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Quick & Easy Ramen Upgrade: Thai Peanut Chicken Noodles

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Mobile CPU upgrades

Siemens-Nixdorf PCD-4ND is a 486-based laptop from 1993-1995. It was quite popular in Germany and you could have seen a few of them still in use even ten years ago (mostly connected to expensive industrial devices using a serial port).

I like how easy it was to upgrade the CPU in this particular laptop. It took about 20 seconds to remove a small plastic cover and replace the CPU board. There were probably four options during the lifecycle of the machine – 25-MHz 486SX, 50-MHz 486DX2 and 75-MHz/100-MHz 486DX4 (Intel called it ‘Intel DX4’).

Note the WDC graphics chip below the CPU board slot. It shared the bus with the CPU as it was connected using VLB (= VESA Local Bus) instead of the older ISA/AT bus. This allowed to use fast 32-bit transfers on a frequency equal to the CPU external clock (25/33-MHz) without a sophisticated bus controller (EISA, PCI). This chip was used in many laptops of this era and it was surprisingly powerful. It allowed up to 1024x768 with 256 colors and 640x480 with 65k colors and it could accelerate bit-block transfers as well as graphics primitives.

4/6/17 - WOD

Made sure not to check the WOD before bed last night. When I checked in my car it seemed easy enough, which always makes me worry that there’s something I’m missing. Fortunately, it really was what I expected and pretty good workout to end my week on.

It was a 30 minute EMOM, where we rotate between a different movement every minute. For me it was:

- 5 ring rows
- 10 push ups
- 10 lunges

Before the WOD, I played around with jumping pull ups, but they just felt like I was doing it wrong. I stuck with ring rows cause at least I know my form is good. Still working on getting lower / more parallel to the floor.

For push ups I started the WOD doing them from my knees and with a green band for assistance. This ended up feeling really easy, so I upgraded to a purple + green band but doing it from my toes. I now need to work on keeping my body in a straight line and tucking my elbows inwards. One step closer to doing an actual push up!

The lunges were supposed to be weighted, but I just did body weight today. Amazingly enough I was pretty good at them. I remember in November I couldn’t stand up from a lunge position without using my arms for assistance. Today I did 100 of them, down to the floor and back up.

During warm ups we lunge a lot, but I don’t usually drop all the way to the floor. I don’t have perfect control, so it’s hard on my knees. I think I might start wearing my knee pads so that I can get more lunging practice in and in the future can do weighted ones.

nightshadequeen replied to your postJust successfully booted my old laptop to Ubuntu…

What’s wrong with Ubuntu? (aka what’s wrong with Ubuntu that’s fix in Mint or Debian, despite Mint being Ubuntu + cinnamon + more packages installed by default - easy upgrades)

Oh boy… oh boy oh boy oh boy. 

Also ubuntu sucks ass as a linux distro simple as that. It’s more of a business than a linux distribution. 

metalandcoderudescience replied to your post:

I’m fairly sure everyone uses Ubuntu first before they realise how shitty it is compared to others. Just because it’s so convenient. I switched to Arch on desktop and Debian on servers and I haven’t missed Ubuntu once :)

Also what they^ said. 

strange-apoco-fists  asked:

Touch ass

Doom🅱️ass bot. it’s time for who’s going to listen to the corner of the Yushityu 2007 Mimetic-Resolution-Cartridge-View-Motherboard-Easy-To-Install-Upgrade for Infernatron/InterLace TP Systems for Home, Office or Mobile.

anonymous asked:

I really appreciate your gun posts! I'd love to see a leftist reclamation of "pop" gun culture... in the meantime, could I ask your recommendation for a good gun for beginners, if you have one? Like maybe one that's easy to upgrade and suitable for "experimenting"?

That depends on what you are looking for! I have a list of good first handguns (new production only) and will reblog it for you. If you want something suuuuuper customizable I’d recommend either a Glock, M&P, Springfield XD, or CZ pistol of some kind, listed in order from most customizable to less customizable (though still way more than most pistols) as your first. But I also think having something be very customizable isn’t actually all that valuable for a new shooter. You want to learn to shoot a gun well right out of the box before you tinker with it!

A Review of Modern Artist Hardware -or- Don’t buy a Wacom Cintiq

Warning: Long Post

Ok, so let me explain first: The art industry/hobby is diverse and no one piece of hardware or software will work for everyone. This is meant for middle market artist who want to level up their digital art experience, or even break into digital art. I want to give my thoughts on a few devices out there, their pros and cons, and why I choose the device I did after a long journey. Plus I don’t see a lot of people talking about the device I use and I think it’s a shame not many people know of this option.

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Recipe of the Day: Seriously Good Queso Dip
A melty, amazing queso dip is one recipe that every cook should have in his or her back pocket. This one reaches ooey-gooey goodness in the slow cooker — and it doesn’t even call for processed cheese. It’s ultra-simple, and easy to upgrade with toppings.

#FBF Hot Pants

Wear denim shorts like your favorite style icons…

Summer is here (hooray!), which means it’s time to wear one of our favorite warm-weather essentials, the denim short. They’re easy, casual, classic, and come in so many styles and colors that we’re spoiled for choice.

In honor of Flashback Friday, see how French beauty Jane Birkin styled her denim cutoffs, and embrace high-waisted denim shorts like sex symbol Cindy Crawford. Shop our selection below so you can dress just like one of the pros.

1) PPLA High Waist Denim Cutoff Shorts

2) Topshop Moto ‘Mom’ High Rise Shorts

3) Rag & Bone The Mila Denim Cutoff Shorts

4) MICHAEL Michael Kors Destroyed Denim Cutoff Shorts

5) Vince Mason Rolled Wrecked Denim Shorts

6) Victoria’s Secret VS High-Waist Short

7) Siwy Denim Camilla Cut-Off Shorts

Which style icon will you channel this summer? Tell us!

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