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1) Reminissions - Avenged Sevenfold

2) The Animal - Disturbed

3) I Get Off - Halestorm

4) Cha Cha Cha d’Amour - Dean Martin

5) Big God - Monster Magnet

6) Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend - Marilyn Monroe

7) Rev 22:20 - Puscifer

8) Zydrate Anatomy - Repo! The Genetic Opera

9) Skullclub - The Glitch Mob

10) Built For Sin - Framing Hanley

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Hard to Find

Summary: True love is hard to find, but Jensen Ackles may have stumbled upon it at a bed & breakfast in a small, Kansas town.

Part Six: Let Me Down Easy
Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader
Word Count: 2500
Warnings: None.

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Cuddle Session || Hayes Grier

Originally posted by caluvs

 Anon: hey there :)) I love your writing and I was wondering if you could make a really fluffy hayes imagine? nothing particular to happen or anything, just something really cute and cuddly lol. thanks!! :)

Hey there, loves. I know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted an imagine. I’m way too busy with school, I have time now, so I’ll try to post some more. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this one.

Song to listen to: Love Is Easy ~ McFly (this song makes it even more cute and ugh oh my gosh I always get feels because of this song)


I rang the doorbell while I looked around me and wobbled on my feet, wrapped in my loved All Stars. I looked through the garden until I heard the door getting opened. I looked down and saw Skylynn standing in front of me, dressed in a pink dress.

“Hi, (Y/N)!” the girl giggled at me.

I smiled back widely. “Hey, Sky.”

“I know you come for Hayes, but you want to play horsey with me?” Skylynn looked at me, grinning, and I had to grin to.

“Of course I want to. Come here.” I lifted Skylynn on my arm and walked with her to the living room. I walked through the hall and stood still in the doorway. Skylynn and I glared around the corner of the doorway. Hayes was sitting on the couch in his sweatpants and a white t-shirt, playing some video game. I looked at Skylynn and rolled with my eyes, what made us both giggle. Hayes pressed on the pause-button and faced us with an enormous smirk on his face.

“Hey there,” he said softly while he stood up from the couch, “my two princesses.” He pressed a soft kiss on my cheek and took Skylynn away from me. “Sky, can you go play horsey with Nash, please?”

“Nope, (Y/N) is gonna play horsey with me.” She put her arms around each other, being stubborn.

“I will play horsey with you later today, okay baby?” I smiled.

Skylynn smiled back. “Okay.” She pushed herself out of Hayes’ arms and ran upstairs.

“Well, that was quite easy,” mumbled Hayes.

I laughed softly. “Yeah, but don’t think it’s over. She’ll come back later.”

“I know. She’s my sister, though. Not yours.”

I rolled my eyes and gave Hayes a soft push against his shoulder. “Shut up. Sure she’s your sister, but she likes me more.”

“You better take back what you just said, baby.” Hayes looked threatening at me.

“Or else?” I smirked back.

“Oh, you know what else.”

My eyes widened and I laughed while I began to run toward the kitchen. After running a round through the kitchen, I headed to the basement. I heard Hayes’ footsteps behind me on the stairs. The lights in the basement were off and I quickly hid myself in the space between the couch and the coffee table. The lights went on and I wrapped my hands around my mouth to cover my giggles.


Two arms were wrapped around my waist. A giggle left my mouth while I turned around so I laid with my back on the ground. Hayes got up and helped me up too. Together we fell on the couch.

“So,” I sighed, a bit tired from all the running, “what we gonna do?”

“Netflix and cuddle?”

I lifted my head from Hayes’ chest and looked at him, smiling. “I would like to, babe,” I laughed.

Hayes stood up to turn on the TV and started Netflix.

“Can I choose, babe?” I looked at him with a pouty face, but he shook his head laughing.

“Nope, no chick flick today. Fast and Furious it is.”

I shrugged and rested my head back on Hayes’ chest. “That’s fine by me.”

Hayes wrapped his arms around my shoulders and pulled me a bit closer to him. “I love you. You’re my girl. I will always protect you. You’re my princess.”

I lifted my head again and faced Hayes, being all softened up. “Ahw, honey. I love you too. And I will always be by your side, love. You’re my prince charming.”

Hayes pressed a sweet kiss on my lips and after that, we watched the movie while cuddling up to each other and Hayes whispering sweet thing in my ears.


I hope you liked your imagine, shawty