  • can be turned into powder (once dry they can be ground down into a powder for easy use and storage) 
  • color association.(i have only seen snakes skins in a dark black brown color or white. so depending on the color of the skin it can also take on the association of the color.)

Mama’s Simple Fish Food

A simple homemade gel food my babies love:

2 unflavored gelatin packs
2 cups of water
1 can of Sardines (or your fish’s favorite meat)*
1 container of baby food*
1 beverage for yourself (optional)

*Make sure the baby food and fish contains nothing but that food + water.

1) Mix the baby food and fish together.
2) Boil the water and mix the gelatin in until dissolved.
3) Add ½ of the mixture into the pot.
4) Put the other half of the mix in a sandwich bag. Smooth the mix in a thin layer for easy storage and faster thawing for next time!
5) Pour the liquid into an ice tray. Let it cool for 20 minutes.
6) Cover with aluminium and put into the fridge until stiff.
7) Enjoy your drink!

Once the gel has set, you can feed it to your fish! Pull out one cube and cut it into manageable pieces. The fish and baby food will settle to the bottom, so cut them where the light part ends and the food begins.

When feeding, smoosh the pieces with your fingertips while letting them fall into the water, making sure the pieces are small enough for the fish to handle.

Depending on how much your fish eats and how many are in the tank, the mix can last up to a month!

My rehearsal bag

Here’s a look at what I take to rehearsal every day. I’m mainly an ASM, I have a wee bit more stuff I bring when I’m SMing, but for the most part: this is it. The theaters I work at generally provide first aid, tools, and office supplies, so all of this is just what I want/need for myself.  

When I’m in tech, I bring a different (much larger) bag with my blacks etc, and this rehearsal bag goes in with it. I talked about that bag here.

1. Personal items. Treat yo self.

  • Cherry Ricolas (the most delicious flavor of Ricolas)
  • Lip balm
  • Hand lotion
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Mints
  • Hair Tie
  • Captain America water bottle
  • Extra-long charger cable & cube for my phone.

2. Office supplies: Part 1

  • Krazy-glue (the theater usually has some… somewhere… that may or may not be dried out… it’s easier to have my own on hand)
  • Tape dispenser (that weird pink donut-looking thing! It folds in on itself for easy storage!)
  • Scissors
  • Post-its of varying types (post-it flags bunched in groups with the binder clips so they’re not all loose in the bag)
  • Small flashlight
  • Template for drawing blocking/straightedge

3. An Odd Assortment of Objects

  • Universal phone charger: this thing is THEBOMB.COM! A little cable octopus with a standard USB on one end, and 4 different plugs on the other end. iPhone 4? Got it. iPhone 6? Gotcha covered. Mini-USB? Here. Some weird European charger? GOT THAT TOO. Nobody’s phone is dying on my watch.
  • A guitar pick. I kept one on my person at all times doing a show where an actor played the guitar in several scenes, and it made its way into my kit-bag.
  • A teeny tiny eyeglasses screwdriver
  • A key-chain tape measure. It’s only 6′ long, so it’s good for measuring things like table height, etc. (the theater usually has a bunch of normal-sized ones)
  • Thumb drive
  • Earplugs in a little cardboard cover to keep them clean
  • A snarl of safety pins

4. Office supplies: Part 2

  • Mechanical pencils with extra lead & eraser. (this is, hands down, the best kind of mechanical pencil.)
  • White-out pen
  • 2 black Sharpies
  • 1 silver Sharpie

5. Office supplies: FRIXION PENS. If you’re not using them yet, where have you been. Get on this train. They will change your life.

  • Frixion brand erasable pens in 3 colors (black, blue, red)
  • Frixion erasable highlighters
  • Frixion heavy-duty eraser (the little blue thing)

6. The bag! It’s just a men’s toiletries bag from Target. It’s got a divider down the middle and a small interior pocket. Holds all my crap & fits in my backpack!

Not pictured: My laptop & its charger, and my script (which I leave in the rehearsal hall unless I need to work on things at home). 

Also not pictured are the things I keep in my purse/backpack all the time for my own use like ibuprofen, tampons, multitool, etc.

Also Also Not Pictured: My stopwatch?? It was not in the bag when I took the picture. But I have a stopwatch.

http://everydaycarry.com/posts/13909/rain-or-shine-10-essentials-to-edc-this-spring?utm_source=tumblr&utm_medium=tumblr&utm_campaign=tumblr submitted by Everyday Carry

Spring can bring some of the nicest weather, but also some of the most unpredictable. It’s not uncommon to get caught in a downpour, and arrive at your destination soaked to the bone. By switching up your EDC to include some weatherproof gear, you can keep both yourself and your gear dry. Don’t forget about weight, either. Heavier clothing like winter jackets and pants tend to have more pockets to store your gear, which is not usually the case with shorts and a windbreaker. By streamlining your EDC with easier to carry gear, you can get through the day without being weighed down. Read on to see our recommendations for solid gear to carry, rain or shine…

SlimFold Micro Wallet

You should already be slimming down your wallet, and they don’t get much thinner than SlimFold’s offerings. This 100% waterproof, stain-resistant, machine washable-wallet holds up to 12 cards and bills  in its synthetic weave material.

Buy on Amazon

Patagonia Torrentshell Packable Jacket

100% nylon construction keeps this jacket light and waterproof. Store your essentials in its zip-up front pockets (even folding in on itself completely for easy storage), and keep the rain out with its drawstring hood and hem and velcro-adjustable sleeves.

Buy on Amazon

Casio G-Shock GDF100-1A

G-Shock durability in all conditions needs no introduction. The GDF100-1A features 200 meters of water resistance and its altimeter, barometer, and thermometer keep you one step ahead of the weather.

Buy on Amazon

Declan Microfiber Handkerchief

Declan’s tech  fabric pocket squares are the modern defense for when weather happens to your gear. Stop wiping down your glasses or phone with the edge of your shirt and use Declan’s specially engineered microfiber hank instead.

Buy at Declan ($10+)

Olight S10C Baton

Olight’s newest light may be inexpensive, but it’s loaded with features. An IPX-8 rating keeps it waterproof  for up to 2 meters, while 5 brightness modes up to 500 lumens keeps it unquestionably darkness-proof.

Buy on Amazon

Spyderco Salt I

Spyderco’s Salt series lets you cut with rust-proof confidence in the wettest of conditions. The Salt I, based on the best-selling Delica design, is lightweight, shaped for utility, and blacked out to guard your eyes against glare.

Buy on Amazon

Field Notes Expedition Edition

The brand you know and trust, but with a hi-visiblity cover and water- and tear-proof synthetic paper. Pair it with the RITR Trekker Pen for worry free writing under any weather condition.

Buy on Amazon

Rite in the Rain All Weather Trekker Pen

As its name suggests, the Rite in the Rain does indeed perform under precipitation. Not only that, it can do it upside-down, in extreme temperatures, and even write on wet paper. Don’t leave your writing stranded either by stocking up on these all-weather ink refills.

Buy on Amazon

EEZ-Y Umbrella

Umbrellas are your best bet against the rain, but carrying them can be cumbersome. EEZ-Y’s compact travel umbrella features a unique vented double-canopy design that lets wind pass through without flipping or rolling it while open. It also weighs less than a pound, making its one-handed, one-button operation a breeze.

Buy on Amazon

Timbuk2 Spire Backpack

Timbuk2 makes some of the most reliable and durable bags on the market. A water-resistant TPU rolltop flap keeps your EDC (including up to a 15” laptop) protected, while zip pockets, internal organization, and external straps keep your things tidy. A lifetime guarantee also doesn’t hurt one bit!

Buy on Amazon

What gear do you switch up with the seasons? Let us know in the comments below!

Words by Mikey Bautista and Ed Jelley

Photo by Ed Jelley