Happy Birthday Choi Twins! ~ Honey Buddha Cake

707: Tada!
Jaehee Kang: Oh, is that the cake?
707: Yep~!!
Jumin Han: You guys are early, I haven’t had the chance to send the presents yet
Saeran: We wanted to try baking and we got impatient
ZEN: In that case, happy early birthday!
Jaehee Kang: Happy birthday Seven and Saeran!
Yoosung★: Happy birthday ^_^
Jumin Han: Happy birthday you two.
Saeran: Thank you //^_^//
707: Do you like it? o3o
Jumin Han: It looks… interesting.
707: Excuse you, my decorations are aMaZiNGgGgGg~
ZEN: I’m sure it tastes great
Saeran: Thanks to Jaehee, we got a good recipe
Jaehee Kang: I’m glad I could help
Yoosung★: Oh? What recipe is this?
707: Ingredients: 500 g honey, 200 g butter, 250 ml milk, almond flakes 290 g flour, 5 g salt and 5 g cayenne pepper~

707: Warm up the oven at 180 °C. Put the honey in a bowl together with room temperature butter and a bit of milk and mix. Add rest of the milk, the flour and the almond flakes and mix until sticky mass. Pour into a greased caketin and bake for 40 minutes until the edges are brown. Et voila, cake! 8D

Jaehee Kang: Ah, Seven was faster than me.
Jaehee Kang: Wait, salt and cayenne pepper? The original recipe only had 300 g flour
707: Ya I removed a bit of flour to add my own touch
Saeran: I got to decorate it too a bit, it was fun
Saeran: It wasn’t easy, the pens didn’t cooperate
707: And no yellow or black for me sob sob
Yoosung★: So how does it taste?
- Mary Vanderwood 3rd has entered the chatroom -
Mary Vanderwood 3rd: WHAT IS THIS MESS

707: Vandymom!! We made a cake, come taste with us!
Saeran: Sorry for the mess ;;;;
ZEN: It’s okay this once, seeing it’s their birthday yeah?
Mary Vanderwood 3rd: Well alright then

Jaehee Kang: So how does it taste?
707: LOLOLOLOL Mary’s face!
Saeran: That’s a bit too much… cayenne pepper x.x
707: Oh ya I decided to add like waaaaaay more than the original recipe just cuz I wanted to get that real kick~
Yoosung★: omg
Jaehee Kang: …I will pass.
ZEN: Yeah, I think I will make my own if I wanna taste it
Jumin Han: Same.
707: You guys are missing out, this is delicious! Not as good as HBC but close!
Mary Vanderwood 3rd: ARGH MY MOUTH IS ON FIRE
Saeran: ;;;; next time I’m baking alone
707: Whoo an entire cake for me~!!!


probably the worst thing I’ve ever encountered is distance. you hear someones voice and see their face through a screen but you cant feel their breath on your neck or see the way their hair glows from every angle when they walk. you can hear words like “i promise” but you never know if its true because you’re 500 miles away and for all you know, she doesn’t want you at all. when you’re 500 miles away, the hardest part is sleeping. having to go to bed hearing them breathing through the phone instead of being so close to them you can almost swear you’re one. sleeping isn’t easy when you have someone but you’re still lonely. waking up isn’t easy when you cant wake up in the arms of the girl with strong hands and a pretty face. going about with your day isn’t easy when you want them to be walking on sidewalks with you on a Sunday morning after breakfast. being with friends isn’t easy because you’d rather be staying up late uncontrollably laughing with her than anyone else. nothing is easy when you’re 500 miles away. 500 miles 500 miles, id run 500 miles, maybe even 1,000 more
to get to you.

Pass It On: CS Smut Edition

The rules are easy, just write 100-500 words of the story, and then tag someone to continue it. Try to keep it spoiler free so anyone can play.

Words: ?? | Rating: Explicit | Canon Divergence: 6.01, no dirigible.


“I like the red leather jacket.”

Emma giggled as he dove in for another demanding kiss. She anchored her hands on his lower back, urging him to press her deeper into the couch, longing to feel his full weight on her. His hips thrusted against hers, using the unfortunate amount of denim still between them for friction, causing Emma to moan her approval. She was already so sensitized to his touch, weeks and weeks of stress, darkness, and death leaving her body and being replaced with intense pleasure.

They were actually going to get some time to themselves. No town-wide crisis, no evil villains, no interruptions, just them, together, enjoying as many horizontal (and maybe some vertical) surfaces as possible.  Emma started undoing Killian’s belt.

“You’re incredibly overdressed for what we’re trying to do here,” she undid the button on his fly and slipped her hand inside, teasing the hair around his cock, careful to avoid the places where she knew he most wanted to feel her talented fingers. “It has been entirely too long since I’ve had you inside me.”

“Love, we’re not even going to make it that far if you keep teasing me like that,” Killian grasped her wrists with his hand and pulled them up above her head. “Now…what should I remove first?”

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While getting up when the alarm goes off at 4:30 is no fun.  It does feel good to be getting back into the early morning swim routine now that my schedule of events the night before practices has slowed back down!

I do love swimming on my own and just getting lost in the music.  But there is no question I push myself harder during practice, based on the interval times the coach assigns us and the desire to keep up with my lane mates or do a good job leading them like I had to do today!

200 swim/kick/pull

4 rounds 

  • 100 free on 2:10 
  • 2x50 on 1:10
    • 1 stroke, 1 free 
  • 4x25 on :45 
    • stroke

300 kick 

  • 25 stroke
  • 25 free 
  • 50 stroke
  • 50 free 
  • 75 stroke
  • 75 free

8 x 50’s, pull

  1. breathe every 2
  2. breathe every 3rd
  3. breathe every 4th
  4. breathe every 5th repeat

100 easy


ideas for tomodachi life 2:

  • a way to set characters as related to other characters besides ur mii
  • nonbinary gender option
  • an option to change a mii’s gender mid-game without having to completely remake them
  • a way to set a characters romantic preference
  • make 2 options for the compatibility test: romantic compatibility and friendship compatibility, so that you can still see how two adults’ friendship is rather than just automatically being locked into seeing their romance
  • an option to turn off babies for specific characters rather than for the entire island
    also an option to turn off romance for specific characters
  • an easier way to get characters to be friends/start a relationship together rather then just… “wait until they maybe decide to want to be friends??”
  • cafe conversations that go somewhere?? im not askin for like a full detailed story but convos that are like “i have a secret!” “oh do tell!” and then just move on to the next topic are annoying
  • get rid of the blinking feature in vacation pictures literally what the hell is the point of that
  • ability to sell things other than treasures like extra food or clothes you may have because i could make an easy $500 dollars on all the fuckin AR cameras i have alone
  • ability to use the treasures you get and see your characters using them?? if i give a mii a jumprope i should be able to see them use it wtf