easy care plants

advice that works for me at least

Clean your room. Organize shit. Do your laundry.
Wash your face. Get a nice scrub and scrub the shit out of it once or twice a week. Get a nice minty feeling face wash too.
Find an easy to make meal other than frozen foods and make it your go to (I loveee toasted tomato and cheese sandwiches with pesto)
Go for a long walk in the woods to think and relax
Get easy to take care of plants and put some around the house/room
Take 15 minutes to give yourself a nice manicure
find the most relaxing incense/candle you can and light it
Plan out a cute outfit for tomorrow so you won’t be rushing in the morning
Make a room super comfortable and just draw. No matter how shitty you think it turns out. Hang it up
Make plans for the future. Nothing big. Just little details like I want a garden or I want to have flowers in every room
Make a go to play list on YouTube/your phone
Clean out your bag
There’s probably more but whatever. This is just my little list of shit that makes me feel better about life