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To the anons:
Why yes, I do think that it’s quite possible that MM and her on set friends visited the exact same area that Sam had visited the weekend before.
The area in question is a HUGELY popular attraction. Reviewers mention the crowds on summer days. It is the summit of Mont Tremblant, the highest summit thereabouts and there is a ski lift that runs all year making access very easy. The village is quaint and friendly and it’s only an hour and a half drive from downtown Montreal. A visit is highly recommended by all the travel guides as a must do day trip from Montreal. Everybody goes, literally. And everyone takes pictures. The above pictures- all taken from within a short distance of where Sam and MM’s pictures were taken were all found in a very short search on Google of Mont Tremblant summit- show just how popular a visit that particular vista is. There are even lawn chairs set up on the overlook.
So, no, anons, I don’t have any difficulty at all imagining that both Sam and MM would both decide to visit the exact same natural attraction during their separate visits to Montreal. Them, and quite literally everyone else. It seems to me to be THE place to see for a nature lover on a visit to Montreal.
And, anon, the visit is usually promoted as an easy day trip from Montreal so no overnight hotel stay would be needed- and certainly both a summit and a lakeshore pic could be got in the same one day visit- no matter when they were posted.

And, also no, I don’t for a minute think she’s psychic and knew 5 months in advance that Sam would post this pic. I think if she’d had any idea at all that he had visited the same summit the week before she and her friends were there that she would have at the least brought that hat with her and got some nice posed shots of her wearing it about the area for some really serious summit innuendo. But, alas, no hat. And a really good innuendo opportunity was missed there anon, so no, not psychic either.
There’s a black sheep in every family.

I had an urge to draw a few of my current villagers from Animal Crossing, so here’s Muffy! I was surprised to find out that she has a ウチ/アネキ personality–I think it suits her well! ( ´ ▽ ` )

The Hokage's Wife: A Rant About Kakashi

A lot of people accused me of writing him as spineless and complacent at the beginning, I prefer to think of it as indifferent and learning. Kakashi has never valued himself as anything other than a tool for the village, an easy enough definition for a shinobi but what about a Hokage? What does the village require of their leader? He’s trying to figure that out and seeing as he has no experience with running a village he leans on the experience of the council for guidance. He’s always been willing to sacrifice himself for the good of the village. If the only one getting the short end of a deal is himself he counts it as a viable solution. The village needed him to have a partner because he was only one side of a figure head, the warring side, the shinobi leader. The civilians, the non-ninja couldn’t trust him to rule for the good of everyone. Tsunade had been different, as a woman, compassion wasn’t seen as a weakness, and as a medic she helped improve the lives of everyone, not just her shinobi. So Kakashi had this problem, and finding him a wife, a simple enough solution.


“…and the fact that Emma is going to be playing Gwen Stacy, what could be better? So, I am going to be the happiest audience member in the world.”

Just a little throwback: Bryce Dallas Howard (first actress to play Gwen Stacy on the big screen in Spider-Man 3) and Emma Stone were both filming The Help when it was announced that Emma was going to be the new Gwen Stacy for The Amazing Spider-Man franchise. Now, who will be the next?

Potatoes in France [Closed Rp]

When the famine hit, none of the farmers of Ireland expected it. People were starving, in part of the sudden lack of their main crop; potatoes. To Becky, it was no surprise that her family fled the country in search of a better life, but it did come as a shock that she would end up all the way in France. It’d had been 3 years since their arrival, but the Lynch family made do nicely. They had their own little farm just outside the village, where they were able to farm as well as take trips into the village, made easy by the shortcut through the woods. Today began as any other, and Becky headed off into the village, delivering the morning’s harvest to her uncle, who lived in the village itself as the family’s merchant. However, she was caught off guard to find that it was suddenly raining, as she trotted along on her horse, through the now dark woods. She brought her horse to a complete halt when she found the path to be blocked by toppled over trees. Sighing, Becky looked around. “Has to be another way..” she spotted a path, veering off to the right, and decided that it would have to do, guiding her horse in that direction, but instead of ending up at the village, she found herself in front of an enormous castle. The rain had picked up- well, became a full blown blizzard, really, and Becky decided to seek refuge in the structure until the stormed passed. Upon knocking on the door, the old thing creaked open. Shaking off the uneasy feeling she had, she let herself in. “Hello?” || @thebeast-inblue ||

Saturday evening I was in Scotland, at least a little piece of Scotland in NYC!

A beautiful decor, fun and upbeat spirit, great food, good Kentucky bourbon (even though I was encouraged to try the Scotch), and raw banoffee pie trifle!  If you’re in NYC, you may want to go.  It’s tucked away in the West Village and easy to find.