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This is why I love button-ups. Easy access. :P

(I have an unhealthy obsession with Magnus’/Harry’s neck/chest. It looks positively lickable — Alec, please sample the aforementioned area and get back to us on the experience, yeah? I want details!)

Characters from Hamilton as things my group said today in AP physics:

Alex: “Someone stole my balls!”

John: “I’m the ball keeper. I keep the balls.”

Laf: “We don’t need him, he is a asshole.”

Herc: “I need a nut button. Like a ‘that was easy’ button but with nut instead.”

Burr: “Watch where you’re swinging that thing!”

Tjeff: “Listen here bucko-”

Jmads: “How many times are we gonna keep going till we give up?”

Philip: “…What am I holding?”

Washington: “I need the technology to take a picture.” takes out phone “… got it.”

Kg3: “they’re using protractors?”

Seabury: “Just a simple question from a simple mind.”

Lee: “… We were ‘screw'ed over by a screw.”

Eacker: “I’m talking about the sac.” “Oh, I know.”

James R: “…look at those nerds over there. nerds.”

Spiritual Alchemy : Polarity

~~This is the 1st in a series of alchemist emblems that I will attempt to explain from my own experience and knowledge. It will focus on polarity and have a common theme. ~~   

Definition: Alchemy -is not the process of turning base metal into gold. It is the process of turning the lead of the ego into the shining gold of a pure soul. To do so takes effort. As I said in previous posts, there is no easy button, but worth every effort.

Two fish swimming in opposite directions in our inner sea. The sea is the body, the two fish are the polarity within. These two polarities coexist though work in different ways.

The 2 fish are taken from the Zodiac. Pisces. Water is always seen and an element that is movement, so it is fit that this would be the 1st emblem in the series. The movement of 2 opposite ideas. It is the Ying and the Yang of the Oriental tradition. It represents the transition time between the depths of winter and the beginning of spring, when snow turns to rain, and the streams and rivers begin to run again. It is the final sign in the zodiac 12 month period. It would also carry the significance of the beginning of something new.

One must begin the Great Work by examining your inner being. One that is spiritual & one that is concerned with the material. The Ego & the soul. Reflection and meditation upon transmuting the desires for the material and instead directing that energy to focus upon your higher self. Through the process of refining the soul and taking out the impurities of the ego we become connected to God. We battle constantly with our spirit as this is what free will is all about. Decisions. We ether align with our soul purpose or not.

Now this in no way is in opposition of the dogma of religion but in fact sheds light upon the teachings of every great master. Many teachers speak of leaving the material. Looking for the light of love. Walking the path. Why? They question us to make us think about what is truly important.

Conclusion:   Meditate daily. Be the watcher of your thoughts and ego. Transmute what is not in alignment with your true purpose. Only you can know that purpose, but without self examination and connection to your soul you are merely existing instead of living. 

Oh man,

I still need more button ideas for AtlanTale.

Considering NatureTale, UnderVirus, Underfell, Re-Mix Tale, DemonTale, and possibly Fatal_Error aren’t enough…


Joker x Harley Quinn : Patient

“How’s my favorite patient?” A voice sounded behind Harley. Harley turned around, smile shinning on her face, she fixed her hair and straightening her clothes as the Joker walked into the room.

“Great, sweetie!” Harley beamed, walking up to him and hugging him around the waist. She would be content to stay in this position forever, staring at his tattooed chest. But alas, there were people to torment and a bat to catch.

“Fantastic.” Joker pat her head, removing her arms from around his waist, “Is there anything daddy can do to make it more comfortable for you in here?”

Harley glanced around. They were in one of the many labs in Arkham, her home for the past few days, as Mr. J put his “final touches” on her mind. She wished her Joker and herself could go someplace private. Still, she was happy to stay here, if it meant Joker would be visiting her like he did.  She had been sleeping on one of the surgical tables. Harley supposed could ask for entertainment or to go with him wherever it was he went during the hours he wasn’t with her. There wasn’t much to the room, except for the two henchmen in the corner playing cards. She suspected they were her guards, as they never left her alone. Did they think she would run away?

The Joker moved until he was in front of her, wanting her attention back on him. She smiled, touching his wrist.

“I don’t like him.” Harley said pointing to the henchmen on the right. The henchmen looked up from the card game and gave Harley an evil look. Harley sneered at him, this is what he gets for staring at me all day.

“Him?” The Joker asked, flicking his eyes to glance to the henchmen.

“Yes,” Harley nodded, “He’s always staring at me.” The Joker swiftly put two bullet holes into the chest of the henchmen Harley was pointing at. She snickered, Harley couldn’t help it - what a funny sight - as the man fell to his knees then slumped over awkwardly, dead. Harley started laughing, the Joker turned back to her, his hand moved up under her chin he stroked it once and dropped his hand. Harley’s pulse jumped.

“I don’t like him either,” Harley pointed to Frost who was standing by the door the Joker had come through.

“Harley,” The Joker kept his eyes on her, smiling, “He has valuable information, after that runs out…” He kept the sentence open, “Anyway we have to keep my army strong.”

“Harley, daddy needs to talk to you about something rather serious.” Joker said as the other henchmen scurried from the room, the dead body forgotten by the two clowns. “Our time together might be coming to an end.” Harley looked stricken, “Listen to me. Harley, we suspect the police will be invading soon and you will be perceived as a hostage and taken away.” Joker said, keeping his eyes locked with hers.

“B-But Mr. J,” She was shaking her head, “I want to stay with you.”

“Yes, of course you do.” Joker straightened his clothes, “I’ll come find you when I see fit.”

“But puddin…” Harley was staring at him, she felt the lump starting to form in her throat.

“No ‘but’’s,” The Joker kept her eyes, “Harl, this is the fun game I’ve been telling you about, remember?”

Harley nodded, still not happy but if it was what the Joker wanted then she would do it.

“Remember?” He asked again, bending to her eye level.

“Yes, puddin’.” She smiled for him.

“Good,” Mr. J rubbed his hands together, “Now, time for your daily treatment!”

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Pro-tip if you want to help your infp to get into something new: excite their Ne instead of scaring their Si. For example, if you want them to go to a restaurant with you:

“Hey, I found this super-cool restaurant that has this dish you like so much and also it’s in agreement with that important value of yours, also they have this super-creative thing!”


Don’t do this:

“You never go out with me, why can’t we just go to any restaurant for once? I’m sure it wouldn’t be so bad!”

infp: *locks self in room*

anonymous asked:

I'm selling masterballs. Want one?

[ ☠ ] — “Masterballs?!” Guzma exclaims.

“Bitch I don’t need no Masterballs out here when I got these HANDS! I’ll tackle a motherfucker and force it on my team like the rest’a ‘em. Fuck if I’ma run up in here with the ‘easy button’ and just toss one of those things.”

Besides, unless this stranger were involved with Sliph Co., how were they selling Masterballs in the first place?

anonymous asked:

Can we see what buttons would look like if he got the super soldier serum like captain America? I want to know for... Science... yeah that's what...

Actually, I’ve been wanting to do something similar for a while to show you what I mean when I say “Buttons does not have sharp facial features”. I might draw him with sharp lines sometimes but he does not have the default HERO facial structure.
So thank you for this ask, you thirsty Anon! :D
Muscular Buttons kind of creeps me out btw. I like him for his faults and imperfections and this OP version is just… naaah. He lost everything that made him… him. If you want a killer jawline, you better get used to Mac’s stupid face! ;)

EDIT: For those who got traumatized by muscular Buttons and want to unsee it: (X)

I’ve deleted our songs, our texts, your number, all of your social media but yet you still can’t be erased from my mind- if only it was as easy as pressing a button
—  B.L letters I never sent

New mobile thing: Post your favorite songs (or least favorite! up to you!) right from the Tumblr iOS and Android apps. They don’t even need to be on your device, they just need to be on Spotify or SoundCloud (which they probably are).

It’s sooooo easy:

  1. Hit the compose button (it’s the pencil).
  2. Tap the “Audio button.”
  3. Start typing the song or artist or album or whatever.

The thing you’re looking for will show up, and you’re ready to go.  

AND: If it’s already a hit, you don’t even have to type it: The audio post creation screen shows you a list of what’s trending across Tumblr. (You can also find out that info each week right here at @music.)

The thing I love the most about Arkham Knight is how much insight the game gives into Bruce’s psyche and how the gameplay really gives you the opportunity to “Be the Batman” because of this. It’s not the Batmobile or the gadgets or the missions that give you this opportunity, but Bruce’s own vulnerability. 

It’s easy to button mash to fight thugs all night long and strategically fight your way through boss battles. I mean, you’re playing as Batman. Tough, resilient, resourceful Batman. There’s nothing unusual about any of that. You don’t even think twice about doing any of it. What makes Arkham Knight so amazing, and what makes Scarecrow being the main antagonist such a perfect decision, is how you get to see Bruce’s worst fears come to life. His guilt, his demons, his regrets. It makes every mission more intriguing, every decision more dire, every word spoken by Joker or Scarecrow much more meaningful, and you begin to feel more than you usually would while playing. You anticipate the outcomes more, you begin to fear what’s in store for him more – you can almost feel Bruce’s dread.

Scenes like Barbara getting shot by the Joker or Jason being tortured, you’re forced to watch, to stand by and do nothing. You feel completely helpless, and that’s exactly how Bruce felt. When he found out about Joker paralyzing Barbara, when he watched the video of Joker “killing” Jason, Batman felt helpless. You immediately want to help them, expect Batman to save the day, but you’re forced to look on, unable to do anything. Much like Bruce. 

There are scenes where you have to do questionable things – kill, even – and break Batman’s one rule, go against Bruce’s morality. Scenes where you have to indulge in his worst fear, finally giving into all his rage and becoming no better than those he aims to stop, and when you play them, you can’t help but feel guilty. You don’t want to kill, for Batman’s sake. For the sake of all that he means, all that this means to him, all of his struggles, you feel reluctant. It’s through this reluctance that you, as a player, are pretty much an extension of Batman himself. 

I don’t know about any of you, but I honestly think this makes Arkham Knight such an incredible conclusion to the trilogy.

Signs as things my High School Band Teacher has said during my four years there
  • Aries: just. play better.
  • Taurus: yes, there is an e flat clarinet part. no, you cant play it.
  • Gemini: I can't believe I'm saying this, but the clarinets need to play softer
  • Cancer: i know it says fortissimo, but you play piccolo. play metzo piano.
  • Leo: its not rocket surgery
  • Virgo: All of you need to play louder. Except you. You need to play softer.
  • Libra: i dont even know why that part was written its completely unnecessary
  • Scorpio: i need an easy button that says "blow more air"
  • Sagittarius: the whip and naynay was probably written by a music major for their final. they got an F.
  • Capricorn: im disappointed in you, low brass. youre being buried by a single clarinetist, and she's not playing louder than she should
  • Aquarius: stop playing Heart And Soul
  • Pices: I think youre a little high