Healthy and quick af chocolate cake! 

 -Coca: 3 spoons
-Vanilla extract or vanilla sugar: 1 tsp
-Flour (wheat): 3-4 spoons -Honey: 2-3 spoonfulls and i mean FULL
-Baking soda: the smolest, tiny pinch you can
 -Canola oil/butter (I use liquid butter made from canola)
-Egg: 1 

 Get yourself a larger cup and remember that the dough will rise while cooking so leave room!
1. Mix the dry ingredients together + vanilla and then add the egg, stir. Add oil/butter as you stir until thick but smooth.
2. Add the honey! This is the time to sneak a taste or five! Keep adding some more oil/butter to get it to a lighter texture
 3. Pop it into a microwave for approx 2-4 minutes. Keep an eye on it so it doesn’t overflow and check up on it so it doesn’t overcook! Then just top with whatever you like and enjoy!

Lemony Stozapretti 

This pasta dish is delicious and easy. You can use any kind of pasta you like for this. I used this beautiful Stozapretti from the Italian deli in my neighborhood. This is one of my favorite ways to eat broccoli. I usually don’t love steamed broccoli, but the parmesan cheese, chopped herbs and olive oil give it a really delicious flavor. 

Boil salted water for pasta. Cook pasta according to package directions. Add pieces of broccoli to the cooking pot in the last few minutes of cooking. Drain the broccoli and pasta.

Rub a serving dish with a cut garlic clove. Add the pasta and broccoli to the dish, season with freshly ground pepper, chopped basil or parsley, a drizzle of olive oil and lots of freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano. Finish with a squeeze of lemon juice and serve. Yum!

Lentil Rice

One of the my husband’s favourite dish, and it is super easy that I gladly obey whenever he requested it.

Simply boil lentils and basmati rice in separate pots, drain once cooked. Season each pot with salt to your liking while it’s steaming hot. Spoon the lentil and rice on alternative layers in a bowl, and sprinkle with generous amount of cinnamon on each layer. Top the dish with fried onions (thinly slices and fry them in oil under low temperature until caramelized .) The onion really adds another dimension to the dish, so treat yourself to this one if you can, even if you are on HCLF like me.

It’s a dish with so little ingredients yet the unique flavour of each one shines through. Don’t hold back with the cinnamon, it’ll really make a big difference!


Make Your Own Healthy Frozen Raspberries-Flavored Yogurt Within Minutes

This is the raspberry season, and if you love berries then you will definitely like this raspberry-flavored frozen yogurt recipe! Hydrating, delicious and very filling at the same time, this yogurt recipe takes less than five minutes to prepare, and all you need is several basic ingredients that everybody has in their kitchen. 

Check it out here: http://cutediyprojects.com/food-and-drinks/make-your-own-healthy-frozen-raspberries-flavored-yogurt-within-minutes/

So, lately I have been obsessed with granola bars. And if you know anything about me, I’d love to make it myself. Homemade is the best! These Blueberry Vanilla Greek Yogurt Granola Bars look absolutely amazing!

I hope you don’t mind the plethora of granola recipes that are coming!