Today we experimented with something we’ve wanted to do for a while; newspaper nails!
They are so fun, and easy to do and they look SUPER CUTE!

1. Apply a base coat & wait to dry.
2. Paint with a light colour of your choice & wait to dry!
3. Tear out 10 pieces of newspaper to fit each of your nails. 
4. In a small bowl pour a little vodka/ rubbing alcohol.
5. Soak a piece of newspaper in the alcohol for a couple of seconds.
6. Wrap the wet newspaper around your nail and press firmly for a few seconds. Be careful not to move it whilst on your nail as it will smudge!
7. Remove the newspaper carefully and voila! 
8. Repeat on each nail!
9. Once dry, apply a top coat!

Products used:

Barry M Nail Paint - Strawberry Ice Cream (309)

Nailene Acrylic Strong Protecting Base & Top Coat.

Smirnoff Vodka ;)

Old newspapers.

Have fun guys! 

Love Amie & Katy xo

Halloween Nail Art - Ghostly Stripes

Colors used:

  • Kleancolor - Neon Purple
  • Kleancolor - Black
  • Kleancolor - White
  • Matte Top Coat

Image Plate:

  • Bundle Monster 411
  • Winstonia 221

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