easy peezy lemon squeezy

First kiss

(The title is so simple and shit and i feel like this is sooo bad but anyway this is my first imagine)

Negan Finds out you’ve never been kissed before and decides to change that.

(Mild swearing but it’s Negan so what do you expect)

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“You said a week…. you’re early,” you heard Rick talking to who you guessed was Negan, the man that you were dreading to meet after what he did. You had to admit you were scared but you didn’t want to show it, You didn’t want anyone thinking you’re weak so you slowly made your way to the gate just as Negan killed a walker. “Easy peezy lemon squeezy” you heard him shout when he turned around his eyes landed on you, wanting to quickly look away instead you held your gaze and glared at him, “Well hello there,” he grinned at you. You stood there in silence still glaring at him, “Nothing?” he made his way towards you, glancing quickly at Rick you noticed his panicked face, holding it together you glared back at the man that was now standing in front of you, being able to see him better now you had to admit the man was quite attractive. “what’s your name sweetheart?” he still had the grin on his face but it quickly changed into a frown when you didn’t answer him. “Don’t make me ask again,” he said more sternly this time, you looked back at Rick again, you could tell he was begging for you to respond. “(Y/N)”, the grin returned to his face, funny how his mood can change in one second you thought. “Well shit she talks… and i was just beginning to think you’re fucking deaf,” turning around you began walking away having enough of this man already, “whoa whoa whoa hold on, where the fuck do you think you’re going?,” you turned back around again and looked at him again “My house,” you responded quickly this time. “oh no you’re not, you’re gonna show me around” he winked at you.

Standing there you watched as the saviours entered Alexandria. “we’re just gonna search the houses a little bit” you heard Negan tell Rick. When you saw Daryl it broke your heart seeing him all bruised up. You wanted to ran up and talk to him, Daryl was one of your closest friends here, you both always go out hunting together but you heard Negan talking to Rick just a few minutes before that no one is allowed to even look at Daryl let alone talk to him. You suddenly noticed Negan making his way towards you. “So, (Y/N) You gonna fucking show me around or not?” with your blood starting to boil you nodded your head and started walking with Negan right behind you.

After some time of Negan asking you questions and you bluntly answering him you suddenly saw some of his men bringing out some of your items and furniture, including your mattress out of your house. “HEY, no no no you aren’t taking my stuff” the men chuckled and carried on. “put it down NOW” you reached for your gun but remembered how Negan took it from you just a few minutes ago. “Well fuckity fuck, she was just about to shoot you both dumbasses in the head over a mattress,” he laughed. you finally lost it “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?” you quickly turned around with fire in your eyes looking at Negan, he put both his hands on your shoulders and laughed, looking at your more seriously now. “I don’t hurt women but if you raise your voice at me one more time darling i wil-” you pushed his hands off of you as hard as you could and glared at him “You’ll what? kill me?”  interrupting him, you suddenly regretted that decision when you saw the angry expression on his face “Let’s go” grabbing your arm firmly he dragged you into your house and closed the door.

“Oh darling yo-,” “I’m sorry” you blurted out quicker than ever. you watched his movements closely not knowing what he’ll do next, he was unpredictable. He moved closer to you and you held your breath in fear “I like you and i don’t want to kill you, but if you ever fucking talk back and shout at me again then i won’t be so fucking nice” looking down at the ground you nodded your head. he grabbed your jaw gently which surprised you, looking up at him he asked “got it?” you noticed how he observed your face and how he kept glancing down at your lips. not wanting to anger him again you quickly answered “yes” he finally let go of your jaw and you felt his rough hands tuck a lose hair behind your ear, the anger in you died down and you couldn’t help but to blush, not wanting him to notice you looked down again at the floor but he lifted your head up making you look up at him. When Negan first saw you earlier by the gate starring at him with anger in your eyes he couldn’t help but notice how beautiful you were. You saw him leaning in and you panicked turning your head to the right and his lips landed on your cheek “i’m sorry i-i just… doesn’t matter” he looked at you with curiosity and confusion he chuckled “What? You’ve never been fucking kissed before?” he saw the way your cheeks turned redder than ever and how you looked down and the floor again “oh shit you better be joking me” when he realised you still haven’t said anything his face turned more serious “wait you’ve never been fucking kissed before?” you gently nodded your head feeling embarrassed “i just… i-” “spit it out sweetheart” he lifted your head up again, you looked at him briefly but turned your head away, “I never.. i just i was too busy with everything else and i guess, too shy to ever even try anything.. and then when the world went to shit.. that was the least of my worries” you let out a nervous laugh and that’s When you felt his hand suddenly on your waist. finally looking up at him you asked “What are you doing,” you saw his eyes glancing down at your lips and quickly looking up at your eyes “Showing you what the fuck you’ve been missing out on” he slowly leaned in again, you turned your head away again, it’s not that you didn’t want to, because you really wanted to kiss him, he was handsome there was no denying that but you were just too nervous. “No” he gently turned your head towards him “don’t do that. look at me sweetheart,” you slowly looked up at him nodding “if you don’t want me to then just say it” he was looking at you again waiting for you to do or say anything, he was so close you could feel his breath on your face. You quickly swallowed “no, i- i want to” that’s when you saw his eyes close and slowly he leaned in to you again, this time you didn’t move your head and when you felt his lips on yours you seemed to finally relax. He was surprisingly gentle, from how tough he looks and acts you assumed he would be rough. You felt his hand on your waist grip you harder and the other behind your head pushing you closer to him. Your arms wrapped themselves around his neck, he bit your lip and you let out moan, you felt him smirk against your lips when suddenly there was knock on the door. “Negan, i found something you might want to see” you quickly pulled away from him and looked down, it was one of his men. You heard him curse silently. He placed his fingers under your chin and lifted your head up, “Stop hiding that pretty face of yours,” he gave you a quick kiss on your lips again “I’ll be back next week and maybe i’ll teach you a lot more than just a kiss darling” he winked at you which made you blush. When he opened the door and left you thought about what just happened and walked out your house with a small smile on your face.

“What did he do? did he hurt you?” you suddenly heard Rick next to you whisper, you shook your head “No he didn’t”. After a few more hours of the saviours checking the houses and taking whatever they pleased it was finally time for them to leave, you looked at Negan about to get into his truck when he glanced back at you and threw you another wink “See you next week sweetheart,” and with that he left, You couldn’t deny it anymore, you were excited to see him again.

kurapika didnt look for mizai’s number in his contacts, instead he typed the number in manually… (strange pika)

headcanon that kurapika always types numbers in manually rather than saving them because:

1: he smart af and can remember number sequences easy peezy lemon squeezy

 2: if the enemy found and unlocked his phone it would make it far harder to use it to their advantage

3. he doesnt fuckign know how to use a smart phone properly and doesnt get how to access contacts…. and being the fucking mum friend he is he gets mad when people try to show him. 

Let’s pretend whatever happened in the past, never happened. We’re strangers again and we have no memories of each other. You can delete me off of your contacts and friends list on facebook. I wouldn’t get mad because I know you wanted this the whole time. Just admit it and you can get it over with.