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Selling Aquatic Plants

I’ve been messing around with the idea of selling basic easy to care for plants. I’ve got a lot of anubias, bacopa and other stuff that’s been super easy to grow. I honestly need to set aside a tank for just growing plants since I love to grow plants. But yeah, putting my feelers out there.  My prices would be cheap, and I am researching the cheapest (yet safe and effective) shipping methods. 

Let me know if anyone has great shipping tips for live aquatic plants! 

welcome to plant hell

Planted tanks seem pretty daunting at first when you decide to take the leap and get into them. It’s hard to know where to start when you don’t really know anything about the topic at all, and there’s a lot of information about lighting, fertilizers, substrate…it can get a little overwhelming. 

This isn’t meant to be an in-depth guide, this is meant to be something that can point you into the right direction for when you first start out with plants, kinda like a Planting 101.

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anonymous asked:

What kinds of living plants do you recommend I should have with my betta? He is male, and in a 5 gallon tank, of that helps. Thank you!

Hi, there. :)

It depends on the lighting and if you’re using additional ferts. Your best bet is probably going to be the low-tech plants, such as anubias, java fern, crypts, moss, and anacharis.

Here are some guides for helping you choose:

Hope this helps!

anonymous asked:

florist!mingyu would make my dreams come true

  • is the apprentice of a local florist and is way more excited about flowers than the usual teenage male but it’s so cute
  • is always advising old women on what kinds of flowers will be good for their gardens, always warning dog and cat owners about poisonous plants, basically being the cutest most thoughtful florist e v e r 
  • arranges the flowers outside into cute little displays in the morning, once made a bunny out of flowers for spring and then a cute ghost out of flowers when it was nearing halloween 
  • loves when kids stop by because he puts flowers in their hair and they get all giggly and shout about how much they love uncle flower mingyu hehu
  • you come by one day because you’re interested in a little house plant for your new room and mingyu is like hello ^^ and you’re like omg so tall like a palm tree and mingyu is like oh we don’t sell palm trees here and you’re like no no that’s not what i- whatever do you have like easy to take care of plants??
  • and mingyu’s like we do!! you’re a beginner?? i can tell you all about growing flowers!!! and he gets so excited it’s charming
  • but basically he helps you pick out a nice little potted fern and he’s like this is the easiest, so once you take care of this one come back and we can get you something more pretty- like tulips or maybe lilies?? no that might be too advance-
  • and you’re like hehe ok ill come back but florist mingyu makes you pinky promise him and before you leave he’s like oh wait here you go 
  • and he puts a flower in your hair and you’re like oh;;;;; and he’s like ah~ it’s as cute as i expected 
advice that works for me at least

Clean your room. Organize shit. Do your laundry.
Wash your face. Get a nice scrub and scrub the shit out of it once or twice a week. Get a nice minty feeling face wash too.
Find an easy to make meal other than frozen foods and make it your go to (I loveee toasted tomato and cheese sandwiches with pesto)
Go for a long walk in the woods to think and relax
Get easy to take care of plants and put some around the house/room
Take 15 minutes to give yourself a nice manicure
find the most relaxing incense/candle you can and light it
Plan out a cute outfit for tomorrow so you won’t be rushing in the morning
Make a room super comfortable and just draw. No matter how shitty you think it turns out. Hang it up
Make plans for the future. Nothing big. Just little details like I want a garden or I want to have flowers in every room
Make a go to play list on YouTube/your phone
Clean out your bag
There’s probably more but whatever. This is just my little list of shit that makes me feel better about life

anonymous asked:

what are some really easy plants to care for? i love plants but i can never figure out what they need and i need something a little less high maintenance

Aloe Vera, Sempervirens, Ajuga, Delosperma, Silene, Sedum, Agapanthus.