easy vegan meal ideas


Serves 1 | 30 minutes

White rice ¼ cup
Coconut milk ½ cup
Cinnamon ½ teaspoon
Cardamom ½ teaspoon
Vanilla essence 2 teaspoons
Brown sugar 2 teaspoons
Tinned or fresh peach slices ½ cup
Coconut yogurt (optional) to serve

Boil rice with water following packet instructions until cooked.
Drain remaining water if necessary.
Add coconut milk, spices, vanilla and brown sugar and simmer until most of the excess liquid has evaporated.
Line base of baking dish with most of the peaches.
Pour rice mixture into baking dish and bake at 180C / 356F for about 7 minutes.
Top with remaining peaches and coconut yogurt.

I made this up this up on a day that I didn’t have class until the afternoon. The perfect lazy morning, especially for colder days. Rice, tinned coconut milk and tinned peaches are also pretty cheap so perfect if you’re a university student like me!


3 Easy Vegan Lunch Box Ideas | Meal Prep

Vegan ramen broth 🍜🌶🍋🌱

Those who say going vegan is so boring and expensive.. it’s rubbish! This meal is nutritious, TASTY and so so cheap and easy! The ingredients here and in most of my dinners are very similar - if not the same - I just prepare or use them with different produce and spices. This broth consists of FRESH ginger, chilli, garlic, coriander, lime and stock! I’ve just added some vegan chilli oil (check the ingredients as some contain meat), eggless ramen, green beans and mushrooms left over in the fridge! It’s hot, spicey, zesty and rich and has left me so full. I wish I had some coconut milk to add as that would have been beautiful but hey ho! Let me know if you give this a try!

What I Ate Today// Woke up around lunch-time & made a salad (romaine, purple cabbage, assorted peppers, & tomatoes). For lunch, I made a huge black bean burrito w/rice & lots of seasonings on a spinach wrap. For dinner, I’m having raw oats with peanut-butter & jelly! Probably my favorite flavor so far! I was being too lazy to hit the gym, but I’m heading out soon to go dancing with some friends! I’ll probably have a banana or two on the way there. I hope your weekend has been amazing so far!💕

Making a Mediterranean vegetable rice dish.

-Drizzle olive oil into a pan and when hot, add:

Crushed garlic
Minced chilli peppers
Tomato puree
Half a tin of tomatoes
Pinch of sugar
Finely chopped red and green bell peppers
Finely diced white onion

-Once the onion and peppers have cooked off a little, add some cooked rice (or other grain of your choice-or even boiled potatoes). I used wholegrain rice I had previously cooked and frozen, and ran it quickly under boiling water before draining and tossing it in a pan.

-After mixing everything together, throw in a couple of handfuls of fresh spinach and some fresh basil leaves, let it wilt for a few minutes, season, then serve.


Cheesy Kale and Sweet Potato Pasta (vegan)

Hi everyone! Here’s a quick dish I’ve been loving lately. I know any Italians out there will be screaming at their screen because one-pot pasta dishes are pretty blasphemous. But I love how quickly and easily you can put a pasta dish together for a speedy dinner or even to pack for lunch when you’re in a rush.

- 4 oz pasta (Alternatively you can use more pasta and just add more liquid as you go)
- 1 cup veggie broth
- 1 cup water (add more if needed)
- 1 cup diced sweet potato (the smaller you cut up your potato, the quicker it will cook. ½ inch cubes are an ideal size.)
- 1 cup shredded kale
- 1 slice vegan cheese OR 2 tbsp nutritional yeast (or both if you want your dish extra cheesy)
- ¼ tsp black pepper
- ¼ tsp salt
- ¼ tsp garlic powder

1. In a large sauce pan, add you sweet potato and pasta. Add the veggie broth, water, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Place a lid on top and bring to a boil.
2. Once brought to a boil, reduce to a simmer and put the lid back on. Stir every two minutes. Simmer for 8-10 min total, depending on what the package instructions for the pasta say. In the last two minutes of cooking, add the kale and your cheese/nooch. Stir so that the cheese/nooch melts into the remaining liquid to create a light sauce. You can add water 1tbsp at a time if it seems too dry to you.
3. Serve warm and ENJOY!



anonymous asked:

What's a good first grocery list for going vegan? Easy meal ideas

I like this question! For your first time grocery shopping as a vegan don’t go overboard and think you need to buy all the vegetables or processed “vegan” options. Keep it simple.

Breakfast options: 

quick oats + cinnamon + peanut butter

bagels + peanut butter + banana

bread + avocado + tomato

pancakes but make with almond milk 


rice + frozen veggies + tofu

kale salad with toppings

tomato + cucumber + kale sandwich


carrots + hummus

Cheerios + fruit + almond milk

cliff bars


rice + black bean + corn burritos

spaghetti with mushrooms

sweet potato fries and veggie burgers

Pretty much my go to meals