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The Boyfriend Tag | Harrison Webb

Request: Harrison: I AM IN LOVE WITH HARRISON😇 can you please do something that’s just super fluffy and cute? i’m sorry i don’t have any ideas

WARNINGS: Swearing

“Hello everybody! Today I am here with my boyfriend Harrison and we are filming the boyfriend tag!” You yelled at the camera to be heard over Kian and Harrison chatting beside you. “Would you two shut up?” You laughed looking over to them. “No,” Kian responded looking at you briefly before continuing on his conversation with Harrison. “Kian!” You whined playfully. “I’m kidding (y/n),” he laughed going back behind the camera. “Kian is going to read out questions and whoever answers first correctly gets the point,” Harrison said leaning into you on the couch. “First question Kian?” You asked looking at him expectedly. “First question, where was your first date?” “We went to a party together!” Harrison yelled cheering that he had gotten the first question right. “No! You took me out to breakfast earlier that morning because I had a meeting and didn’t have time to eat!” You screamed and pointed up to your corner of the screen where you would edit in the point change. “Oh, I forgot about that actually,” he laughed causing you to fake pout whilst looking at the camera. “I’m kidding love, I’m letting you have that first point,” he smiled pulling you to face him. A smile made its way onto your lips when he said that and you leaned into to kiss his cheek. “She’s sitting in front of the TV, what is she watching?” Kian asked smirking as he already knew the answer. “FRIENDS(You can change it, this is just my favorite).” “Correct!” Kian yelled while Jc made buzzer noises in the background. “What food does she hate?” “Oh, well that’s bloody easy! Mayonnaise(I hate mayo, U can change it tho),” he said it as if it was obvious because it was. You often complained about how much you hated the food so it wasn’t even questionable. “What is one thing you wish she wouldn’t do?” Jc read out because Kian left to the bathroom. “She puts her freezing cold feet on me and I hate it so much! She knows I hate it too so she does it more!” He yelled getting worked up. “I’m honestly not sorry,” You smiled at him. “I fucking hate it,” he said glaring playfully at you. “You love me,” you teased placing your feet onto of his lap. “Bloody hell,” he murmured feeling how cold your feet currently were. “Okay, next question,” Jc laughed ending the current conversation.  “What is the first thing she does in the morning?” Jc asked and handed Kian’s phone back to him. “Go back to bed, “ Harrison laughed. “Last question, finish the sentence ‘my girlfriend is’.” “Beautiful,” he smiled at you. “Awe, you guys make me sick,” Jc groaned. “I love you,” You smiled at Harrison. “I love you too,” he replied kissing you softly.