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What are some ideas for sections in my bullet journal for school

Hi! Here are some:

  • pages for habit tracking: sleeping on time; chores; exercise; spending (e.g. under $10); mood; skin care routine; water intake; updated your social media; eat fruit/something healthy; complimenting someone; did an act of kindness; using a new word; did over the recommended 10,000 steps; read at least one chapter; practiced your hobby; ‘don’t break the chain’; 100 days of productivity.
  • pages to log: movie review; music reviews; book reviews; travel; dreams; future goals; expenses; gratitude log; sentence-a-day log; tv series episode tracker; weight gain/loss/maintain; follower count; savings; accomplishments; upcoming releases; self-care practice.
  • pages for fun: pen swatches; washi tape samples; doodles/sketchbook; movie tickets; flower press; photographs/polaroids; stickers; quotes; recipes; playlists; bucket list; favourite lyrics; ‘fuck it’ page (rant about things that annoy you); jokes/puns; diary; concert ticket pages; outfit inspiration/ideas; handwriting samples; six word stories; writing prompts.
  • pages of use: contact information for family/friends; birthdays; gift ideas; wishlist; important events; emails/passwords (don’t write your full passwords! just easy hints); discount codes/coupons; random reflections; self-care tips; mental health tracker.
  • pages for planning: monthly overviews; monthly goals; monthly reflections; weekly spread; weekly goals; weekly reflections; daily spread; daily goals; daily reflections; (just to clarify I wouldn’t suggest doing all of them but maybe a monthly overview + review and then weekly or daily spreads.
  • pages for students: exam dates; semester dates; semester information (e.g. course info/teacher/rooms/etc); revision checklist; homework tracker; colour code; assessment due dates; grade tracker; definitions; achievements.

Hope this gives you some ideas x


Walking into the house, there was a buzz in the air. Yoongi stood there, his hands in his pockets as he pointed to your office, you nodded and opened the door. Everything looked alright, and you looked at Yoongi expectantly.

We have an illegal casino in the basement. He said nonchalantly and your jaw hit the floor.

An illegal … casino … basement. You muttered and tried to make sense of the red flashes that were going off in your head. It’s Tae right? You could see the smug grin on his face and you were ready to punch him. DOES HE REALIZE HOW FUCKED UP THAT IS?! How the hell aren’t the security guards stopping this?! You shrieked and Yoongi rolled his eyes.

The guys working here are more corrupt than anyone else in the government and I should know. Yoongi said and you rolled your eyes. Your beloved security guards only do their jobs when you’re around. So when you leave, they listen to us. Yoongi smiled and you balled up your fist.

I never thought I would want to kill someone, but today has changed that. You mumbled and Yoongi patted you on the shoulder.

Welcome to the club. But I’ll make life easy for you, the password is Casino Advantage. He told you and your looked at him with a furrowed brow. It’s when a gambler has an advantage because this is his home turf. It’s kind of Tae’s warning to the guests not to try anything.

Guests? You looked at Yoongi exasperatedly and he nodded.

We got maybe 100 people down there, it’s pretty swanky. You looked at Yoongi up and down. He was wearing a tux and his hair was moussed up from its usually shaggy look. Looking down at yourself, you heard a chuckle from Yoongi. You need to change. You rolled your eyes and looked up to see Yoongi walking out of the office, but a simple black floor-length gown hanging on the door.

Slipping into it felt weird, you weren’t used to silks or satins, you preferred your tshirt and jeans get-up. Now you tossled your hair around and walked out of the office. Yoongi gave a small clap and held out his arm.

Let’s bulldoze this popsicle stand. He said and you laughed.

The phrase is let’s blow this popsicle stand. You corrected him and Yoongi just shrugged.

Sayings aren’t really my thing. He muttered and walked with you to the basement door. The guard looked you up and down and you glared.

Nice night gig you got here. You muttered and the guard turned pale.

Hey, it’s easy money. Look at you! You’re here with one of your patients. The guard tried to defend himself, but Yoongi cleared his throat.

I am not a patient, thank you very much. Also, you suck at your job regardless, so just let us in. And the two of you walked passed the sheepish guard.

So where’s Tae? I’m going to smack that boy into next year. You said through gritted teeth, but Yoongi just chuckled.

Easy tiger. Let’s walk around, I told the others I would warn them when you were here. You continued to hold onto Yoongi’s arm as you made your way around the basement. The usual dreary concrete room had been completely decked out to look like an upscale casino. You watched as women passed looking like models, influential men walked by in their pinstriped suits, and scantily clad waitresses handed out expensive cocktails.

How the hell does he have money for this? Your mind couldn’t wrap around all of the elements that sat in front of you and Yoongi chuckled, as the two of you approached the group of five guys.

He knows people and once he has a venue, it could be a shithole and they just come in and turn it into this. Yoongi replied. Jin and Namjoon nodded. Jimin shook his head.

It’s called crashing the nut. Jin murmured. We plan to make hundreds of thousands tonight, so he will not only pay off the guys who set it up, but we make a little on the side. Jin scanned around the room. The buzz of alcohol and conversation filled the air.

I can’t believe he pulled it off. He said with a bit of disbelief, but Jimin still stood there sipping on his mojito and looking dapper in his tux.

Jungkook stood a bit back, looking around. Keeping an eye out, Jungkook? Yoongi asked and Jungkook snapped his gaze forward.

There are guys here I know, just making sure they stay in their spots. Jungkook replied and your eyes followed his gaze. Jungkook was always quiet so hearing him speak made you see that this wasn’t a place for you to be in. Jungkook and the rest of the guys were in their element, they all were dressed well, but acted casually.

Y’all have done this before, haven’t you? You asked and Namjoon shrugged.

This is definitely part of the black market scene. It’s not like this scary, grungy thing that people see in the movies. The UM is actually really classy and difficult to become a part of. Namjoon responded and you looked at him quizzically.

UM? You looked at Yoongi, who replied quietly.

Underground Market. You nodded and looked around. All of these people were regulars, they had too much money to spend and so they found places to spend it. Gambling it away in a night, most of these people could lose thousands and not even care. Hey, come on, I think you should see Tae in his element. Yoongi said to you and held his arm out once more. You cradled the gin and tonic that you were given and took hold of Yoongi’s arm. Slithering your way through the crowd, you found yourself at the VIP table.


kimheenim:someone is giving me bad vibes since morning..in the past i deactivated my facebook account already..when lee donghae got hacked,i made fun of him saying “your password is that easy that’s why you got hacked,stupid ㅋㅋㅋㅋ ” but…auntie ~add the king of stupid here!!since i am not me from my younger days..i won’t curse anymore!!shaking…my LOL account got hacked too..shaking ..#pleaserecommendmeadifficultpassword ㅅㅈㄴㄷ늗ᆞ짓ㄱㅈㅂㅊㅁㄷ@-:^□ cant tag the kids (members)!!kanginie is kanginnim,donghae is leedonghae1015,gunhee is gunheenim ,hyukjae is eunhyuk0404..is that right?? 

Heechul commented on his photo: Yah. What are the kids’ IDs? (members)

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Brown Hair. (Part 8 to Red Hair)

(Hii everyone!! Here’s part 8 !! Thank you so much for all of the wonderful and loving feedback !! I cannot express my gratitude enough !! ❤❤

Warnings: Same as before.

Disclaimer: I don’t own mystic Messenger or any of its characters. This is purely for entertainment purposes!



Brown hair.

She hated her hair color.

Plain and unattractive. Not warm and inviting.

A dull, dead look, she always thought it made her plain features even worse, but no other color, would suit her face either.

That’s why she was so hypnotized, by the vibrant red, that Saeyoung bore.

Her heart was thumping painfully, each beat making her wish it would have stopped once this all began, so she wouldn’t have to feel this way.

It hurt so badly, to see proof that she was only second rate.

She never marked Saeyoung like that, she was always too embarrassed, to have left marks.

It was only once, when their passion was at its peak, did he hold any sort of evidence of their connection.

And now?

It was just another reminder that she would never be enough.

That her love, wasn’t enough to keep him.

She didn’t feel it this time, the tears streaming down her face, she was too numb to it all. She didn’t notice Saeyoung speaking, she didn’t notice Saeran’s grip get tighter, to the point it normally would have hurt, no. She couldn’t feel anything at all.

Anything except the gaping hole in her chest get bigger and bigger.


He was seeing red.

The security code let him in, after a rather easy guess at the password in Arabic.

He silently thanked MC, for that silly conversation they shared, where she let slip the password because of its ridiculousness.

He knocked politely before walking inside, before freezing at the scene in front of him.

There she was, frozen, her eyes glued on a nearly naked Saeyoung, who was littered in marks of his betrayal, and tears continually dripped down her colorless cheeks.

Saeran had her in a death grip, he could see the indentations of his fingers in her skin.

Saeyoung was frozen, halfway turned towards him, and towards her, a slightly aggravated look on his face.

“Jumin? Why are you–”

“I’m rather grateful, that I came myself, to return your purse, instead of sending Assistant Kang.”

Her eyes slowly flickered to him, before slowly glancing at the bag in his hands, and his hands were trembling.

“I’m going to give you one chance to let her go, before I call my security, and have you both taken away”

The fury in his voice made it clear, that he wasn’t joking around.

Saeran was about to sneer a response, when he felt her slowly begin to tug herself out of his grip, and he stared at her when he let go.


It was Saeyoung who spoke. He slowly stepped towards her, “what’s…?”

“Jumin…” her voice was trembling, “Th-Thank you for bringing my things back…especially since I know you’re very busy with your projects…” She sent him a shaky smile. But he wasn’t having it.

“Come back with me.”

Wait, what?


“Come back with me, please.”

She could have sworn, her heart really did stop.

Some of you may be familiar with passwords. Heck, you might have even used one to log onto this website in order to leave a mean comment below. Right now, pretty much every service you use requires a password. Most sites and services will not allow you to use an easy-to-guess password and instead will make you pick a good password which contains at least eight characters, with at least one uppercase, one lowercase and one number or special symbol. So you can’t use ‘shrekfan’ as a password. Instead, you get creative and use something like $hrekF4n to throw a hacker off the scent.

Passphrases are similar to passwords, only instead of using letters, numbers and symbols, you would make your code a phrase of random words. These are near impossible to brute-force depending on the length. Take a look at this delightfully colorful chart which works out how long it would take to “guess” a password based on how complicated it is.

Passphrases sound great in theory but they have the same issues that most other forms of password carry: users tend to pick something easy to remember vs. something difficult to guess. If it’s easy for you to remember, it’s easier for the bad guys to guess. Unfortunately, due to humans being humans, passwords and passphrases don’t offer the protection needed to keep your info safe. So what else is there?

5 Reasons Why Passwords Are Useless

Our Love Ballad
  • Featuring: Eisuke Ichinomiya from Kissed By The Baddest Bidder
  • Rating: M
  • Requested By: @xcoticallyxquizit , as part of my 850 followers giveaway.
  • Author’s Note: I have no words. xD Please enjoy this. 

Eisuke walked into the penthouse suite, raking his fingers through his hair. It hadn’t been a long day, but there were certain people he entertained who tested his patience. What he wanted to do was hold Miharu’s soft and alluring body in his arms. To kiss her, to make love to her. Now, where was his woman? His eyes darted about the room. He was certain she had the day off today. Was he going to find her on her iPad again, playing that game? She recently became obsessed with an otome app, where she was able to romance samurai.

He recalled the incredulous look he had on his face when she explained the game to him. Daily love passes. Pearls. The story made her cry at times. Why was she tormenting herself? That being said, loving him wasn’t easy either. Eisuke stopped in front of the couch, where Miharu was fast asleep. Her iPad was on her stomach. Eisuke chuckled, amused at the sight. Picking up the iPad, he placed it on the table, heading into the bedroom. Taking a blanket, he returned to his wife, covering her.

“Milord…” She mumbled. “Lord Eisuke…”

Eisuke stopped short. Lord? She was even dreaming about it. Wait, was she dreaming about him as a samurai? Or was there someone with his name in the game? Huh. Eisuke grabbed the iPad, determined to find out for himself. Besides, even if there wasn’t, he was going to take great pleasure in punishing her. Guessing her password was easy enough. Typing that in, he settled himself into the armchair next to her, continuing the game.

For the next couple of hours, various mutterings could be heard from Eisuke.

“No more love passes. What do you mean no more love passes?”

“Chemistry? Down? I demand another turn.”

“What is this fever nonsense…?”

“Pearls? Why do I need eight pearls for a damned kimono?”

“No more pearls? Now I know why she’s so fixated with pearls. I’ll just get her a couple hundred of them.”

“What are skill points?” Eisuke frowned when he reached the divine ending and found that he lacked several thousand.

“Eisuke!” Miharu’s panicked voice caused him to snap his head up.

“What?” He asked nonchalantly.

“What are you doing?” She practically snatched the iPad from his hands, frantically checking the app.

Eisuke’s eyebrows creased, the jealousy he felt when reading the story started to make its way to the surface.

“What happened to my love passes?!” Miharu raised her voice and she turned away from him. “…four hundred and fifty pearls?! No, what did you do?” She sounded like she was about to cry. “No, my money…”

“You’re the wife of a billionaire, you don’t have to worry about that small amount of money.” Eisuke clicked his tongue at her.

“But…” Her back was still facing him.

“Were you picturing me as that ninja?” Eisuke stood up, going over to her and spinning her around.

“N-no.” She shook her head.

“Oh? I heard you moaning Lord Eisuke earlier.” Her cheeks became the distinct shade of red that he loved.

“I wasn’t moaning!”

“How would you know? You were pulling at your clothes, eager to get them off.” Her mouth flew open, and he chuckled.

“It’s your fault!” Miharu pouted, before fleeing from his arms to the bedroom.

Eisuke only smirked. The bedroom? Was that an invitation? He followed her, not even bothering to shut the door behind them. As if anyone was going to enter. He found her sitting on the edge of the bed, staring down at the iPad. With the amount of money he had, he was able to buy her hundreds of those. But she insisted on getting one with her money. Typical.

Eisuke pushed her down onto the bed, his fingers trailing up her thighs, slipping underneath her skirt. Her lips found his instantly, hungry for him. Her fingers threaded through his hair, pulling him closer. Their breaths intertwined as they kissed, the temperature between their bodies rising.

“I missed you.” Miharu moaned, her hands sliding down his back. “Lonely…” She gasped when he sucked on her neck, leaving a bright red spot where she wasn’t going to be able to hide it.

“I know.” Eisuke was well aware of how busy he was over the last few weeks. Hence, him coming back earlier today. “Mm, how about you beg Lord Eisuke to make love to you?”

“Milord…” She whimpered.

Eisuke’s lips curled up, satisfied with how she sounded. He might even have gotten a thrill of pleasure from that single word. “What do you need, Miharu?”

“I need you. Right now.”

“Not mad anymore, are we?” He brushed his lips tantalisingly over hers, his fingers seeking out the heat between her legs.

A seductive smile appeared on Miharu’s face, the next words she spoke only serving as a reminder that she was the only woman who affected him this much.

“That’ll depend on your performance, Milord.”

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I Can Be Brave

So a while ago Nina and I set to talking about this post, and started crafting an elaborately detailed AU based off it. 

And when I opened prompts? She challenged me to actually write a part of it. So I did. 

Background information for those of you at home: no magic AU, Dystopia AU, seriously fucked up social structure based off castes. There are three official casts–gold, silver, and bronze, plus the casteless, who basically have no rights or protections. 

Hopefully that’s enough! 

Hermione Granger was eleven years old the first time she met Ron Weasley.

She was going to a tiny little inner-city school at the time; a cramped place with not enough desks and even fewer text books. Ron Weasley was tall for his age and had hair that looked like it only had been tended to by a wet comb as he ran out of the door, with a spray of freckles that seemed to run from his hands, up the length of his arms, up his neck and all over his face.

He sat three desks to her left in history class, and argued. His seat partner was a scrawny little boy named Harry Evans, with wild, wavy, thick black hair and brilliantly green eyes that Hermione had never thought existed outside of storybooks.

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Bellarke prompt 'SERIOUSLY! Are you using my Wifi again, how do you know the password?'

this took me an EMBARRASSINGLY long time to get to, but i adore this prompt so thank you so much lovely for sending it in 

let me in;

read on ao3

Fact: the WiFi in the apartment complex Bellamy lives in is absolute, utter shit. 

Within the first two days of him moving in, he purchases his own router, because he has his doctoral thesis he has to finish as soon as possible, and it’s nearly impossible to write an eloquent but factual novel-length essay about ancient Greece with no Internet. Like, he understands people did do that before, but for fuck’s sake. It’s the twenty-first century. He doesn’t have time for this.

So, he buys his own router, sets it up and adds a password - because damn it if he’s going to spend the money to alleviate this shitty WiFi situation and have the entire complex mooching off of it. Octavia mocks him for it, claiming, “Bell, this is basically the 2015 version of an old man screaming ‘get off my lawn.’”

“Yeah, well,” he mutters as he tests the connection, “I don’t want them on my fucking lawn. My lawn is beautiful.”

She laughs at him and steals another package of his Ramen, as if she doesn’t already have fifteen boxes at home. (They’re very established in adulthood, clearly.) 

The joys of wonderful, working, fast WiFi last about two weeks before the connection starts getting slower, and slower, and slower - until, eventually, it won’t even let him connect half the time. 

It drives him fucking crazy

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Holland Roden at Wedding Photos

Heads up. The photos of Holland Roden at a wedding are from her sister’s. I strongly believe they were taken without permission of use. This is a huge violation of privacy because they were on a password protected website. Even if the password is easy to guess, the fact remains these are private affairs. Please do not reblog them.

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OH MY GOD I WAS JUST THINKING OF THIS THIS MEME IS A GODSEND. "Felicity was halfway through her Coke when she finally realized it had 'Share with your Soulmate' written on the side."

She sputters, nearly dropping the can as sugary-sweet carbonation spurts down her windpipe.  

She barely even likes Coke.  She only grabbed the can because the break room, as usual, had been emptied of coffee, and her break doesn’t run long enough to both brew a new pot and run down to the vending machine on the eighth floor to buy those cookies she likes, the ones with butterscotch and chocolate. (Twenty requests, she’s sent to HR, insisting that QC, with its infinite resources, stock the vending machines on her floor with those cookies.  She has even checked to ensure the requests were opened and filed.  She loathes incompetence).  

But no.  Her soulmate is a Coke drinker. He (or she; Felicity remembers the legs on Johanna Marko from Advanced Programing & Calculations and Sara Lance’s impressive abwork) probably likes Lifesavers too, in all their cloying, sticky glory.  Her soulmate is certainly not any of the men she already knows (and really, who uses the world soulmate, it belonged with archaic concepts like destiny and fate and meant to be) - Oliver treats all junk food like it’s out to destroy his pristine body; Dig prefers Pepsi, the traitor; Roy is, well, Roy (very angry, very angsty, and very dedicated to Thea Queen).  

A warning about his (or her) future partner’s feelings towards vigilantism and late nights would have been preferable.  Instead, she’d gotten his feelings towards Coke. As usual, her inheritance - the Smoak Curse - has failed to deliver anything truly useful. 

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Momma please tell your babies to stay away from the tags and just ignore the 4chan "raid" until it's over. Retaliating just makes it worse. If we ignore them and stop reacting, they will go away. They just want to see Tumblr squirm. It's all so stupid. Also, it's HIGHLY unlikely that they can actually hack anyone's account unless your password is easy to guess. They aren't "master hackers" or anything like they claim to be.

He Thinks You're Cheating (Part 1)

It happened one afternoon while helping your best friend with her new job. She was starting as an actress for a very popular theater in town. A lot of people visited there often. If she acted right you were sure that she could get signed by any producer. So you sat in your room going through the lines that she needed to memorize. “Alright, once more before Liam gets home.” Your friend nodded as you continued. “I don’t know what to do, Kiley.” You attempted with your best dramatic voice. It definitely wasn’t your thing. Your friend giggled before replying. “He’ll have to find out soon enough. How will he react when he finds out that his little lover wasn’t faithful?” Hearing that sentence you felt horrible ashamed of your character. It was about a secret affair made by a woman who managed to tumble up everyone’s relationships. Much like in real life. You decided to give up with making your voice sound different and instead talked normally. “What do I tell him? Do I simply come out and say it?” Little did you know that Liam was already home and about to open the bedroom door when he heard you. “Easy. ‘I have been cheating on you for a while now.’ It’s not something you’re proud of but you need to end your relationship with him after what you did.” You had to congratulate your friend. The words had come out of her mouth effortlessly, almost naturally. You heard a bump coming from down stairs but couldn’t ponder on what it was since your friend continued with the next scene. You quickly brushed it off and helped her finish. After an hour you were done. Your friend thanked you and bid you goodbye before she left. Since Liam hadn’t returned, you started to clean the scattered papers that you had left on your bed. Half an hour later he still wasn’t back, a slight tinge of worry creeping to the surface. You sat down with nothing to do but watch TV. You waited, occasionally checking out the window to look for his car. The sky started to darken and that’s when you had enough. You ran to your phone and pressed his name on your contacts. Your phone almost slipped from your shaking fingers as you waited. It was ringing but there was no answer. After attempting to call him once more you sent him a text. “What’s wrong?” It was the only sentence you could muster at the moment while you hoped that he was alright. Only seconds later, your phone came to life and disturbed the quietness of your house with a light bell. You picked up your phone in a right grip. “My 'little lover’ wasn’t faithful.” That was one of the lines of the play. It took seconds for it to sink in. Maybe your acting skills were better than you thought if you were able convince Liam that you were cheating on him.

You always expected the unexpected from your new 'friend’. You weren’t very close but you were close enough. She was you friend’s cousin and had immediately taken an interest in becoming your friend as well. But there was something off about her. You were never the one to judge anybody so you thought nothing of it. You were driving to get some essentials for a special dinner while Louis stayed home. He insisted on coming along but you declined, keeping the dinner a surprise. Louis sat, bored out of his mind watching pointless TV shows. A knock on the door interrupted the current dramatic scene that was playing on the TV. Relief washed over him and a smile grew on Louis’ face at the thought of you coming home. He made his way to the door and opened it up. The smile was immediately washed off his face when you weren’t standing at the door. Instead a girl stood there, clothes as tight as they could go and dressed to impress. It was your friend’s cousin, but he didn’t know that. “Hello, can I help you?” Louis’ tone was tinged with awkwardness as he watched her eyes trail up and down his body. “Oh yeah..” She murmured before finally snapping out of it, “I mean, yes.” She corrected, her eyes still analyzing every inch of his face. “My cousin’s friend lives here. She said something about dating you, but I never really believed it.” Louis gave her a small smile out of pity. “Yes, she’s my girlfriend. She’s out right now, but I’ll tell her you dropped by.” Just as he was about to close the door, she stopped him. “Just what I thought.” She whispered, tone filled with fake sadness. “What do you mean?” Louis was beyond confused and quickly stepped back when she walked forward. “Don’t you wonder with you couldn’t accompany her? I know you aren’t dumb, Louis.” She pressed her long fingers on his shoulders, temptingly playing with the collar of his shirt. “Because she said it was a surprise.” Louis wasn’t doubting you, but the way she spoke could have anyone believing her in seconds. She gave somewhat of a chuckle. She tried to make it sensual but Louis didn’t buy it. “Yes a surprise,” she said stepping even closer, “The surprise that she’s cheating on you.” Louis shook his head, stepping away from her hold. He felt disgusted. Disgusted because for a moment he believed her, and because he was doubting you. “Oh c'mon, Louis. It happens…” She trailed off letting her tongue run over her red tinted lips. “But I can make it go away.” She looked like a predator about to strike, and Louis like the prey who was preparing to escape. Then something halted her movements. “Louis, I’m back.” Your voice rang through the house.

He was out with the guys buying Christmas presents for the family. They were supposed to help him decided what presents to get who. They were doing anything but that. “Louis drop that. I’m not buying her that, Niall. Guys please some quietness?” Zayn leaned back on a wall out of exhaustion as Harry walked to him and patted him on the shoulder chuckling lowly. Suddenly Louis’ phone beeped loudly. The boys surprisingly went silent. They watched as a frown adorned Louis’ face. He slowly walked towards Zayn, the rest watching him with a mysterious knowing look. “Listen, Zayn. We think you deserve to know the truth… About your girl.” That got his attention. Before anyone could move, he grabbed Louis by the shoulders and shook him. “What are you talking about?” Louis took a deep, dramatic breath before replying. “We think she might be cheating on you,” He watched as Zayn’s muscles tightened, “Not only that…. We think its happening right now.” With those words Zayn pushed him out of the way and started walking harshly to his car. “I’m going to kill the guy.” He spat between clenched teeth. A sly smirk decorated Louis’ lips as he watched Zayn stomp away. “You’d make a great actor.” Joked Niall. “Of course I would,” His tone was completely serious which made the guys laugh. “Okay so maybe I’m not that good. At least everything is going according to the plan.” He checked his phone once more, sending you one final text.

It was a simple dinner date. The cliche yet cute scene that every couple shared. You were sat waiting for your food to arrive. Laughing at Niall’s stories of his many experiences around the world, you realized that you had gone too out of hand with the wine. As soon as Niall finished his current story, you excused yourself. “I’ll be right back, just need to use the bathroom.” He nodded and watched you till you disappeared behind a door. Niall sighed in contentment and made a move to slump back on his seat. A hand on his shoulder stopped him right away as it turned him around. Niall’s blue eyes widened at the sight of your ex boyfriend. “What are you doing here?” Niall questioned, not in a bad way but his tone laced with curiosity. “Just warning you. I told you that you could never please her.” He replied pointing to the chair you had been sitting on. Niall frowned, his temper rapidly rising. “Don’t talk about her like that. Of course I can please her, if not then why is she with me and not with you?” He allowed a devious smirk to decorate his Irish lips. Your ex simply replied with a smirk of his own. “Because I have been pleasing her in secret.” The words couldn’t come out of his mouth fast enough. In a split second Niall had him by the throat. Nothing could falter that teasing smirk on your ex lover’s face, not even their current fetal position. Except for one thing. “What’s going on?” You called out in alarm.

You were showering when it happened. Harry was aimlessly walking around the house, preparing for the day ahead. He fumbled with the string of his sweater in pure boredom. That’s when your phone rang. It was a little tune indicating a text. Harry gazed at your phone as he made his way towards it. He debated reading the text and telling you if it was important. Harry respected your privacy, but didn’t think it was that important. With a shrug, he picked it up and typed the code. He smirked at the thought of your very simple and easy to guess password. But that smirk quickly disappeared when he read the text. It was from one of your guy friends… Or at least he assumed you were friends until today. It seemed that you were much closer. He dropped the phone roughly, the noise going through the bathroom door. “Harry?” You asked worriedly. Ignoring you, he grabbed his car keys and made his way out. His destination being your 'friend’s’ house. Immediately after he left, you ran out of the bathroom and noticed Harry was gone. Confused as to why he left so rapidly, you sat on your bed and started drying your damp hair. That’s when you noticed that your phone rested on the soft covers, completely unlocked. It rang, shocking your for a moment, a new text flashing on the screen. You picked it up and read the first text from your guy friend. 'Last night was amazing, your touch does wonders to my body. We should do it again some time..’ You frowned in complete confusion, until you read the next and most recent text. 'I am so sorry! That was definitely not meant for you. See you and Harry next week?“ Completely amused by the texts, you quietly laughed at your friend’s embarrassment. He was a huge player, but never before had he accidentally texted you something like that. Your eyes widened with the realization. Harry had most likely unlocked your phone and thought it was meant for you. Huffing, you made your way to the front door. As you drove, you kept a reminder to yourself to change your password to something more secretive.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~
Part 2?

The holidays are slowly decreasing.

Can u do a reaction to exo finding out that their girlfriend's laptop password is their name?;)

Well I am not the girlfriend obviously because none of their names are my password lol.

Xiumin: Hey my password is her name too.

Luhan: Who let you use my name as your password?

Kris: That was easy.

Suho: You should’ve made a more complicated password. *sneaks through her laptop*

Lay: That is so sweet of her.

Baekhyun: She must like me that much.

Chen: *evilly smiles* Time to sneak around her laptop.

Chanyeol: Hahaha and I thought it was going to take forever for me to figure it out

D.O.: *laughs to himself*

Tao: This is nice to know.

Kai: Haha now I can use her laptop all the time

Sehun: Well it was her fault for having such an easy password.

The Slytherin dorms security was easy, one password and you walked into the room, she enjoyed how quick she got to her bed. Ravenclaw? A freaking riddle? “Give me food and I will live, give me water and I will die" She stared at the door for a while looking around trying to see if someone was coming who knew the answer when she spotted a lamp. Fire?“ She guessed, grinning when the door opened. The redhead quickly ran up to the Sixth year dorm knocking when she got to the door, not wanting to see her cousin naked by accident.