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Jeffrey’s Hill (M) Part Five

SUMMARY: “Don’t go to Jeffrey’s Hill,” he warned. “A lot of shit goes on there. Even the police ignore crime reports that surface from there.” You rolled your eyes. “What is everyone so afraid of?”  

Your brother sounded grave. “The power of the Chimera.”

GENRE: violence, angst, a little bit of humour (because it’s me) and the occasional tonsil-hockey.


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AUTHOR’S NOTE (PLEASE READ): It’s only Wednesday and I’m already ready for Winter break. Tennis starts soon, Trinity classes also kick back up again, I have to stay back for auditions and all kinds of stuff at school…BASICALLY NO TIME FOR ME TO SIT DOWN AND WATCH DRAMAS AND WRITE DAMNIT. When Scarlet Heart dropped, I was so sure I was going to be able to watch it, and then I remembered I already had assignments to complete. *cries* And every single time I do see a notification related to “Jeffrey’s Hill” I sob internally. But despite everything, I am definitely going to be regular with updates. I’ll figure it out, but I have way too many ideas to ditch this story. If you’re still reading this, THANK YOU AND BLESS YOUR SOUL YOU ACTUALLY BOTHERED HOW KIND. 

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“Aren’t you scared?” You turned to Yixing and he grinned. “Suho trained me, you learn to forget fear with him. No,” he chuckled at the horrified expression you wore, “he didn’t hurt us, he simply spoke to us about it.”

“He erased your fears by speaking to you about them?”

“Yes, he encouraged us to get rid of the silly ones, you know, fear of heights, spiders, the usual kind. The rooted fears, death, loss, he told us to talk to him about it, always. Before a mission, if we were scared, we’d go to him and just let it all out. It doesn’t make sense now, but to speak to someone who understands the feeling really helps.”

“But you didn’t speak to Junmyeon for this mission.”

“Y/N, I’ve been on missions that make this look like a field trip. This doesn’t scare me. And as much as I like talking to you,” he tapped your nose, “I think we better focus on the conversation that’s about to start.”

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