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SF9 Easy Love MV Wallpapers 💙❤

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Note: Ik it’s not bts again but I love this song and mv so much it’s so beautiful 😭 pls Stan SF9 ❤❤❤

I’ve dreamt of the same place again and again since I was a little girl. An escape from the neon city that’s captured my heart for years. Off again to the plains of blue skies, with mountain tops looming in the horizon - I’m fascinated with a place that’s only existed in photographs. I think about it all the time.

It’s easy to fall in love with places your soul is begging to travel to.

maybe we should stop blaming ynb for not releasing u mv already? I feel like they did their best to actually release it (they gave us a teaser y’know) but it wasn’t their fault that the footage was terrible. I believe it was a frame rate problem and editing a footage with different frequency rates is not an easy job and probably most of the footage was defected and they just couldn’t get much out of it. they released a dance version and you could notice what was the problem with the footage.

like c’mon folks, let’s move on. 

Luhan and lufans

Lufans have been always been by Luhan’s side even before he debuted. They have broken records for Luhan, stood by him through rough times, cleared his name and defended him countless times, cheered him on, promoted him and his projects (a lot of the times, even better than whoever’s supposed to be promoting it), have done so many charity projects and made a lot of donations in his name that it’d take forever to list all of their efforts. But it’s not always just a one-way street. Here are some of the sweet things that Luhan have in return for his fans.

1. He rented out a theater and invited fans to watch his first movie, ‘Back to 20s’. Not only that, he surprised fans by making an appearance to the showing because he felt that just inviting them wasn’t enough and he wanted to do more. This was especially touching because a lot of his Korean fans who haven’t seen him since he left Exo were invited and they got to see him again. When asked why he rented out a theater for lufans, he replied:

Read on……(warning: extremely long, image heavy post. May cause nausea due to overly gushing and fluffy points. You’ve been warned. Now read on at your own risk!)

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unrelated to literally everything i’ve been contemplating converting mv to ~novel format~ and uploading it to idk maybe wattpad or fictionpress or something is that a thing anyone would actually be interested in?

yes, no, maybe so?