easy care

u kno power rangers is special bc they even managed to make me relate to and adore their one straight white dude

The Signs in a relationship
  • Aries: the dominant one
  • Taurus: does whatever their lover wants
  • Gemini: has no idea what the fuck they're doing
  • Cancer: super caring and easy going
  • Leo: needs to chill the fuck out
  • Virgo: tries to be innocent but u know they a freak
  • Libra: is insecure but super great
  • Scorpio: sex
  • Sagittarius: says the wrong thing at the wrong time
  • Capricorn: is single
  • Aquarius: plans wedding in first week of relationship
  • Pisces: apologises for everything even if nothing's wrong

Viktor is honestly the most relateable character in Yuri on Ice because he seems to mostly shift between two moods of clothing:

1) ultra comfortable, sweatpants, no effort just full chill, living the easy life with no care in the world


2) the fanciest motherfucker in town dressed to the teeth w a three piece suit and everything 100% on point and ready to steal the show

So I used to actually avoid spending time in my bedroom because the energy was so stagnant and made me go into these super long depression sleeps. Nothing I did would get rid of this negative energy (burning sage incense, ect, nothing). It was awful. And then this morning I went out and bought a bunch of plants, purely for aesthetic reasons and it’s only been a few hours and????? My room feels so nice now??!!!! Like wth? It feels so GOOD to be in there now and so fresh and peaceful and it’s like this huge gross energy that was weighing me down before is just completely gone! Go out and get some plants everyone. Seriously, like research some that are easy to take care of and will do well with the amount of sunlight and humidity (or lack of it) in your room. Make sure they are non-toxic if you have pets. Just get some. Man the energy feels so good now. 


Hi Friends! Today I’d love to share with you a new tutorial video. This time we are going to learn how to untangle and remove the shine of a cheap Halloween costume wig. This tutorial is very easy you just need some fabric softener (Suavitel), warm water and baby powder ♥.