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most people by now have made edits using their own methods, but i just wanted to share mine for those who wanted to make edits, but dont know where to start!

due to my horrendous handwriting/vague sentences, ill also provide commentary to go along with each image

1.) this one is pretty easy; just pick a color! i suggest looking up black skintone references/charts online so you dont accidentally create a recolor that resembles a racist caricature.

2.) create a new layer on top of the image and set it to multiply, and color with whatever color you’ve chosen!

3.) at this step, i usually will either add lipstick or repeat step 2, but only around the mouth area.

4.) blush! you dont have to do this, its just something i think looks nice. in this example i made another layer with the multiply setting, and used an airbrush tool with dark red under Jonathan’s eyes, and then lowered the opacity so it wouldn’t be as harsh.

sidenote: feel free to post your edits online! dont be afraid of a temporary wave of backlash, because remember: there is an overwhelming amount of people that support you and would love to see what you create. (myself included!)

max references

max + light 

max + dark 

i made these for personal use but i thought other cc artists might find them useful too 😭


Did I already mention the fact that I love that black-hair Kirishima is canon I think I might have

Easy ways to do magick

There are hundreds of complex, glamourous spells all over the internet, and some of these spells are wonderful. However, some people don’t have to time, energy, motivation, or money to do those sorts of spells. For those people, here are some easy spell ideas.

1. Do some birthday-like magick! Light a candle, make a wish, and blow it out. (You can also snuff it out or let it burn down, depending on what you believe works best.)

2. Alternatively, blow dandelion seeds while making a wish.

3. Chant while preparing food. Even if it’s just microwaved ramen or something of the sort, give it a few stirs and chant your intent. (For example: “I will have good dreams tonight.”)

4. Before taking a bath, write your intent on a piece of paper. Fold up the paper and leave it in the bath water for a few minutes to let the water be charged with your intent. (This would work best for spells designed to affect the caster, such as glamour spells. It would probably not be a good idea to cast a curse this way.)

5. Keep a diary and write about things you want to happen as if they already have. For example, if you want someone to ask you out, write an entry about them doing so.

6. Simply think about your intent while listening to a song that reminds you of it. 

7. Before drinking anything, whisper your intent into the glass or bottle.

8. Wear colors that correspond to your goal and focus on your intent while getting dressed. If you’re unable to get dressed every morning, you could also wear jewelry, nail polish, or makeup of the color.

Y’ALLLLLLL guess what i finally finished!!! it took an embarrassing amount of time to clean up & color these sketches, but now they’re done and ready for use! look under the break to find the full-size renders :D

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Clexa AU - Clarke and Lexa are paired together after Kane’s orders and they have to share the same room/bed.

A request from @celebritiesandmovies