Wear Your Heart On Your Nails This Valentine

Valentine’s day is less than two months away, and if you want an exquisite nail design, then you should certainly try this nail-shaped French manicure.
Tutorial: http://cutediyprojects.com/beauty-style/20-amazing-simple-nail-designs-can-easily-home/


                      Bubble French Tip

1. Drop a blob of your nail polish (I used pastel colors and a white) on to scrap paper.

2. Take out your dotting tool, and create some dots on the tips of your nails. (If you don’t have a dotting tool, you can easily use a bobby pin, a ball point pen, or even a toothpick) 

3. Repeat the steps with all the colors. Make sure to have the same color dots separated from each other.

4. After the polish is dried, apply topcoat 

Halloween Nail Art - Ghostly Stripes

Colors used:

  • Kleancolor - Neon Purple
  • Kleancolor - Black
  • Kleancolor - White
  • Matte Top Coat

Image Plate:

  • Bundle Monster 411
  • Winstonia 221

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