easy care

I can’t promise that I’ll never hurt you or make you angry. In fact, I can tell you now that there will be times where I’m stubborn or distant and you’ll find it incredibly hard to deal with me.

But once I’m yours, I’m yours and I’ll never take you for granted. I know how much thought you put into the nice things you do and say and I’ll appreciate all of it. I’ll make you food at 3 am because, unlike you, I am an excellent cook. I’ll force you into taking an insufferable amount of pictures so I can show everyone how gorgeous you are. I’ll make you stupid mix CD’s filled with songs that remind me of you just because I can.

So no, I won’t be easy to love and I’ll probably drive you crazy. But I promise that I’ll fight very hard for a spot in your life.

—  Midnight thoughts (give me a chance to show you how you deserve to be treated)

Shout out to all the lesbians who have intimacy issues or reduced affect due to mental illness or otherwise have trouble understanding their feelings or attractions.

To the lesbians who only grew into their identity well past puberty

To the lesbians who can’t get themselves to attend lgbt meetings or events due to anxiety.

To the lesbians who have no community in which they fit in or no community at all.

To the lesbians who still feel like there’s something wrong with them.

You’re all spectacular and valuable and valid. ♡


monty green appreciation week // day 3: favorite romantic relationship

» monty ♥ happiness ; i’d like to give earth a big hug.

the fact that sebastian still attended this convention despite being “very sick”

still did what he could to make his interactions with fans memorable

still went along with whatever poses people wanted

still gave us this weekend, talking to us, remembering and recognizing us, thanking US, when he could’ve been at home and taking care of himself

that’s amazing. that’s dedication. that’s a sign of a true, genuine love for his fans. if anyone ever thinks he doesn’t care about his fans, honestly there are already countless examples you can use to prove them wrong, but this weekend just further proves how much he does care.

we’re so damn lucky to be fans of this man.