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Organization Tips

[day 10. how I keep organized] Organization, oh how I love thee.

Since one of the things my blog is devoted to is organization, I decided to turn today’s prompt into a masterpost. So here are my best tips to staying organized!~

Minimize as much as possible! If you saw my What’s in My College Backpack post, then you saw that I foolishly planned on taking separate notebooks for each class. THIS WAS A BAD IDEA. It was heavy and heavy hurts your back. Now I use a binder and place everything (syllabi, class notes, textbook notes, handouts, etc.) in there. Although I do take a notebook to take messy lecture notes in before tranferring it to my binder, this method is much lighter and stress-free, since all I need to remember is one binder.

Clean out things regularly! I clean out my binder every week, my backpack every night, my online life every two weeks, etc., etc. Keeping things clean lets you think better.

Have an ideal schedule to go off of! Using a study schedule printable from @theorganisedstudent, I recently was able to plan my ideal study schedule: how much I would study each day, what I would study, and when I would take breaks. I based it off my maximum productivity levels, and having this is a great reminder when it’s Friday afternoon, I have the whole weekend ahead of me, and it doesn’t seem like anything needs to be done. Beyond studying, though, plan your dream day. Be realistic, but also be ambitious. Rarely will you ever matcn it to a T, but having this skeleton to go off of gives you a good idea of when you should be doing laundry, cleaning the bathroom, and also how much time you can afford to spend on YouTube. 😉

Prepare in advance! Pack you backpack the day before! ALWAYS. Even if it’s past midnight and all you want is sleep – when you wake up, you are definitely not going to feel like dealing with stocking your pencil case with everything you need. I’m a cute and casual shirt, jeans, and boots kind of gal, so deciding what to wear is not a big to-do for me, but if you spend way too long deliberating in front of the closet, you may want to set out your outfit the day before.

Keep a planner! I know this is a pretty stereotypical tip, so I won’t go into depth about it. Just make sure you have a definite method for organizing your planner and also that you stick to it.

Study smarter, not harder! Know which classes you are weaker in and spend more time on those. For example, History is an easy A for me. I barely study. Math, however, is the bane of my existence. In order to make As in math, I need to put in 3x the effort. Make sure to organize your schedule to accommodate this extra time.

Live simply! I’m a huge fan of minimalism. While definitely not a minimalist myself, I wholeheartedly agree that the more stuff you have, the less peace of mind you enjoy. Declutter everything you don’t need or even want. Have a place for everything and try to keep everything in its place. This helps keeps your mind and thought processes organized.

Clean mental clutter! I see a lot about taking care of your body, but what about your mind? Make sure to tidy your thoughts too. (That sounds sort of creepy, lol.) What I mean is – relax. Pray, meditate, take some time to write down everything pestering your mind – whatever works for you. Once it’s out, you can focus all of your mental capabilities of whatever task is at hand.

Spend a few minutes to save a few hours! This is more of a personal one, and definitely one that not everyone thinks is worthwhile, but I thought I would include it since it’s one of the main reasons I stay organized. I find organizing things extremely relaxing. (Actually, this weekend I plan on decluttering and organizing my space, and I’m really looking forward to it!) So I do a lot of (admittedly) silly things to help myself later. I organize my closet, first by style of clothing, and within those sections by color; my undergarments, pairing all of the socks and rolling all of the underwear; my books, genres then series and then standalones by author; my jewelry, fancy with fancy, everyday out in the open; etc. My most-used items are always at the forefront. I don’t have to do this, but I like how I can easily grab what I need without having to search for it or disturb a bunch of other stuff for it.

Hope some of these helped!

How to Study for AP Physics

I’ve gotten quite a few questions on how I “self-studied” for AP Physics, so I decided to make one cohesive post talking about what methods I used. I answered the question earlier in an ask (here), but it was pretty disorganized, so I tried to structure it better here! Sorry it’s still pretty long though :c


  • The reason that I said I “self-studied” physics was because my teacher didn’t really teach during the school year. Additionally, there’s honestly way too much to cover in the book for my teacher to go through all of it, so I don’t really blame him all that much. It’s up to you to take the initiative to go through the book and really learn the material that wasn’t covered during class.
  • LUCKILY, our tests were really difficult, so I think I was very well prepared for the actual AP exam! :’)
  • I found my study methods during second semester (rip me) (oh first semester sighs), so hopefully some of these tips can help you early on!


  • For Physics, it is essential to stay caught up throughout the year. A lot of the concepts are cumulative and have to do with each other. Chances are, you’ll see concepts you learned from first semester appearing towards the end of second semester.
  • Although other topics (such as electricity/magnetism) don’t seem like they have anything to do with mechanics (ie. friction, kinematics), it’s actually very beneficial if you fully understood the earlier concepts. Being able to make connections between various concepts not only helps with remembering, but it also greatly improves your understanding!
  • Also, by the time midterms/finals come around, you’ll find that it’s extremely beneficial to have had fully understood the concepts the first time around. Instead of re-studying the information you crammed into your head the first time around, all you have to do now is just do some review and hopefully you’ll be good to go! 
  • Also, if you don’t understand something, ask. If your teacher isn’t capable of answering, try seeing of any of your classmates understand! If not, you can always turn to tumblr :’) If I’m capable, I’ll try to answer too HAHA


  • I found that previewing the lessons were really helpful, because as my teacher went over the bare minimums/basics during class (with no explanations offered - just typically formulas that we needed to know etc), I was able to understand the lesson better. I knew the reason why certain things were, and I even knew most of the formulas ahead of time! This created less stress/pressure for me, because I didn’t feel completely lost during class as I did in the beginning oops haha


  • Tbh I chose AP Physics as my science course because I’m more confident with math than straight memorization, and I heard that Physics involved a lot of math. And it is true! However, if you’re only taking AP Physics ½, it’s algebra-based. Which means that it’s not hard math - you just have to know how to apply it.
  • And that’s where concepts come in. Silly me first semester, I just did the math-based practice problems and did well on all the chapter tests (which were all FRQ-style). But when it came to midterms/finals, I pretty much bombed the multiple choice because my concept wasn’t up to par.
  • Take the time and READ YOUR BOOK. Read through the paragraphs (there aren’t that many thANK) of explanations and examples that are provided, and make sure you really truly understand what’s going on. 
  • Knowing how to merely solve the FRQ problems will be useless in the long run if you don’t know the concepts/reasoning behind them - especially because Collegeboard has revamped the FRQs to be more conceptual this year!!


Everyone studies differently, and everyone has a different technique that will work best for them. Experiment with different methods and see what works for you - but I’ll list what I did below if anyone wants to try what I did!


  • As I said earlier, I thought I could skate past first semester with the little information my teacher provided during class and a grasp on the math in physics. HOWEVER, I realized that that was far from the truth. What helped me was going through the book and taking close notes.
  • Taking close notes isn’t that difficult with Physics, because it’s honestly more examples/math than pure text with explanations. BUT, because it’s like that, most of the information provided ends up being very crucial, so pay close attention.
  • My notes focused on concepts (and the reason behind them), and the occasional formula/equation (and the reasoning/proof as well).


  • This step is important because oftentimes gaps in understanding will be filled by reading about it through various other sources. Each book will have their own way of explaining it, and some may even have additional information that will help with better understanding!
  • I had a copy of the former AP Physics textbook at home, as well as two other “textbooks.” I also used my Barron’s AP book from time to time to practice problems!
  • Also I used khanacademy on youtube (LIFESAVER) to help with concepts when I didn’t understand something. They also have some problem examples that they work out for you - so that’s pretty useful as well!


  • AP Physics is now allowed an equation sheet on the AP exam. HOWEVER, I suggest that you memorize all the equations anyways. As long as you do enough practice problems, the formulas will end up being burned in your head anyways LOL. Tbh, during the AP exam, it’s pretty inconvenient to keep flipping to the equation sheet. I’m pretty sure it’s found at the very front of your test booklet, and you can’t rip it out or anything. Fortunately I don’t think I really used it, so I think I saved some time flipping back and forth~
  • Also if you want to take the SAT II subject test, they don’t provide an equation sheet, so gotta be prepared for that too!


  • Again, I personally think Physics is one of the more math-heavy lab sciences out there. So while I really emphasize the importance of understanding and getting the concepts behind everything, you cannot slack on the math either!
  • Also, some concepts can be remembered/deduced through the equations/formulas, which i love :’) 
  • The way my book was structured, was that the practice problems were structured by level of difficulty. You probably won’t be assigned most of the problems for homework, so it is up to you to practice them yourself. Keep practicing them until you can get through them easily and things start making more sense to you. 
  • Speed is very important, because it’s not just understanding, but it’s being fluent and being able to get to the answer in a quick, efficient manner. This matters when you take tests/quizzes~
  • At the end of each chapter in my book, there were “general” problems - basically problems that require you to combine multiple concepts that you’ve learned so far. these are really good practice for several reasons:
  1. They prepare you for midterms/finals/the AP exam where they won’t tell you what type of problem you’re facing - you’re just going to have to figure out which concepts/equations are needed for each problem
  2. It helps you see problems in different angles // ie. problems you thought could only be solved in one manner, can actually be solved by using different concepts that you learned before! this can help you become more efficient too woopwoop
  3. They’re typically not easy problems, so if you can do these with not too much of a struggle, then you’re pretty much set :’) although tbh if you can’t do some of them, don’t panic/stress either, because some of them will most likely be harder than the types of problems that your teacher chooses to use on his/her exam.


  • UNDERSTAND YOUR LABS. ACTUALLY DO YOUR LABS. BE HANDS ON. PREVIEW THEM VERY WELL BEFORE YOU WALK INTO THE CLASSROOM. do not be a potato sack and watch your labmates do your lab for you, because it will help with understanding if you actively participate and make connections during the process
  • and also as i mentioned earlier the new ap exam is much more focused on concepts so knowing how to perform certain experiments will help you in the long run ^-^

Annnnd I think that’s all! If there’s anything else I remember, I’ll make sure to update this post. I know pretty much all of this sounds basic, but it’s what worked for me~ it’s honestly just a lot of hard work and diligence. Physics is not an overnight/cramming kind of class, and I really advise to be on top of things and to not leave studying until the last minute. Try to understand things while you go through the lessons, and GOOD LUCK. I BELIEVE IN YOU. it’s tough work but hey man hey it’ll be okay ^-^ do not be too disheartened either if you don’t get into the swing of things right away~ as long as you can say you gave it your all without any regrets I’d say that’s pretty gr8 already uwu

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is how to I become a successful book blogger or how do I start a book blog? Two things run across my mind when I get asked this question. The first being, “Awwww, this is so sweet! Someone thinks I’m qualified to answer this!” Because let’s be real, half the time I am just on here rambling. The second thing being, “This isn’t easy to answer.” There are tons of things that make a successful blog but it’s not always easy work. So here are some tips and advice to start a blog, specifically a book blog. Please don’t think of these steps as rules or a checklist of things you must have. Think of it more as a guide to point you in the right direction.

  1. Don’t compare yourself to other blogs.    Sounds easy right? Nope, not at all. When you first start out you may feel overwhelmed or a sense of panic. You may have thoughts like, “I’ll never be as popular as that blog.” or maybe something along the lines of, “No one is going to read my blog.” Don’t let these thought get to you. You’re NEW! Don’t put that pressure on yourself! These blogs have been around for a long time and they started from the bottom just like you. Don’t overwhelm yourself by comparing where you’re at, with someone else’s journey. This leads me to my next step. 

  2. Blogging for you and the age old  question, “How do I get followers.” This is going to sound harsh but if you’re blogging to become tumblr famous or to have a ton of followers, you’re blogging for the wrong reasons and you’re going to be seriously disappointed. Gaining followers takes time and serious dedication, it’s not instant gratification. Wanting people to read and enjoy your content is vastly different from seeing the people that follow you as just a  number. When you blog about something that genuinely interests you, when you blog for yourself and for  the right reasons, people will take interest and follow you. Don’t get caught up in who is popular and who has more followers. Just blog and have fun! Focus on your content and the relationships you are building.

  3. Creating your name. For all that is good and holy take this seriously. I didn’t and now I’m stuck with a URL that I hate. I’m too established now to change it and I hate it. Also please don’t ask me for recommendations because I obviously suck at it lol. You want something that will catch people’s eye, something that doesn’t sound like another bloggers URL, and something that will be easy to remember! 

  4. Creating an atmosphere. Light some candles turn on some music… wait wrong topic. Haha. What do you want you blog to be about? When people see your blog for this first time what do you want their impression to be?  For me I wanted a professional but chill vibe. (Hopefully that comes off haha.) One of the most important things about starting your blog is coming up with an atmosphere that attracts people. I have always felt like have a theme that was unique is what drew people to my blog in the first place. It’s like giving someone a first impression during an interview; you need to dress for the job. For me I knew I wanted my theme to be clean, easy to read, organized and welcoming.     Organization is a big thing because you want people to be able to maneuver  around your blog with ease. Make sure to tag your posts so you can create navigation link. Not only is tagging your posts a great way to stay organized, it is also a great way to spread the word about your blog. For example if you made a post about a certain book make sure you leave the title and author in the tags. This  way when people are searching in the tag section they can check out your blog. Other popular tags are booklr, book stack, shelfie, bookstagram etc.     

  5. What on earth are you going to post  about? With this blog, the main reason why I created it was because I  didn’t want to keep posting reviews on what use to be my main blog. I knew when I created B&C I was going to use it to write book reviews and to talk about books in general. Before you actually start your blog you may want to draft what your first five to ten posts will be about. This will help you stay focused and a little bit less stressed. See number 6 for more ideas on what to     post.

  6. Be unique. Easier said than done, I know. There are tons of book bloggers (booklr) on tumblr so try to find something that makes you stand out. Maybe it will be reviews, maybe it will be posting your own photography, or maybe it will be weekly posts  about what you’re reading or upcoming books. Just find what you’re passionate about and stick with it! (If you’d like more information about how to write a book review click HERE.) 

  7. Keep posting! Setting up the queue  is literally a blog saver. With working full time it’s hard to log on every day.  Having the queue running will keep your blog “alive” while you’re gone. You can queue up your own posts or reblogs but just make sure you’re posting! 

  8. Making friends & connections. At least once a week I get questions about how to talk to people on booklr and befriend them. One of the greatest things that has happened from creating this blog is the friends that I’ve made. I’ve become so close to a few people in the booklr community that they honestly feel like family. Making connections and friends on booklr is a great help and it makes  blogging much more fun! A few of you are probably wondering, “How did you do it Jessica? How did you make the friends?!?” I’m so incredibly social awkward and anxious so I totally understand how hard it can be to make  friends. Just remember that we are all book nerds and love talking about books! Try sending a simple message out there saying, “Hey, I see you’re     reading this book. How do you like it so far?” and just striking up a conversation. If you want to be friends with someone you got to put yourself out there and make the effort. We don’t know you want to be friends until you actually talk to us! I promise, 98% of don’t bite haha.

  9. Be friendly. Simply put, no one wants to be friends with, or follow, a meany. Be sassy and sarcastic but  remember that when someone approaches you that there is a real, live  person on the other side of that screen who has real feelings. So please try your best to be friendly,     welcoming and kind. Try to keep an open mind and save your judgments. Sometimes  it’s hard, you may be having a bad day but it’s never cool to be a bully or intentionally hurt someone. With that said, take things people say with a grain of salt. Some people didn’t get the memo that it’s not cool to be an a-hole. With blogging you NEED to have a thick skin. This is definitely a warning. When  you put a blog out there for all to see, and the more popular you become, the more likely that you’re going to get hate mail. I feel like I need to prepare you, people can say some really mean things to you on the Internet. Mental prepare yourself and take no sh&t. 

  10. Things not to do. Here are just some random things you make want to avoid. It’s kind of an unspoken rule to not ask people to follow you. Please don’t do it, it’s awkward. 9/10 people don’t like it. Don’t be a jerk (see above). Don’t steal people’s content, obviously. Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

I know this was a very, very long post and I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t read the whole thing lol. If you did stick with me, thank you, I really appreciate it and I hope these tips help you in some way. I will leave with one more piece of advice and that is, to have fun. It’s your blog, enjoy it; post what you want, just. have. fun!

Keep blogging my loves and good luck! 

xoxo Jessica

That’s All, Folks

Hey everyone! After quite a bit of stalling and a LOT of consideration, I’ve decided to stop posting on this blog indefinitely, and unfollow all ace discourse related blogs. I know a lot of people are probably going to be unhappy about this, (and quite a few people will probably be happy about it too, inb4 hilarious ‘the evil is defeated’ jokes) so under the cut, I’m going to explain my reasons for leaving the blog as well as how you’ll be able to reach me in the future!

Warning: Since this is the last post on this blog and I’m by nature a talker who likes closure, it might be fairly long and might contain mentions of possibly triggering topics. 

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kylosreen  asked:

Hi. I was just wondering if you don't mind if you could write as long as you want analysis regarding Draco and your thoughts of him as a character?

Before I attempt to answer this question with the millions of jumbled up thoughts banging around in my head, I feel that it’s necessary to point out that I nearly fainted with excitement and anticipation when I saw this message. I take character analysis and Draco Malfoy super seriously, okay. Alright, with that out of the way, I’ll attempt to collect my thoughts in as concise a post as I can manage. Please note that for the purpose of this being spontaneously done and conscientious of space (lol somewhat), consider this a rough draft of my analysis on Draco Malfoy’s character.

First and foremost, I find it pertinent to mention that I wholeheartedly consider Draco Malfoy to be a dynamic character. For those who may be a bit uneasy with the English language or just have no idea what the hell I mean, a dynamic character is one who changes throughout the course of a story. For Draco–quite obviously–this change didn’t turn into an impulse decision, and it certainly wasn’t something that changed the entire course of his character. Time and time again, I find people in my day-to-day life who consider Draco one of the main villains of the entire franchise; if not him alone, then–at the very least–the entire Malfoy family. And while I agree that Draco is definitely an anti-being within the realm of the Harry Potter universe, I wouldn’t consider him a “villain.” To me, a villain is Lord Voldemort. A villain is Bellatrix Lestrange. Draco, though, gives off the vibe of an anti-hero. To help understand what I mean, I’d like to address the shift in Draco Malfoy’s character throughout the series.

  • Years One-Five: Draco’s pretty much a brat. At this stage, he’s fairly harmless; just little more than a schoolyard bully with hopes of befriending Harry Potter to please his father. His spoiled, pretentious attitude exudes a lifestyle of privilege and wealth that plays very prominently into his character. All-in-all, there’s not much to comment on as far as Draco’s first (or first few) years at Hogwarts go; I always felt as though the first book or two was really dedicated to Rowling establishing Draco’s privilege and aristocratic background. And then his fourth and fifth years come. Here, Draco’s family begins to play a more important role in the series (at least by my standards). The fourth book has Draco eluding to his father’s role in the Death Eaters, and the fifth book reveals as much (I won’t discuss Lucius much, though; I’m not trying to write a book or anything, after all). For me, personally, what really begins to spark Draco’s character growth is at the end of his fifth year at Hogwarts; he’s clearly beyond pissed that Harry has more or less “outed” his father, and the summer following that is undoubtedly hell for him. Very little is known about Draco’s summer just before sixth year, but from inference and timelines, we can assume that this was when he took the Dark Mark; this was when he found out what his challenge would be the following school year. This was, more or less, the entire series of events that sparked Draco’s internal change and the growth of his character setting itself in motion.
  • Year Six: So, without further ado, I bring out the big guns. Year Six–or, as I like to call it–the Draco Malfoy Book. Half-Blood Prince seems to show the greatest shift Draco’s character has seen thus far within the series. He was always portrayed as a brat with more bark than bite, but there’s a side of Draco witnessed by Harry over the course of this school year that stands out so starkly from his younger, more overtly arrogant years. Draco Malfoy becomes more introverted, less inclined to make childish and inane comments whenever he receives a chance, is visibly more stressed, has appeared to isolate himself. It’s in his increasing state of bitterness; in the way he ignores Quidditch, the greatest chance he had to one-up Harry (something the old Draco never would have passed on), and in the way he seems to fold in on himself. It was in the way he began neglecting his prefect duties, which was a title he had loved abusing the year before, and how forgetful he became with his schoolwork. Had anyone paid close enough attention, I think most people would have noticed such a stark contrast in Draco’s character. To think that Harry was the only person to visibly take note of the fact that he seemed anxious and weary is remarkable. In some ways, reading Draco’s huge transformation in this book made me think he was suffering from depression issues. As it was never fully discussed, however, I cannot make any absolute statements; merely pick up on what I noticed myself. And then, at the conclusion of the book, when it’s made clear that Draco’s terrified out of his mind about his task and doesn’t have it in him to kill Dumbledore, we see a side of Draco’s humanity that has been shielded and guarded for so many years. He shut down so much of his emotions that only a tragedy like this was able to wake him up. His inability to murder Dumbledore paired with his breakdown with Moaning Myrtle mark two important visualizations of Draco Malfoy’s vulnerability. And I love that Rowling shows us them.
  • Year Seven: Since the main focus of this book has Draco M.I.A., there’s really three important things I want to say about this book. First and foremost, that he didn’t outwardly identify Harry when the Trio was brought to his Manor…even when it would have been glaringly easy for him to. Secondly, he and his family didn’t run away from the Battle of Hogwarts. They stayed…together. No matter what David Yates had to say on the matter. Thirdly, the epilogue features Draco glancing at Harry in a way that is seemingly devoid of hatred and malice; it seems to be a look of understanding. And to me…it implies that, over the years, Draco’s prejudice and elitist ways of the world have warped and softened. Maybe they aren’t gone forever; perhaps he still prays his son will marry a respectable Pureblood. But regardless, it’s enough for me to go off of; it’s enough for me to find hope that Draco’s character reached a full circle.

Plain and simply, Draco Malfoy is a bigot. Consuming whatever prejudiced ideals were instilled into him as a child, his ingrained sense of injustice and Pureblood prejudice formed who he was as a child. It was his experiences with the war and the task that was designed for him to fail that helped shape and mold his character into the more dynamic substance I claim him to be. Do I think that Draco Malfoy is a “good” character? No, I don’t. Do I think that he has a heart of gold and started walking around handing out anti-Pureblood fliers after the war? No, definitely not. Do I think that he’s a complex character with a dozen layers whose later character arc is forgotten by those who swear on hating him? Absolutely. He’s not the hero of any story–not even his own. And I think that’s one of the reasons why he’s so fascinating to me; because, no matter where he looks, he’ll never be a Gryffindor. He’ll never have the heart of a lion and the courage to protect anyone aside from himself and his parents. He’s not the stuff made of legends, and he’s not the hero you read in bedtime stories to your kids and grandkids. He’s an anti-hero who has a sour set of morals and an irritating personality…but he’s also a character that expands and breathes life into the pages of the stories he’s inserted himself into. And I think that’s pretty damn cool.

Draco Malfoy is not a nice character. But he’s a wonderful one to watch grow and transform.

dray-knee  asked:

For softer shoes and I guess stuff like hose, how about a soft bit of fabric or thin leather in a U shape that can be tied or (temporarily) glued to cover the sharp edge of the hooves, so then thinner stuff can go over it? I figure a big part of horse shoes being nailed on is that horses can't manage tying laces and probably don't like people doing it for them, and it's pretty dangerous to have to do that on a regular basis. Draenei can tie their own laces without kicking the crap out of people.

My end goal is to design a sort of ‘horseshoe’ for draenei that is both practical and comfortable, and especially as less of a hassle as possible. What I mean by that last one is that I want to see if there’s a design that’s applicable in a way that the draenei could put on the shoes and have them hold on place on the hoof with either pressure holds or soft latches on the hoof wall that allow it to stay in place but are easy to put on and remove as well, better so if the draenei doesn’t have to kneel down to put them on/take off either than to adjust.

I was thinking as well of other materials on the interior of the ‘shoe’ such as a sort of rubber that would allow a good grip with added pressure (the hoof inside) so that the metal or alloy wouldn’t be directly touching or rubbing against the hoof or bulb. The holds would be elastic, in a sense, whereas they would be flexible and allow a wide range of movement without constriction or discomfort. Draenei have knowledge and access to a lot of materials that we don’t know of and could certainly have something that could be as sturdy as metal but as flexible as rubber and work perfectly fine.

But we also have to keep in mind that in the Warcraft universe “LOL IT’S MAGIC” is a perfectly legitimate explanation for a lot of things and it wouldn’t surprise me if hoofshoes like these would have some sort crystal infused magic in them that would, allow me the word, “wirelessly” attach and hold on to the hoof perfectly, especially in paladin armor. Though I tend to try and stay away from magical sources and go more for a sensible, everyday sort of functionality.

In short, I want to go for a design that’s simple, easy to use, and practical. 

Also keep in mind that these draenei shoes are mostly for occupational functionality. They are usually as part of an armor set, or for certain terrains or uses, or a temporary use, that’s why they’re removeable and not permanent like a shod, nailed on shoe. I’m fiddling around with various designs and see what would work best. 

That’s why I was inspired by the ski boots. I liked the idea that you could hook the boots to the ski with just stepping down hard on the latches and it’ll hold the boot, and then you can take them off by stepping on the release latch behind them. I wanted something similar for draenei, a shoe they could “step on” and it would hold on to the hoof, and be able to take them off with similar ease but doesn’t compromise the strength of hold of the shoe while it’s on. I also liked that to put the ski boots on the ski you didn’t really need to kneel down and tie them up like a regular shoe, which I would figure for draenei, especially large and hefty individuals, would find it uncomfortable to have to kneel down. Not to mention that the physiology of the draenei legs themselves make it so that they cannot easily stretch out that raised, bent leg that much out without adding stress to their tendons and in the end the hoof being so far ahead that it’s practically beyond their reach. Again, not comfortable nor practical.

Though, at the same time, I realize that horse hoof ‘shoes’ DO exist. And certainly there could be draenei variations of these.

They’re rubber for the most part and can be used in both easy trail rides and for performance. while I was intrigued by the idea of actual metal shoes for draenei that were temporary and removeable, variations of these shoes for draenei are just as good and practical!

I can definitely see these ones used for draenei children or the elderly, to protect their hooves, or for training that require heavy performance but not the pressure of a hard, metal shoe. Or for health reasons, such as a cracked hoof or other injury.

Or for Rangari (for those that say Draenei cannot be rogues because of their hooves, LOOK AT THAT) when need a more solid grip on rough terrain.

Rambled on a bit, but yeah! DRAENEI SHOES

4 times Rin and Sousuke are totally the parents of Samezuka Swim Team

…and one time where they’re just grossly domestic with no one else around.

I was trying to finish this for sourin week but I ran out of time lol. Thanks for SO MANY sourin works!! I hope it happens again :D

1. The time Rin sends Sousuke out for groceries without an explicit shopping list.

Minami is a pretty observant person, but about two weeks after Yamazaki transfers to Samezuka, it no longer takes observation to notice the changes in their captain. Matsuoka seems to be happier, more relaxed and playful when he’s around Yamazaki. It’s usually a good thing, because practices are less stressful, and the captain can be pretty fun when he’s not tense and barking out orders.

But ever since this mellowed version of Matsuoka appeared, Minami has the feeling it’s going to go too far one day. And it has now officially hit that day.

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glamorshark  asked:

Okay I tried googling and got NOTHING and I don't really know who else to go to with this. Do you know much about or can you point me towards any articles, sites, or resources for veganism for people struggling with poverty and/or chronic illness that makes nutrition management, extensive food prep and frequent grocery store trips impossible? I've been pretty moved by some things you discuss on your twitter but my situation seems hopeless insofar as actually attempting veganism :c

I would say, don’t try to just be vegan overnight. (I’m still not vegan! Getting closer, but not there yet!) There’s been a trend in the movement (lol “the movement” - among people who think about this stuff a lot, anyway) toward saying “why not just eat less meat?” and I think that’s a righteous trend, because some people (say, you) might feel incredibly stressed out by trying to just change a lifetime of eating a cooking habits overnight – and the absolute worst way to change your habits is to start out by suffering a lot. While I share things that I feel are of import for those who might be in a position to eat less meat - or none - I also know that everybody’s walk through life is different. One size doesn’t fit all.

“No hurry,” is what I often say. If you feel so moved, set aside a day where dinner’s veg or vegan. Find some recipes that don’t take too much out of you and have those on your veg day and see what works for you. When you’ve found some stuff that’s in your comfort zone and that you like you can make it two dinners a week, or start working on lunch or breakfast. Or don’t, and say “when I’m up to it, one of my future plans is to eat less meat, but that’s not where I’m at yet” and know that that’s cool (at least in my opinion it is). I am passionate about animals and think we should be cool to them, but I’m also passionate about people, and I feel like moving toward a more merciful world is more important than purity tests about who’s eating meat or whatever. Becoming vegetarian for me was partly about money, because we were poor and it was cheaper for me to cook all our stuff from scratch, but I had the time to do so and wasn’t hindered by chronic illness. In an ideal world, there’d be as many fast-and-easy veg options as there are meat ones, but we don’t live in an ideal world, and in my experience making the jump is a little tricky.

I don’t know that there are resources exactly for this but I hereby put the question out to others who read this!

anonymous asked:

I wanted to ask you something but if it’s too personal then please just ignore this ask because I don’t want to annoy or upset you. I love reading your posts and I look up to you a lot. You are such a genuinely lovely person and I’m so glad the fandom has someone like you. :) I was just wondering how your bipolar disorder affected your education. Because my mental health issues are seriously affecting mine right now. My work is suffering and it’s making me feel worse :( How did you cope?

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