No work means creative days 🎨, which are my favourite days! It’s especially wonderful because I don’t have to wear work clothes aka be professional and cater to every persons’ fashion needs. 💁🏼

My look from bottom to top (everything is something I’ve had forever):
Clog boots : Lucky Brand
Overalls (I’ve had these a million years): LRG
Tee shirt: James Perse (my fave)

My advice, don’t think too hard. Simplicity is your best friend for now and always. Start with your basics every time. No one can ever go wrong with their basics. What’s in your closet? Hopefully this is inspirational and helpful for ya!

Classic But Still Dope: Timbs

What do Rihanna, North West, and the majority of blue-collar workers all have in common? Before you start getting creative with your responses, hear me out: they all wear Timberlands. A cold-weather shoe classic for both men and women (and now uber-stylish youngins), Timbs–shortened both for my convenience and coolness–have also been known to be a style staple in the wardrobes of HIp-Hop’s elite for decades. Everyone from Biggie to Lauryn Hill has mentioned the always fresh Timbs in their music, and they’re rugged-meets-chill aesthetic is still going strong. 

Once considered an exclusively street-style shoe, Timbs have managed to riddle their way onto the feet of fashion mavens of all styles. Try rocking your Timbs with an all-black ensemble and worn-in denim jacket–an outfit that is easy af but can still make you look like the freshest playa in the game. Rainy days/Work/Life sucking in general got you down? Throw on a pair of gray sweats, your favorite bomber or moto jacket, and some fly Timbs for a lowkey look that takes .5 seconds to put together, and doesn’t make you feel like a lump. 

In classic Rihanna fashion, the style icon rocks her Timbs with none other than pink fur and denim! Image via Champssports

I will be the first to admit that there are some sartorial items that just do not deserve your hard-earned monies, honey. However Timbs are nowhere near the disposable trends section in the way back of your closet (I know you got some one-off Forever 21 purchase you’re ashamed to mention, everyone does), so don’t feel bad about investing in one *cough* or three pairs–these boots ain’t going nowhere.

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A Well-Rounded Wardrobe: Summer Edition.

Biggest piece of advice I can give: Stock up on some Maxi Skirts


  •  Because they are unrestricting and cool in sweltering heat, and still keep you warm in the icy air conditioning of movie theaters and casinos.  
  • They feel awesome on freshly shaved legs
  • They provide more coverage (for gross subway benches or stupid catcalls)
  • Instantly glam up all those t-shirts you’re already wearing. (Practice partial-tuck, full tuck, side-tucks)
  • Some of them are long enough you don’t have to decide on shoes.
  • Wear at the waist with a crop top or tied up button down to show off your sexy midriff.
  • Look just as at home on the beach over your swim suit as with heels and a fancy-pants top for a night out on the town.  
  • Because they’re a modest bottom you can pair it with skimpy tops and not feel completely bare.
  • Combine sequins and dark colors for classier looks or really bright skirts with comfy t-shirts and tanks.  
  • You can wear blazers or sweaters or t shirts or crop tops with a maxi skirt: They are so versatile!