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It Isn’t Easy~ Seth Rollins Imagine

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Warning : Angst, Crying, Heartbreak

You had no idea how love felt like.Why couldn’t Seth understand that? It wasn’t easy. Being a mess and broken inside, when he said the three words it was like everything stopped. You were shocked, mouth opening and closing.  

Scared to the point that you knew the only thing you had to was break his heart.

He didn’t want to let you go, he watch you walk away from him taking his heart with you. A month going by, you realized you had made a mistake on breaking up with Seth. You were in love with him, without him you weren’t happy like you used to be. He was every where, meet and greets, backstage at the show, tag team matches, promos, on upupdowndown. Hearing his cackle, that smile seeing the gap in between his front teeth, you just wanted to run up to him and pull him into your arms telling him how much you missed him. 

Not knowing what love was until Seth came into your life, now you were in love with him. He showed you how during your relationship. You missed him to pieces. 

Love was also weakness, it hurt too much to see the person you came to love not being with you.So many emotions running through your that you never experienced through. 

Never crying over a guy, here you were backstage sitting against the wall crying into your hands. 

Your boot was kicked,wiping your eyes looking up seeing Roman standing there looking down at you.

“ Don’t look at me like that” you wiped your eyes looking away from to the other crate to avoid looking at him. 

” What do you mean?” He replied.

” Y/N, don’t tell me. You love him, don’t you?”

Remaining quite giving Roman the answer right away. He sighs kneeling down crouching in front of you. 
“You’re crying Y/N. You never cry. Seth misses you buttercup” He brushes a piece of hair behind your ear, giving you a soft smile. 
” Say what? He does? How do you know? I bet he hates and wishes I was gone from this company” you softly said turning your head to Roman. 

“ At first he did but then he couldn’t stop thinking about you. He still loves you”from his crouch position changes to sitting on the floor. He continues, “ He hated that you left him just like that. He wanted you, he wanted you to smile, he thought he didn’t make you happy that’s why you left. He-”

“ He made me happy and I did want him” you cut him off.

“ Then why leave him like you did?” 

“ I was scared. I never was in love Roman. I didn’t know how that felt like. Then he came into my life with his cackle and dork glasses and smile. He made me feel like the only I was floating around, someone who was like a sculptor being sculpted. Everyone that cared about me in my life, left me. My own family abandon me. I don’t want him to keep hurting.” 

Roman nodded, sighing as he stood up, “ Talk to him.”

Later that night, you picked up the phone texting him. Breathing rapidly, hands shaking as you typed. He asked you if everything was okay when you texted him. You told him no, with the answer he gave you , your heart raced. 

He was coming. 

Opening the door to your hotel room, looking at the distraught heartbreaking handsome dorky face of the man that you loved, you lost it in front of him. 

A sob came out of your mouth, he walked into your room closing the door behind him before his arms wrapped around you,hugging you rubbing your back to sooth you.

He pulled you onto your bed, where your legs and his arms intertwined, listening to his heart beat soothed you into whimpers holding onto his shirt with your hand.

“ I-I’m s-sorry” you mumbled. Seth stopped stroking your back as he heard you. Lifting your head up from his chest, he gazed at you waiting for you to continue.

“ You don’t deserve to be hurting like this Seth. I want to explain to you why I left that night…” He gulped looking away to the window. His teeth clenched together. He didn’t want to really hear what you say.

Seth sat up, ready to push you off when you cupped his face with your hands making him look at you. 

“ I know you don’t want to hear me or anything I have to say but please. I need you to know. I know things are over between us”

His brown eyes gazed into yours seeing the pleading look on your face. He nodded. 

“ That night, I was scared Seth. I never was loved by anyone not even my family.I was always left in the dark but then you came into my life and it was the most scariest thing in the world. You made me feel so many things that I never felt before you. You brought light to my darkness. The other day I was just crying over you. Yeah, I was. Roman saw me. You can ask him..but while I was sitting along in the hallway of the arena. I realized something, I relieved that I let go of the best thing that ever happened to me. I let you go, I walked away like a coward knowing how much you loved me. I realized that I let you go was stupid and that I did love you. I do love you Seth Rollins…” 

There you said it, his eyes got wide hearing the words.He gulped not knowing what to say.

“ Say something.. please…” you begged him rubbing your thumbs around his cheeks looking down at him. 

The only answer he gave you was pulling you down by your wrist pressing his lips against yours.

The winner, AND THE NEW WWE Universal Champion, Kevin Owens!
[August 29th, 2016]

During tonight’s 4-Man Elimination Match to crown the new WWE Universal Champion, Triple H made his return to Raw after being absent since WrestleMania. Triple H started by Pedigreeing Roman Reigns and giving Seth Rollins the easy pin, then turned his attention to Kevin Owens (who had already eliminated Big Cass). After scooping Owens off of the mat, Triple H turned to Seth Rollins, kicked him in the stomach, then Pedigreed the former WWE World Heavyweight champion, allowing Owens to get the pinfall victory and become the NEW WWE Universal Champion!