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Things I want in Animal Crossing for the Switch
  • Being able to choose where villagers move in. When you load up the game on a day a plot would appear, Isabelle informs you that someone is moving in and needs a house. You can then go to her and find out who’s moving in, and then go with her to place their house like you would a PWP. You could justify this by having the player be a “town planner” in a mix of ACNL’s mayor and ACHHD’s interior designer.
  • Patterns don’t count as things being on the ground. You can put things on them. Balloon presents don’t disappear if they land on a path. You can put them next to doors.
  • More pattern slots. HHD had a lot of them which I loved. There doesn’t seem to be a reason why we couldn’t have that many on the Switch!
  • More dynamic relationships with villagers. They can dislike you. They can have varying opinions of you. They more visibly warm up to you.
  • Either PWP suggestions are more frequent or there’s a new mechanic for getting them.
  • Slow down the bamboo spawn rate.
  • A bigger town, and a higher villager maximum!
  • Bring back the observatory. I liked drawing constellations.
  • Reese and Cyrus have a kid who is an adorable purple alpaca calf.
  • Teenage Timmy and Tommy. Hey, if Katie can grow up…
  • More skin colours as default. Maybe we could have HHD’s character selection screen.
  • I like the idea of amiibo characters from other games, but I’d like some more. Specifically, I think Pokemon villagers would be neat. Peppy “mouse” Pikachu? Jock “wolf” Lucario? Cranky “tiger” Mewtwo?
  • More species as villagers! Non-mammals would be neat. I’d love to see a six-armed two-legged spider villager, or an adorable fuzzy chinchilla villager, or even ponies to go with horses like cubs go with bears.
  • Bring in some of the random character details to help flesh villagers out within their personality types.
  • Befriending special characters in more detail! Being a good boss to Isabelle makes her open up and relax. Sable’s story comes back, as does Nook’s. More about Kicks and Leif. Maybe even befriending the likes of Gracie or Redd, if you want to put this on hard mode.
  • Let Blathers talk about what you brought in if it’s a single item. He catches himself before he goes on about EVERYTHING with multiple items, but with a single item he’ll tell you stuff.
  • More villagers based on mythical creatures. Maybe a pegasus to match Julian the unicorn? Another dragon? What about a kelpie?
  • If we can have an elephant villager who’s actually a mammoth… why not a DINOSAUR VILLAGER?? Even if it’s just an Archeopteryx as a “bird villager”, that’d be so cool!
  • Being able to hang out with your villagers in various locations. Why not chill with some coffee in the Roost? Or look at the fish in the museum? Or play on the playground you built with your hard-earned Bells? Or take a walk along the seashore? Or roast marshmallows by a bonfire?
  • Heck… why not “special scenes”? These could play if you’ve befriended a certain villager enough, and let you know more about them and who they are. It’s a REALLY easy way to flesh villagers out, and I’d be very interested to see these scenes for certain villagers.
Voltron prompt

The planet they were visiting was extremely dense with foliage, and the clearing on the planet was only big enough to fit one lion.

So they all climbed inside the green lion and headed down to the planet, but once they started off for the small village they found a ravine that wasn’t visible from above.

The ravine was huge, stretching on far enough that the end wasn’t even visible in either direction. And yet they had somehow ended up directly in front of an old rope bridge.

Finding and meeting the villagers was easy, running away from the villagers was not.

As soon as they showed up, the villagers grabbed their weapons and began attacking.

When they reached the bridge they started going across one by one. Lance insisted he stay behind last to give the team cover, but just as he was getting up to run across, one of the villagers ran out and cut all the ropes to the bridge.

The villagers seemed at ease one the bridge was gone and they all began filtering out of the area and back to their homes.

Once the area had been clear for a while Shiro came over to the edge of the ravine and Lance joined him on his side.

After discussing it, Lance found a nice plane to sleep for the night, before he started his week long walk around the ravine back to the lion.

‘Well this will be fun’ was his last thought before drifting into a restless sleep.

Ubbe Ragnarsson x Reader
Part II - Part III

Request: Hey! I just sent an Ubbe x reader request but I don’t know if it sent? Where Reader helps care for the injured during battles and one day Ubbe refuses to let her go because it’s particularly dangerous and he wants to protect her cause he loves her. She thinks it’s cause he sees her as a liability. She goes but gets hurt saving his life. She lives but he loses it and if furious and worried and guilty. They have an argument but resolve it and confess their feelings for each other? Thanks 😊
Words: 1604

The roaring, axes against shields, feet against the ground. It filled you with so much life … they had won the battle. Your eyes traveled up to the sky, thanking the gods silent for their support in this battle. But you also knew it was really time for you to get to work. As a healer you always had to go on the raids and battles, helping the injured, praying for the heavily wounded. You saw sometimes to much dead but you graced every one of those dead with your presents. Some villages where easy to take, others were stocked with fighting spirit, leaving you to tend the wounds and injuries of the men and woman out of Kattegat. You stood uphill nearby when you saw the first vikings return to the camp, roaring their victory for everybody to hear. One of them had a head in his hand, swinging it around in excitment before you noticed the first wounded, crawling herself further over the ground, a sword pressing in her upperleg. ‘It hit an artery.’ You said when you arrived, pressing fabrics against her leg before you looked to the sword. It needed to be pulled out but the changes were big that she would bleed to dead.
‘Valhalla will welcome me, I’m sure of it.’ She encouraged the doubt in your eyes. You nodded and pulled the sword out, she didn’t yelled. She only clenshed her teeth while the blood soacked the fabrics, not really mattering how much pressure you putted on it. The woman smiled, laying her head in the mud while looking to the sky. Dying was a peacefull thing just after battle for all of them where sure they would enter Valhalla with proud. You layed you ear against her chest when her smile fadded, just to be sure … and she was.
‘Y/n.’ A rush of relief runned through you body when you recognized his voice. Turning away from the woman you looked to Ubbe, supporting Sigurd while stepping closer. He was covered in dirt, blood but he seemed alright. It was since you went on raids with the young sons of Ragnar that you fell for him and everytime ever since, you prayed a little more for his safe return. His brother was less alright. You rushed over to Sigurd, looking to the arm who just hanged there totaly out of possition, his back soacked with blood.
‘Sigurd.’ You greeted him fast, leading the both of them to a clear spot where Ubbe helped his brother on the ground.
‘I’m alright.’ Sigurd protested. You started to pull out his defensif armor and looked to the shoulder you revealed.
‘Can you fix him?’ Ubbe asked worried. You looked up, meeting his colorfull eyes full of concern for his brother. He really didn’t admitted to it but he loved his brothers, being the oldest one of the four he took his task serious to keep them in line and in a certain way also safe.
‘It will hurt,’ she turned her eyes back to Sigurd. ‘A lot.’
‘Get it over with.’ He hissed in pain. You took his leather belt and pushed it in his mouth.
‘Hold him down.’ You nodded to Ubbe. He didn’t challenged your knowlegde in what your where doing, he fully trusted your work. You took Sigurd his arm, laid your other hand on his shoulder before you pushed his arm back in position with one hard push. He yelled throught the belt, sweat covering his forehead.
‘He has a large cut on his back to.’ Ubbe pointed out, pulling his brother up on his neck, reavealing his soacked back. You glanced under his shirt to a deep large cut. ‘We should bring him to the camp, where it is safe.’
‘I can work here to.’ You reacted with a fast smile.
 ‘Y/n, is safer there.’ Ubbe insisted friendly. You looked up to him and nodded, studing his face.
‘You have some nasty scratches to, I should look to that to.’ You said a little concerned. He only smiled, helping his brother up.
‘I’m fine.’ He winked, already walking. You took Sigurd his weapons and clothes and rushed after the both of them.

It was a pretty deep wound, you cleaned it in the best you could but you where a little scared that it would infect. ‘That is not the look you give while saving my brother.’ Ivar reacted on the concern in your eyes. You looked up to the little spoiled brad but didn’t say a thing because Ubbe was faster.
‘Without her he maybe was already dead. And don’t you have somewhere else to be?’ Ubbe asked him. You tended further to Sigurd but followed the conversation between the two of them.
‘What, so you can be alone with your little healer here.’ Ivar his words maked you blush, turning a little so they wouldn’t notice it while you layed some herbs ointment into the wound. Ubbe laughed, pushing his brother before Ivar finally gave up and left. You pulled the bucket closer, washing some bandages clean, refreshing them with cold water, softly laying them on the wound. Sigurd shivered but kept his eyes closed. You gave him something to ease his pain a little, he fell asleep by it. You felt his hot breath on you neck when Ubbe lurked over you shoulder to his brother. It was the kind of warmth that really filled your body in this kind of cold days.
‘Will he live?’ Ubbe asked. You slowly looked over your shoulder, his head hardly away from yours.
‘I can’t do more than this.’ You answered, studying his filty face again. ‘Can I attend your wounds now?’ You asked carefull, feeling his breath warming the curve from you neck to your colarbone.
‘I’m fine.’ And he pulled back.
‘Ubbe,’ You stopped him. He looked down, smiling, before he turned around to you again. ‘If it infects you could loose a whole lot more than only your face. Please,’ you gestured to the seat. He sighned, but on a friendly way and sat down. You hesitated for a moment before you layed your fingers under his chin, turning his head gently to the left so you got a good vieuw of his right side. ‘There aren’t any deep ones.’ You murmured for yourself.
‘Told you.’ He smiled. A smile spread over your own face while you took a fabric washing away the blood and dirt away where he was in covered.
‘I wouldn’t forgive myself if I can safe your brother but let you walk around with infected wounds because you are a little to stubborn.’ You said a little amused. His smile grew more playfull, you really loved this kind of smile on him. You looked to it until you caught yourself on watching. Your smile faded, working a little faster to clean his face, Ubbe didn’t say a thing about it. He looked to his brother again.
‘Thank you,’ he began. ‘for helping Sigurd. I know you don’t like him.’ Ubbe went further.
‘It is my duty to help our people. And who would I be to refuse a boy just because he hates me.’
‘He doesn’t hate you.’ Ubbe smiled. You pulled your hands away from his head, looking to his clean skin again.
‘He does, admit it. I’m way to boring.’ You reacted with a supportive grinn, knowing you were right.
‘You’re not boring Y/n.’
‘You just say that to make me feel better.’ You interupted him. With the scratches washed out there was only one who needed a little of your self made ointment. You carefully smeared it out over the wound before you pulled back and nodded to him. ‘You are free to go.’ You gestured to the others in the camp. He stood up and looked to his brother again. ‘I will keep an close eye on him, I promise.’ You reassured him. He lifted his hand, stroking his thumb over your cheek and you felt the warmth spreading to your body.
‘Thank you.’ He said from right out his heart. You nodded and looked how he walked away, leaving you with that weakness in your knees. But you knew … you weren’t good for him, you were just a healer.

Sigurd got a fever during the night. It  took you more than one bucket of water to keep his fever down, cleaning the wound every hour just to be safe. It was exhausting, half the camp was already asleep, the wounded were asleep and Sigurd was to, only a little restless. But you … you worked the whole night, sweat transparent on your forehead while you putted on some new bandages. You stood up, arching your back in pain from always crouching down. When you felt a pair of hands on your shoulders, you startled, looking over you shoulder to Ubbe. ‘You should rest.’ He said a little concerned. You bited your lip and looked back to Sigurd. ‘Tell me what to do and take a few hours to sleep.’
‘I don’t really want to leave,’
‘This is an order Y/n.’ He said with a sternly voice. You nodded and looked back to Sigurd, explaining Ubbe everything he needed to do to keep his brother comfatble.
‘You have to wake me if something goes wrong, promise me that.’ It was almost begging, how embarrassed.
‘Yes, yes, go no, before I need to treat you to.’ He smiled reassuring. You hesitated, standing there, between sleep and responability. But finally you took off, always looking over your shoulder only to see Ubbe watching you until you where out of sight …

The newer games (Story of Seasons) are so difficult and I really wish they had the same charm as Friends of Mineral Town had for me. I love Trio of Towns because the characters are so alive but I want to meet the goals so my day becomes an endless cycle of run trough each town completing jobs and talk to whoever is in your way. In the beginning of the game I felt connected to the West town characters but now they are just there.
Alternatively, the Harvest Moon games are too easy. I finished Skytree Village in about 20 hours and I have no more reason to touch it. Late game has always been an issue for the series but i was pretty bummed out when I expected to last more than an in game year in the story on my first play through and instead beat the main story in mid-early fall.
I wish they could find a happy medium. I would love a title similar to my all time favorite Animal Parade and Tree of Tranquility. Or something that goes back to Mineral Town or Forget Me Not Valley.
But most importantly: I would love mining in actual mine levels to come back. I don’t understand how both sides agreed on this part.

Greatest thing I’ve ever eaten…

Low Carb Village Hearth Light toast
Sliced organic avocado
Sprinkled some Pink Himalayan salt
Sprinkled 1 tsp hemp seeds
Organic local alfalfa sprouts


6g net carb….. 20g fat

i7 Roman: Episode 3

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Nagi: Tamaki, Sougo, are you still with me?

Tamaki: I was surprised when we fell in that hole. I’m still with you somehow, Nagicchi.

Sougo: Tamaki-san, I apologize for earlier. You protected me…

Tamaki: You’re a valuable houseboy (1) that keeps my house clean and does the housework, after all.

Sougo: Yes…

Nagi: NO, this isn’t the time for the two of you to be immersed in your own world. The Pandastone is right in front of us. Be on your guard so we don’t fall in another trap.

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check for regular mafia, ending at 10:30PM EST! for description, see below:

Mafia is a game where you have the village and the mafia. The village’s objective is to find the mafia before they outnumber the village. The mafia’s objective is to stay hidden until you outnumber village. Easy, right? There’s plenty of different roles, and you have to trust your allies but also be aware of liars!

Day Three - Compass

Travelling together on a mission, Keith and Allura buy a broken compass that ends up not being so broken after all. 

For Day Three of Kallura Month.

“This thing isn’t even working.” Growling in frustration, Keith bangs the compass against his gloved palm a few times. As the metal parts rattle around inside, Allura grimaces. If it wasn’t broken before, it definitely is now.

“All this does is point toward you,” he continues, moving the compass in wide circles. She’s too tired to care, but she watches as the needle adjusts to aim in her direction, no matter where his hand takes it.

“Do Alteans have polarity?” he asks. There’s genuine curiosity in his voice, and she doesn’t have a better theory, but she can’t help herself from rolling her eyes at him before answering.

“No, we do not.” Every time she speaks, she can only manage to get out a few words. The sweltering heat is pushing into her skull and causing her head to throb.

“That lady scammed us,” he says. His dark eyes narrow as he inspects the compass, bringing it right up to his face. Harsh sun reflects off the metal, and the light plays over his cheek.  

“You mean that lady scammed you,” she counters. He shrugs at her correction and continues fiddling with the dials on the copper casing. With a sigh, she wipes her damp forehead and looks to the horizon.

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Cycle Eight--Week 2

[AO3] [Week 1]

Day 8

Merle has set himself up in the town center, telling all who will listen about the word of Pan. To our surprise, ‘all who will listen’ seems to be most of the town. It may just be the novelty that makes them stop and ask him questions about his faith, but it may be something deeper. He prayed and sang the scorch teams on their way again tonight, and this time there were more than a few hesitant voices that joined in.

“Some of them really don’t believe that we can just breathe the air where we come from,” he told us after dinner.

Taako looked at him askance. “We came here without masks on. What do they think we were doing?”

“Dunno.” Merle shrugged. “I mean, they know we were on the ship. It’s not that weird we could breathe there. It’s the thought that there’s whole worlds without poison death spores in the air that throws ‘em. And where nobody needs to wear masks! You know how weird they think it is that we’ve all seen each other’s faces?” He paused and waggled his eyebrows. “Probably assume there’s some really kinky—”

“Gross.” Lup threw her spoon at his head.

“Speaking of which.” Magnus glared at him. “I know you’ve got your whole weird plant thing but please for the sake of everyone’s sanity and eyeballs, no flirting with the death mushrooms.”

“Hmph,” said Merle. “Here I am, trying to give these poor people the first taste of hope they’ve ever felt in their lives and all you can focus on is whether or not I wanna fuck the death mushrooms.”

To no one’s surprise, the conversation ended quite abruptly after that.

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There’s a black sheep in every family.

I had an urge to draw a few of my current villagers from Animal Crossing, so here’s Muffy! I was surprised to find out that she has a ウチ/アネキ personality–I think it suits her well! ( ´ ▽ ` )

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Okay Ness, let's say you have a choice between having a date with Jeff, Lucas, Toon Link, Villager, Paula, and Corrin. Which would you pick?

“…is there an option where I can pick all of them?”

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! you know what this calls for, a (n attempted at) halloween reg maf! i’ll try* (keyword) to make a spoooooooooooky set up, but it will only work if we have good numbers! i’ll be capping it at 10:20 EST, so check your likes in!

edit: having your character play in a costume is not only more than allowed, but entirely welcome! it’s halloween, after all. go crazy!

Mafia is a really easy game where you have the village and the mafia. The village’s objective is to find the mafia before they outnumber the village. The mafia’s objective is to stay hidden until you outnumber village. Easy, right? There’s plenty of different roles, and you have to trust your allies but also be aware of liars!

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I don't know why SP keeps portraying Naruto as the overworked father/husband who comes home late at night or the next morning. :( I was loving the Uzumaki Family interaction during the first two episodes of Boruto then Naruto had to come along and basically ignore everyone at his home. I get that being Hokage is not easy, but the villages are at peace and there's been a number of advancements, so basically his position is political. :/

Kishi also portrayed him as overworked during the first half of the Boruto movie, SP aren’t changing anything in this regard, especially considering how the current anime is taking place before the events of the movie.

Fatigue doesn’t equate to unhappiness.

He was tired because he was working too hard, but he’s not unhappy or unsatisfied with his life. As we saw in the Boruto movie, the situation within the Uzumaki household will sort itself out eventually. 

How about a game of regular mafia? Cap at 9:20 PM

Mafia is a really easy game where you have the village and the mafia. The village’s objective is to find the mafia before they outnumber the village. The mafia’s objective is to stay hidden until you outnumber village. Easy, right? There’s plenty of different roles, and you have to trust your allies but also be aware of liars!