easy morning beauty

You should fall in love with a...

Aries: For free concert tickets, the best kind of advice and serious coffee making skills, fall in love with an Aries for true love, simple love, cozy warm bed kind of love.
Taurus: For a really comfortable bed almost no doubt, chocolate/flowers/candy basically your favorite thing being brought to while you are working/schooling and cuddles that feel like joy, fall in love with a Taurus for romantic love, cheesy love, never ending forever more love.
Gemini: For random car rides in the rain, story telling at night and deep and sincere conversations, fall in love with a Gemini for midnight love, sneaky love, never ending fun love.
Cancer: For homemade sweets and food all the time, journals filled with sweet things about you and the most unique date ideas, fall in love with a Cancer for quiet love, homey love, best friend always there for you kind of love.
Leo: For secrets you get to have between the two of you, their sweet sweet smile and the best humor and optimism ever, fall in love with a Leo for exciting love, secretive love, passionate love.
Virgo: For the kindest looks, beautifully silly insides joke and the most wonderful presents EVER, fall in love with a Virgo for harmonic love, easy love, beautiful sunny morning love.
Libra: For wonderful sly comments, eyebrow raising looks and seriously the best fashion advice ever, fall in love with a Libra for cherished love, soft love, charismatic party kind of love.
Scorpio: For movie facts beyond belief, breakfast made for you before you are even up and silly cute pictures together, fall in love with a Scorpio for intense love, sweet goofy love, picture perfect movie love.
Sagittarius: For star watching in so many amazing places, homemade jewelry and goodnight texts when you least expect it, fall in love with a Sagittarius for playful love, for cutesy love, for free falling musical kind of love.
Capricorn: For the best cheering up, goofy birthday cards and being taken out to the most amazing unknown restaurants, fall in love with a Capricorn for comforting love, real love, strong love.
Aquarius: For the cutest kisses, silly games like hide and seek and a great partner in shooting ideas back and forth, fall in love with an Aquarius for vibrant love, chaotic love, sweet random love.
Pisces: For many made up holidays, surprise dates and homemade ice cream sundaes, fall in love with a Pisces for sincere love, equal love, teddy bear cuteness love.

*Check Venus!*