Portable Camping Grill

Turn any location in the great outdoors into your personal BBQ pit with the portable camping grill. This lightweight grill is crafted from high quality stainless steel, is simple to clean, and fits inside a compact tube for easy storage.

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Hilivre Rilakuma Drawer Organiser Set Of 3

The drawer organiser container is a simple rectangular container with 5 compartments that you can slot into your drawers to organise the space and prevent items from going all over the place in the drawer.

Each set contains 3x drawer organiser container. Stackable on each other for easy storage when not in use!

Made of industrial-grade pp material for eco-friendliness and safety. All edges are curved and smoothened out to prevent accidental cuts.

Dimensions: 6.5 x 26.7 x 8 cm

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For a close friend

-In Jekylls mind-
Hyde was bored, so he decided to wander around in Jekylls head to see if he could find anything new or interesting. It was pretty much like searching through a library of nonfiction and fiction.

Some of it was Jekylls daydreams, some were dreams and nightmares and some were simply ideas J had for experiments. Hyde wandered for what felt like hours but he couldn’t be sure because time didn’t really matter in thoughts.

While Hyde was still searching, he picked a childhood memory of Jekylls to distract him while he walked. It wasn’t anything too exciting, at least to Hyde. “Ooohh, it’s just Henry playing with his stupid little friends” thought Hyde. He tossed the memory, which was shaped like a cube meant for easy storage, and he heard it clink away until it didn’t clink and instead made a “whumf” sound. Hyde had meandered his way in the childhood memory part of Jekylls mind before but had never heard that sound.

He walked to where he last heard the cube and saw where it landed. The spot didn’t look any different from its surroundings and it didn’t feel different as Hyde placed his hand upon it. But as he stepped on it, it made the “whumf” sound again. He thought it was a peculiar trick, so he started jumping on that spot to make the noise again and to see if he could force this new thing to do something for him, as he wasn’t the one controlling the body right then.

Normally Hyde would’ve been shouting at the top of his lungs at finding something Henry didn’t know about, but his curiosity made him hushed, like a cat stalking a bird. He leaned down to put his ear against the spot to try to detect any sounds beneath him. He thought he heard the tiniest sound, muffled by the floor so he pounded where he’d been jumping and immediately found himself falling through the floor, into an abyss.

He tried to shout in surprise and shock but found that his voice didn’t work. As he was “falling”, he discovered he couldn’t see, hear, touch, taste or smell anything. After the inital shock of falling through the floor wore off, Hyde became bored, he thought, “Huh, I was right. Henry’s head is empty. HA!”. After what felt longer than when he had been searching for thoughts, Hyde thought he heard the tiny sound again. He despised it now because it was the reason he pounded on the floor and then fell. But he still listened for it and he thought it was getting closer, quickly. And he was right. His heart became filled with fear and he broke into a sweat he didn’t think could happen to him. The tiny sound became more clear and he heard it speak, not to him, but to the abyss he was in.

It was not a voice as it didn’t have the energy of a proper thought, the noise said, “He who burns must first be burned or he shall never know joy while he takes it from others”. Hyde then knew why he was more afraid than he had ever been. More than afraid, terrified with his blood running cold. The noise spoke of him and his deeds to the people of London. He never regretted his actions but the noise forced guilt upon him, and it was bone crushing. Hyde learned that the abyss was what Henry locked away when Hyde was made: hatred. Hatred of himself, not of Hyde. If he hadn’t, he never would’ve been able to handle Hyde in the slightest. But Hyde was feeling the intense hellfire one creates when they criticise themself. It scorched his skin and ate through his bones, but he did not die. He couldn’t or else Jekyll would be killed as well. Images of pure pain and agony were forced into his mind as his body was destroyed. It was an image of Henry on top of the bodies of people that Hyde had wronged. He cried in anguish as he was alone and could find no peace.

Hyde went through this for what felt like an eternity, but time didn’t matter here. Edward finally understood how Henry felt and for the only time, felt sorrow for how his life had changed.

Suddenly, Hyde was controlling the body and lying in bed, after Jekyll fell asleep. And he didn’t move. Normally he would’ve gone on a crime spree until morning, but instead he let their body rest. The pain Hyde cost Jekyll was worth at least one good sleep, Hyde thought. The “whumf” was still there but never pulled Hyde again.