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I’m Hair For You - First Year Master Post

Today is I’m Hair For You’s official One Year Blogiversary!!  As there are now a year’s-worth of tutorials on this blog, I have decided to create this master post so that you can easily find the hairstyle you are looking for.  All of the hairstyles included in this master post were published between March 4, 2016 and March 4, 2017.  Note that many of the hairstyles listed may show up more than once as they fall into multiple categories.  If you have any suggestions for upcoming tutorials, please let me know, and again thank you all for the support!


    • Braided Half Up

    • Box Braided Bun

    • Half Up Fishtail

    • French Braided Bun

    • Centre Braid Mini Bun

    • Braid & Twist Relaxed Bun

    • Side Braids Into Ponytail

    • Dutch Braid

    • French Braid

    • Fishtail Braid

    • Double Dutch Half Up

    • Crown Braid

    • Prim

    • Box Braid

    • Snake Braid

    • Dutch Space Buns

    • Messy Bun & Braid Combo

    • Diagonal Dutch Braid

    • Pull Through

    • All Around Twist & Fishtail Bun Combo

    • Stacked Buns

    • Full Braided Crown

    • French Braid Tucked Bun

    • Side Triple Braid

    • Easy Crown Braid

    • Uneven Braid

    • Horizontal Bun

    • 4 Strand Fishtail

    • Braided Half Up

    • Braided Top Knot

    • Fishtail Accent Ponytail

    • Dutch Braided Low Pony

    • Twisted Messy Braid

    • Faux Fishtail

    • Secure Sports Braid


    • All Around Twist

    • Twisted Pigtails

    • Braid & Twist Relaxed Bun

    • French Twist

    • Twisted Low Pony

    • Waterfall Twist

    • All Around Twist & Fishtail Bun Combo

    • Rope Twist Ponytail

    • Twisted Messy Braid

    • Rope Twist Pigtails


    • All Around Twist

    • Sleek Runway Ponytail

    • Side Braids Into Ponytail

    • French Twist

    • Box Braid

    • Super Ponytail

    • Twisted Low Pony

    • Pull Through

    • Wrapped Ponytail

    • Fishtail Accent Ponytail

    • Rope Twist Ponytail

    • Dutch Braided Low Pony

    • Twisted Messy Braid

    • Secure Sports Braid


    • Box Braided Bun

    • French Braided Bun

    • Centre Braid Mini Bun

    • Braid & Twist Relaxed Bun

    • Ballerina Bun

    • Dutch Space Buns

    • Messy Bun & Braid Combo

    • All Around Twist & Fishtail Bun Combo

    • Stacked Buns

    • French Braid Tucked Bun

    • Horizontal Bun

    • Braided Half Up

    •  Braided Top Knot

    • Knotted Bun

Half Up Half Down

    • Braided Half Up

    • Box Braided Bun

    • Half Up Fishtail

    • Centre Braid Mini Bun

    • French Twist

    • Double Dutch Half Up

    • Messy Bun & Braid Combo

    • Full Braided Crown

    • Easy Crown Braid 

    • Uneven Braid

    • Braided Half Up

Hair Down

    • Sock Curls

    • Crown Braid

    • Snake Braid

    • Waterfall Twist


    • Twisted Pigtails

    • Dutch Braid

    • Rope Twist Pigtails

Easy Essentials

    • All Around Twist

    • Sock Curls

    • Dutch Braid

    • French Braid

    • Ballerina Bun

    • Fishtail Braid

    • Super Ponytail

    • Snake Braid

    • Twisted Low Pony

    • Waterfall Twist

    • Side Triple Braid

    • Easy Crown Braid

    • Uneven Braid

    • Faux Fishtail

Student Tutorials

    • Gleneagle Features Page

    • Box Braided Bun

    • Sleek Runway Ponytail

    • Dutch Braid


    • Easter Bunny

    • Reindeer Bun

    • Half Up Heart

Text Posts & Updates

    • About I’m Hair For You

    • Meet Kendra

    • Gleneagle Features Page

    • Changes

    • One Year Blogiversary

    • First Year Master Post

Fluffy Bun

Fluffy Bun?  Fan Bun?  Slinky Bun?  I’m still struggling to figure out the perfect name for this look!  No matter what it’s called, I love this hairstyle because it is a unique bun that only takes 5 easy steps to complete.  Another thing that is great about the style is that it creates a big, voluminous bun, even if you don’t have a lot of hair.


1) Brush

2) 2 Hair Ties

3) Bobby Pins


1) Begin by brushing your hair into a high ponytail.

2) Re-tie your ponytail with a second hair tie on top of the first, but do not pull all of your hair through on the last loop.

3) Wrap the loose hair (not pulled through) around the base of the ponytail and bobby pin into place.

4) Take the top loop of your bun and fluff it out.

5) Bobby pin the ends of your bun down and to the shape of your choice and finalize with hairspray.

A night on the town, part 1

Pairing: McCoy x Reader

Word Count: 1487 (a little longer than I planned)

Warning: Brief mention of sex

Maggie waved her hand in front of your face as you stared aimlessly at the screen before you.  “Earth to [Y/N].  You alive in there, girl?”  The movement startled you, as somehow you had not heard her walk into your office.

“Umm yeah, Maggie. What are you doing here?”  You straightened yourself up in your chair and pulled on the lapel of your lab coat in an attempt to look like you weren’t half-asleep with boredom.  She put her hands on her hips on her hips with that mother hen look she often got with you.

“You need a break. All these patients and boring files are going to melt that big brain.  Come on we are going out tonight.  Dancing, a few drinks, then we can walk home looking at all the pretty lights of York Town.  I promise I won’t try to pawn you off on some random stranger.  Even though you do need to get laid sometime this century.” Shaking your head, you stood up walking around your desk.  

“Let’s not talk about that. The last time was horrible and I have no desire to repeat it.”  Maggie looked like she was going to stomp her foot.

“That is what I am saying! We go out have fun and go home a little tipsy and tired.  No pressure for anything more.  What could go wrong?”  Your brow rose in her direction.

“I can’t believe you just said that.  Something awful is going to happen now.  I will blame you if I end up here with a broken anything.”  She laughed as she jumped up and down.  

“Oh we are going to have so much fun.  Come on Doctor Boring I have a dress that will look perfect on you.”  Grabbing your hand, she dragged you through the door of your office past your commanding officer, who eyed the two of you warily.

“I probably do not want to know.  I need you in one piece for your next shift Doctor [Y/L/N].”  Your cheeks flushed.  Doctor Baush had seen you arrive many a time, for your shifts, hung-over after nights out with Maggie.

“Yes sir.  I will be here, I promise.  I have never missed a shift.”  The man nodded once then went back to his PADD.  She dragged you all the way back to her assigned quarters. Refusing to let you go home because she knew you would probably back out if given the chance.  The dress she handed you was better than you had imagined. It was not trashy or revealing. The knee length dress, had a light skirt that twirled when you moved.  It was a pretty aqua number with a black sash at the waist that accentuated your hips. You had to give it to Maggie she knew what you liked.  She pulled your hair up in a pretty and easy bun then just put a little flair of makeup around your eyes.  That was the reason she had become one of your closest friends.  She knew when to push you but never pushed too far.

The two of you walked arm in arm towards the busy central commercial streets of Yorktown.  Laughing and talking as you made your way through the crowds.

“Well, there must be shore leave.  Look at all uniforms out tonight.  Too bad we aren’t looking for some sexy Commander for you.” Maggie wiggled her eyebrows at you.  You could only laugh and pinch her arm gently.  

“Come on you promised me dancing and a few drinks.”  You pulled her into one of the lesser crowded bars.  Lesser, being it was still packed but there was not a line around the corner to get in.  A few shots for the both of you before you ended up on the dance floor for a few hours. While you were not drunk, your body felt warm and you had that normal pink tinge to your cheeks that happened just before you reached that point.  That was your cue to cease the drinking.  It felt awful waking up in the morning with a hangover.  So you quit while you were ahead.  You looked around for a few minutes for Maggie before finding her leaning back against a wall talking to some tall redheaded man.  They looked to be in deep conversation so you made your way back to the bar.  Just before breaking through the wall of people, someone tapped your shoulder.  As you turned, all you could see were startling blue eyes and a mess of blond hair.

“Hello, beautiful. Want to dance?”  The words were slightly slurred and he did not seem all together stable on his feet.    

“Oh no, pretty boy.  I am getting some water and taking a seat. My feet are killing me.”  You walked off leaving the surprised man in your wake.  Thankfully, one seat at the bar was open between everyone trying to cram into the small space.  As you sipped on your water, you turned back looking at the crowd and sighed.  This was not your scene.  It was getting to be too much.

“How come you aren’t out there dancing with that guy?” A voice asked from next to you.  Looking over you found a dark head of hair and a half smile looking into his liquor glass.

“Oh you mean the pretty boy? Umm no.  He is drunk and I don’t do the whole sleeping with a random stranger thing.  I really don’t need to wake up with some form of the clap either.  The hypos for that are not fun.”  The man choked then spit out his drink.  Raising a brow at him.  “Are you alright?”

“Yeah.  Yes, I’m fine.  Just uhh, the drink went down the wrong pipe there.”  You knew it was a lie but he was smiling wide now.  He looked handsome with that smile too.  “May I ask you a question?” You nodded at him, interested to see what the question was.  “Why are you in a place like this with people like this?  It’s a bar and people come to bars to drink and make fools of themselves.  You don’t seem like someone who would come here to do that.”

“Well that wasn’t what I was expecting.  But, I’m here because I needed a break in the monotony.  I’ve been bored and needed a bit of drinking and dancing.  Not looking for my soul mate or anything.  Just something letting me know I am still alive. You ever feel like that?”  The man sat up straighter on his stool looking at you in a way that made your cheeks flush more than they already were.  It wasn’t rudely, just searching deeper.

“Darlin’ you have no idea. I’m Leonard, by the way.”  He held his hand out.  You shook it with a dip of your head.  

“[Y/N].  Want to go outside, and talk?  This place feels like it is closing in.”  Leonard smiled again, setting a credit chip on the counter.  

“Lead the way.”  You couldn’t help but grin at him.  After a moment to let Maggie know where you would be, you walked out towards a bench that looked over the lights of Yorktown. The two of you talked for hours. Finding it funny how much you had in common.  You had attended the academy just two classes behind him and each of you had heard the others names in passing.  Leonard had even read your report on Xenobiological sampling; published last year.  There had always been rumors about the grumpy southern doctor in the medical circles you knew.  However, he laughed and smiled easily with you.  Before you both knew it, the sun was coming up.

“I can’t believe it. We have been talking for six hours. The time just flew.”  You stood up realized how stiff your body was from sitting for so long.  

“Me either.  But it was wonderful.  After I get some sleep today, would you have dinner with me?  I want to see you again.”  Leonard had been holding your hand for the past few hours and now he gave it a quick squeeze.  The hopeful look on his face made your heart melt.

“I want to see you too. I will meet you here at 1900.  You better not be late, Leonard.”  You leaned up on your toes and kissed him lightly on the lips.

“No ma’am.  I will be right here waiting.  1900 hours.”  He said quietly as he looked down at you.  You fought the urge to kiss him again.  It would end with you unable to pull away.  You already knew it.  Leonard stood there watching you as you walked off towards your home.  The feeling of his eyes on your back did not leave until you turned the corner.  Your heart was pounding in your chest.  Your mind moving at a million light years a second.

“I need to see that man again.”

part 2

Dutch Space Buns

Space buns are “a thing” and I couldn’t be happier.  It’s no secret that I love buns, but there’s something about space buns that are so much more comfortable and fun.  This space bun tutorial incorporates dutch braids in the back for extra detail.  Give it a try!


1) Brush

2) Two Large Hair Ties

3) Two Small Hair Ties

4) Bobby Pins


1) Begin by brushing your hair out.

2) Create a part down the middle of your head.  Tie one side of hair out of the way.

3) Flip your head upside down and take three pieces of hair at the nape of your neck.

4) Begin a dutch braid by crossing the left piece under the middle piece.

5) Next cross the right piece under the new middle piece.

6) Add in more hair to the left piece and cross under the middle.

7) Add in more hair to the right piece before crossing under the middle.  (Watch a detailed Dutch Braid tutorial here!)

8) Continue this process.

9) Once you get to where you want to place your bun, stop adding in any more hair.  Take all the hair from this side and tie into a high pigtail.

10) Braid the whole pigtail and tie off with a small hair elastic.

11) Begin wrapping the braid around the top of your pigtail.

12) Bobby pin into place.

13) Repeat steps 3-12 on the other side of your head.  Finish with hairspray.

It’s not too late for an end-of-summer road trip. Put your hair up in a Twisted Summer Bun and roll those windows down!

1. Scrunch dry hair with TRES Two Extra Firm Control Mousse and blow dry upside-down for body. Create center part.

2. From your right side, twist a 1" piece of hair towards the back of your head, gathering hair as you go. Clip in place. Switch sides and repeat.

3. In prep for creating the knot, unclip and separate the 2 sides,  Knot the two twists around each other pulling into a low bun. Twist remaining hair around the bun and pin in place.

4. Finish with TRES Two Extra Firm Control Hairspray. Add a hair clip or headband for a fancy touch!

anonymous asked:

Oh lol completely forgot. So I do have like a request as always take your time 😌. No rush. Bad boy Jungkook who always gets into fights (he kicks ass though 😆) and his cute little boyfriend Park Jimin who always worries for him.

hello lil sunshine!!! keke im so sorry i like…. got carried away i meant for this to be short but i couldn’t bear to leave it at like 600words so congrats on a 2.8k fic (*´꒳`*) idk if i deviated from the plot(?) its not that violent but nonetheless i still hope u like it precious one!! hehe @berry-happy-tokki i hope u enjoy black widow as much as i do;-)
Kill Your Darlings

there’s nothing but silence, besides the occasional creak of jeongguk’s mattress as their weight shifts, the occasional wince, a few sighs here and there.

“jeongguk… i thought i told you to stay safe for me,” jimin chides softly, dabbing a ball of cotton soaked with alcohol on bruised knuckles, thumb brushing against a strikingly unmarred right cheek in contrast to the deep gash on his left, a split lip, a bloody nose. these things always happen, somehow- jeongguk says it’s instinct, he’s a magnet for fights one way or another- and every time jimin scolds him, he promises no more next time; but they both know it’s a lie.

nonetheless, jimin’s always there to patch him back up, as good as new, and he feels guilty the way the raven haired boy fusses over him, lip jutted out in pain too, eyes sloped down in worry.

“he called you a midget, hyung! he- he insulted you and called you such awful things and i just lost it so i-” jeongguk rages, blood boiling, veins on his arm flaring and bulging as well. jimin soothes him to calm down with gentle words, shaking his head, “i don’t care what they say, jeongguk- but i care about you.”

the instant jeongguk’s widened eyes meet jimin’s watery ones, he knows he’s lost, as always, and looks at the parquet floor as he bites on his lower lip, only to hiss in pain forgetting about the cut at the corner of his mouth. “easy there, bun, here- lemme just put some cream-”

“‘m sorry hyung,” jeongguk mumbles, jimin almost done with the bandages and gauges and antiseptic creams. “sorry that you always have to worry about me. i really try to stop fighting so much, ya know? but it just- it just happens and-”

jimin cuts him off by kissing his cheek in reply, “i like you all the same, guk-ah,” but jeongguk shakes his head vehemently. “no- this isn’t right- hyung, i’m really a bad boy.”

and jimin smiles, that bright blinding smile that had jeongguk tripping over his own feet the moment he saw it. “oh really now,” he laughs, “getting multiple bruises or having a jawline that could cut someone’s throat or a double helix piercing doesn’t make you any more a bad boy, jeongguk. you’ll always be my baby boy.”

“no, listen, hyung! i- i cross the road without looking left and right,” jeongguk confesses, and jimin gasps. “jeon jeongguk! stop that at once! you could die, you idiot- don’t you ever do that again i swear you’re looking all sides and crossing the damn road when it’s green and you very well cross-” but jeongguk kisses him to shut up, and interrupts. “sometimes when i’m hungry i break the bro code and i eat first, sometimes i skip classes just to be cool. sometimes i seduce people to maintain that image- jimin hyung, please tell me you like bad boys,”

the way jeongguk says it so earnestly it almost seems like he’s earning bruises, cuts and gashes as badges and medals to make jimin proud, the way his doe eyes widen, slender hands gripping jimin’s smaller ones tenderly. it’s oddly romantic, the way they’ve fallen into such an unconventional way of doing things.

“i don’t like bad boys, jeongguk. i like you,

and that was when they were still schooling. they’ve both graduated, bought themselves a decent apartment to live in, call home.

it’s complicated, jimin was what jeongguk had said the first night he came home all battered, old scar beneath that left cheekbone reopened, knuckles all bloody and a black eye.

“jeon jeongguk! what’s all this about!” jimin shouts in alarm, grabbing the first aid kit and pushing the younger down in his white dress shirt and slacks, black tie loosened and askew to breathe.

it’s only jeongguk’s second week of work, a job that’s restricted and classified, but it pays well and jimin doesn’t probe, with due faith and respect in his partner’s career and life choices. as such, they work and sleep in separate rooms, although sometimes they creep in to the other’s bed, craving warmth and attention and everything the other had to offer. anything and everything.

“i’m sorry, jimin-ah.” is all he utters shamefully, as jimin cleans and patches him up, lips quivering under his crooked pretty front teeth, hands clammy. “jeongguk, you said this job was good,” jimin wails, “and now you come home like this- what am i supposed to think, baby? do your colleagues not like you? or did you do something silly again-”

“no, no! it’s not like that, i just- my job requires slight physical activity as well,” he sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose. “i can’t say more than that though- but i swear i’m not hiding anything else, jimin- i love you to death and you know i would tell if i could right?”

jeongguk’s looking at him like he were a wounded puppy, and jimin resigns to how trusting he’ll always be, gives in grudgingly. “yeah yeah- i love you too.”

“til death do us part, then.”

jeongguk comes back now and then all damaged, but jimin unyieldingly stays till the end, wraps him up with utmost care, like he’s fragile and delicate. the way jimin holds a sinner like him is literally the epitome of never ending love, and he hopes the kisses he pampers jimin with is enough to show. jeongguk hopes the gifts he brings back as surprises are enough of a compensation for all that worry and concern, hopes all those nights he secretly snuggles into jimin’s blanket burrito is enough a testimony for his unwavering faith.

jimin works at a small company as a secretary, looking all cute with the prescription glasses he wears there sometimes, and jeongguk’s really afraid that one day those people might come for his super cute lover, with that cute pout and poised masculinity; so he never mentions his job to jimin, lest he get implicated.

as much as jimin would like to remain as jeongguk’s cute squishy rice cake of a boyfriend, he’s not that dull either- his senses have heightened over the years, keen sense of movement from all that dance practice and figure skating. he’s even learned (from jeongguk’s guidance and firm insistance that he knows) how to hold a gun and basic martial arts to protect himself.

jeongguk gets carried away sometimes, eager to tell his one true love about his new friends, his colleagues, his little team at work; and so far jimin has gathered that jeongguk works as JK, and his team leader is someone by the name of namjoon hyung who goes by the alias RM- and also there’s this guy whom jeongguk’s really fond of working with, V, real name kim taehyung. they work for this unknown man named JIN, who’s rumoured to be the most handsome, wealthy and powerful man in the whole of south korea. nobody’s seen him before- but his display of prowess is something to be reckoned with.

(jeongguk’s honestly a kid at heart, and even though he delicately tries to alternate names and drop subtleties, jimin’s still as sharp as a tack and catches all the implications anyway.)

jeongguk’s one sole error, after about a year of intricately woven hidden secrets, is when he takes jimin to the arcade, and they play a 1v1 game of shooting- the kinds similar to overwatch. jeongguk hits all the targets deadshot, all-kill, with a wickedly sharp accuracy. and when jimin turns his head he sees his lover’s eyes slitted with concentration, tongue peeking out to lick his lips and poke the inside of his cheek- something he does when he’s dead serious, or after he’s done hand to hand combat and wins. the glint in his eyes isn’t something that’s normal, jimin realises.

(no wonder why jeongguk had vehemently insisted on him knowing the basics of pulling a trigger, asked him to keep some self protection weapons close to him at night.)

jimin realises, it’s the look of a killer.

of course jeongguk’s work is classified- he’s working as a hitman.

their superficial façade over vocation continues, a little tango between the two of them, albeit blindfolded. a danse macabre. a duel to the death. who’s fooling who? is the question they both should be asking.

and then, in the middle of the night, jeongguk’s phone buzzes. repeatedly, and really loudly. jeongguk groans, checking the time on his alarm clock, and boy is it an ungodly hour of the night, 4:03am. thinking it’s just his alarm to remind himself to get the anniversary bouquet and gift for jimin, jeongguk turns off his phone, flipping on his side and pressing into the comfort of his soft pillow, pulling his duvet over his mousy ruffled hair. suddenly he hears a thump, a rustling inside his room-

shit, he’s forgotten to close the damned windows after installing those protective invisible lasers on jimin’s, which he had to climb outside and install while jimin was at work. god damn this- the phone was buzzing to alert him of intruders. by now the alarms in his house have gone off- to a frequency only he can hear so no one else knows. he reaches for the gun under his pillow- but it’s too late. the moment he rips open his blanket, there’s the sharp tip of a blade a millimetre away from his face.

jimin’s phone starts vibrating like crazy, and when he whines to check it, eyes squinting at the bright screen, he realises they’re coming. he’s not the cute secretary jeongguk thinks he is- his glasses? they’re designed to look for specified targets; they have small poisoned darts lodged in its legs.

his boss, that goes by the codename SUGA, has sent him a text- they’re on the way, min. and his boyfriend, HOPE, has shot him a message of time to protect your man, jiminie~ yes, he is a secretary, but he works for an intel company. classified as well, but well guised as a normal tax and insurance company, flooded with files and papers of criminal minds. and right now, he isn’t jeongguk’s beloved park jimin- he’s JM.

he presses the link yoongi (his boss’s real name) has sent after thanking him, and he sees the blinking red of the moving van marching across the gps, towards their house. damn it, he hadn’t thought they’d move so fast- he knows jeongguk has shot down their gang leader yesterday, and he had only stuck on that bug to track their coordinates one hour after the death, knowing they’d be hot on their heels, but this!

immediately, he presses a few buttons on the laptop besides him, looking at jeongguk’s sleeping figure through the night vision cameras he secretly installed in the core of his jarvis and iron man figurines on the shelves. a good masquerade, he had acclaimed, smiling softly as he brushed his fingers across the screen where his baby was sleeping. the motion sensors in his room was going crazy, courtesy of yoongi’s genius in hacking and hoseok’s (his boss’s boyfriend) nimble fingers and honeyed tongue that easily manipulated- those gangsters were only two streets away from their apartment, according to the national security cameras they had tapped on.

sighing, jimin pushed all his hangers in his wardrobe aside, pushing some hidden buttons for his bodysuit to be revealed. he had gone blonde some time after the arcade incident, jeongguk saying he would look extremely hot. he was, actually, in that skin tight suit to outline his killer figure (pun intended). lacing up his boots, jimin put on his rings next, hoisting up the mattress to reveal abundant arms stashed below, taking out a silencer and a pistol, some arrows and a crossbow.

pushing his hair back, he sighed again. anything to keep jeongguk safe.

the first thing that flashed through jeongguk’s mind was jimin. should he wake the elder up? no, jimin would definitely be outnumbered, even if he knew how to fight- there were about nine men in his spacious room that now looked too crammed. if jimin was still sleeping then there might be hope that he would make it. jeongguk would willingly take the bullet for him anyday. it was his created mess, so he would end it. swallowing, he closed his eyes, waited for the blade to deliver the excruciating pain.

but it never came.

instead, he heard the groans of those masked assailants, the sound of six shots and the firing of darts whizzing, another black figure was lithely cascading through the confined space, and jeongguk had no idea who the hell that was, or how that person could still manage to back flip and cartwheel while slicing someone’s head off with the heel of his boots. before he knew it, the man holding the dagger above is face had fallen onto his stomach, along with his entire army.

it felt like seconds where there were nine men coming for him, and now there were nine bodies on his floor piled up and waiting to be disposed.

then the night mode light flipped on, a warm orange light flitting in. “jeongguk!” a voice panted, “you alright, babe?” wait- what? that sounded exactly like-

“oh my god- honey, you never told me you-” jeongguk spluttered, seeing jimin sit on his lap, blonde bangs matted with sweat and sticking to his forehead like he had just danced for hours to perfection. “jimin, honey, darling- you could fight?”

“shut up, guk. i asked if you were okay first,”

“i-i’m good, holy shit jimin, you never told me you were my very own black widow- since when- how didn’t i know-”

“like you ever told me you were a hitman,” jimin huffed, pushing back his hair, smirking coyly. “why, jeongguk? like what you see?”

“jimin this- this is ridiculous- how could someone like you be this hot and cute at the same time- what even is this suit, oh my god-” jeongguk blubbered, tracing the mix of leather and latex lookalike material, actually bulletproof. “i had it custom made, since you were a marvel dork,” jimin laughs, moving in to kiss him. a moan came from the edge of jeongguk’s bed, the sign of one of the ruffians rousing from the taser. “so much for being kind and using a tranquilizer first,” jimin mumbling under his breath sourly, but still cupping jeongguk’s jaw and going in for a languid kiss, cocking the gun in jeongguk’s hand, aiming his non-dominant hand backward and shooting the assailant straight through the heart without even turning to look at his target.

“what the actual fu-”

“shush,” jimin says, pressing a finger to his lips. “you’re safe and that’s all that matters to me.”

“you have blades on your shoes?” jeongguk gapes, as jimin undoes the laces, tugging them off to snuggle next to jeongguk comfortably. and jimin pinkens. “um, well, they function as normal ones but like, do you remember that stupid dance with the fancy footwork you did to make me laugh- was it called begin?- if i do that then the stilletoes become knives. sharp enough to kill.” he breathes into jeongguk’s ear, emphasizing on the last four words as a careless whisper.

“i don’t think i’ve loved you more,” jeongguk whispers back, still in shock but body taut like a livewire. oh wow, he’s been blessed even though he’s a dirty sinner that takes lives and kicks ass for a living. jimin only giggles as jeongguk spoons him, mumbling sweet everythings into the nape of his neck, bodysuit off but boyfriend’s shirt on.

“now that we know each other’s secrets, why don’t we work together? as a team?”

“what do you mean? like we’re what, natasha romanoff and tony stark?”

“kinda, but mainly i mean that i’ll be your scene stealer, and you go for your direct kill.”

“but what if i hurt you-”

“till death do us part, sweetheart.”

Waffle Bun

I might have been a little hungry when naming this hairstyle… Other than the fact that I may have had a slight craving for waffles, the reason behind naming this style the Waffle Bun is the intricate criss-cross pattern on the flat, round bun.  Despite looking complicated, this hairstyle only requires a few simple steps to get it looking just right!


1) Brush

2) Large Hair Tie

3) 3 Small Hair Ties

4) Bobby Pins


1) Begin by brushing out your hair.

2) Tie your hair into a half up ponytail at the back of the head.

3) Split your hair into three even sections.

4) Braid each of the sections with a loose three-strand braid.

5) Create one large braid using the three smaller braids.  Do not tie off the end of this braid.

6) Once at the bottom of the braid, securely hold one of the three sections in one hand and the other two sections in the other.

7) While holding the single section in place, slide (scruch) the other two pieces upwards.

8) Pull the scruch apart slightly to give your braid more area.

9) Loosely wrap this braid around the initial hair elastic.

10) Shape and hold in place with bobby pins and hairspray.

Horizontal Bun

Today’s new hairstyle, the Horizontal Bun, is something that I came up with recently that I have really come to enjoy.  It’s not that often that I come across low buns that I feel good wearing so looks like this are quite new to me.  What I like most about this bun is that it is low, but not particularly heavy.  I also love how this can be worn very clean, but also looks good messy.


1) Brush

2) Two Large Hair Ties

3) Two Small Hair Ties

4) Bobby Pins


1) Start by brushing out your hair.

2) Split your hair in half by creating a middle part all the way down your head.

3) Use the large hair ties to create two pigtails at the middle, back of your head.

4) Braid each pigtail and tie off with the small hair elastics.

5) Take the right pigtail and begin creating a figure eight shape by bringing it up and around the left hair tie.

6) Bobby pin into place.

7) Take the remainder of the right ponytail and bring it up and back around the right hair tie.

8) Bobby pin into place.

9) Continue this process until there is no more excess hair.

10) Repeat steps 5-9 with the left braid.  Finalize with hairspray.

Please stay with me tonight / Part 2 (Draco x Reader)

tYou can read Part 1 here!

In the next morning you woke up alone in the couch. You went back down to your dorm, put on some fresh clothes and hurry up to your class; you were already late. You went in to the class room and murmured a “Sorry professor”, but it doesn’t seem like Professor Binns heard or noticed you. You took your seat next to Draco. 

“Sorry for vanishing, you just slept so sweet, I didn’t want to bother you.” - he whispered. You gave him a gently smile. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, better.” - you didn’t lie, you were really much better now than last night. 

The lesson was boring as hell as always. You almost felt asleep when a little piece of parchment landed on your desk. You folded out and read the message:

Do you want to come to the ball with me?

Yes                  or                      Absolutely

You saw Zacharias Smith who winked at you, then looked at Draco and rolled your eyes with a tired moan. You write a No after the Absolutely and underlined it before threw it back to the sender. Draco laugh at you and you continue to listening the teacher. To be honest, the only person who you wanted to go with it was him. Even as just friends it’d bee so good, so you said no every guy who asked you in a hope that maybe Draco will ask you. But he didn’t. After your History of Magic you walked to the Great Hall with Draco, Pansy, Crabbe and Goyle to have a lunch.

„You said no to an another boy again? I mean I know you can get anybody with that face and body of yours but hey, he was like the 10th guy whom you rejected!” – Pansy screeched.

„Okay, I can’t get anybody and Zacharias is a jerk, no way I’ll go with him. And he was the 12th, by the way.” – you smirked.

„Oh shut up, Y/L/N. Just say yes to somebody. I want you to be there, we have to dance and get drunk together!” – she whined. Even if Pansy Parkinson was an annoying, insufferable bitch sometimes, you still managed to became good friends with her.

„And whom are you even go with? You didn’t told me yet.”

„Blaise.” – she said with a satisfied face.

„Blaise? Zabini?” – you asked with a confused look. „You mean as friends or…”

„Oh, who knows, it’s the Yule Ball after all!” The girl was pretty satisfied with herself and with her pair. You continued your lunch, chatting with the others when Cormac McLaggen appeared next to you.

„Hello Y/N.” – he greeted with that grin of his.

„Hey McLaggen.” – you said with a very tired fake smile, fearing of what happens next.

„So I heard that you don’t have a partner for the ball yet. I wonder if maybe we can go together.” – Cormac looked like he was sure that Y/N will say yes to him. Poor guy.

„Oh. Well, sorry, but somebody already asked me and I said yes.” – You heard Pansy palm-slap on her forehead. Cormac had a defeated look on his face, but he doesn’t really broken as he already went to an another girl on the other side of the table. Pansy broke the silence.

„I mean I know he’s a gryffindor, but seriously, Y/N? He’s the hottest guy in this place! – she yelled.

„Hottest? Really? And he’s only want an acces into my panties, so no thanks.”

“Don’t be so frigid. Is there even any guy that you’d said yes? After that I highly doubt it…”

You had a wondered look on your face when Draco turns to you.

„Y/N, do you wan to come with me?”

Well, that was unexpected. Your heart skipped a beat. You felt your breath stucked in your throath as he looked at your eyes deeply with his stormy gaze. You tried really hard to not smile like and idiot.

„Yes.” – you breathed.

„Ugh, finally.” – Pansy growled. „I hope you have a nice dress.”


Your aunt sent you one weeks ago. The deeply dark green dress that almost looked black was truly amazing, and Pansy was already jelaous when she saw it in your wardrobe.

„If Draco won’t fall in love with you if he’ll see you in that dress, he’s either blind or idiot. Or if he hasn’t already…” – she stated. You rolled your eyes on her but inside your screamed happily, you can’t wait to see his face when he’ll see you. Even it was a friendly invite, you were so delighted.

 It was Saturday afternoon. You made an easy but nice bun, dressed up, and put a light make up on. You felt yourself like a princess, and with the Slytherin Prince in your side you’ll definietly look like one. You walked out from the dorm room and waited for Draco. You looked calm, but your heart was beating really fast. The nervous feeling dissappeared a little when you saw how the other boys looked at you in the common room. You didn’t even noticed when Draco stepped before you.

„Hi.” – you smiled, but he didn’t said anything for a few seconds. His eyes wondered on your body and stopped on your gaze.

„Ah, eermm, sorry. You just look… so… wonderful. – he whispered, clearly embarassed.

„Oh Godric, I made Draco Lucius Malfoy speechless.” – you said with a surprised tone and face, and he rolled his eyes on you. „And you look dashing too, Draco.”

You went down to the Great Hall, holding Draco’s arms. You felt eyes on yourself all the way which made you a bit strained.

„Everybody’s looking at you.” – he smirked proudly.

„I know, do something stupid, I can’t stand it.”

„Calm down, you’re beautiful.” – he stated while he guided you to a table that you shared with Pansy, Blaise, Tracy and her partner that you didn’t recognize.

„Slytherin colors suits you perfectly Y/N!” – Pansy yelled gleefully. „Malfoy I hope you now you have the hottest woman in your side tonight” – she winked. Draco grabbed your hand which made you instantly blushed. „I know.” – he said, matter of factly. „Do you want to dance?”

„You can dance?” – you asked surprised while you stood up and walked to the dance floor. He gave you a smirk before placed one of his hand on your hips and started to move.

In the next hour you didn’t spoke a lot, just simply enjoying the music, the dance, and the touch of eachothers. Sometimes he was making jokes about how much of a tosser is Potter while he dancing, or how nice would be if Snape starting to dance with Moaning Myrtle, made you laugh all the time. Once Cormac asked you from him but with a simply no, he grabbed you out from his sight. A slow song came, and you froze, but he pulled you closer while wrapped his arms around your waist and your back. You placed your hands around his neck and since you were too nervy, you put your head on his chest. And with that step, you can felt how strongly is his heartbeat. You hugged eachother so many times before, but it was so much more now.

When a song was over and a very fast one came, you looked at eachother, both of you blushed. Draco Malfoy, blushed. That was a view that you didn’t think you’ll see ever. The obviously awkward moment ended when you heard Pansy’s shriek while she came closer to you, goblets in her hands.

„This is for you, girl! Cheers!” – you didn’t want to get drunk, but you were so anxious you decided a little firewhisky won’t hurt. Or a little more. You wanted to dance with the others, but your legs was weak by now, so you sat down to your table with Draco and Pansy while you drank an another goblet of firewhisky. And an another. And an another.

„Okay, I think that’s enough for you today.” – he told you while took the goblet out of your hand. You looked up on him with puppy eyes and sad face, while Pansy pleaded: „Draceyyy leave her be! She’s totally fine and I still want to dance with her!”

„Yes!” – you yelled while stood up, but at the same time you lost the control and leaned to the table. Draco grabbed your waist and pulled you closer to himself, while leaned you out of the Hall. „Night Pansy.”

Your clasped your hands around his arms as he guided you down to the dungeons. „Why are you sooo party pooper? I had a good time!” – you cried.

„You’re drunk. You’ll thank me tomorrow morning.”

„I won’t! I hate youuu and I-I wanna go back.” – you squeaked.

„Do you now?” – he said, while dragged you to your dorm room and put you down on your bed.

You stayed calm but you looked at him sulky which made him smile.

„What are you laughing at? You are not funny. You are vicious.”

„You look adorable when you’re angry.” – he started and sat down next to you on your bed. „We had a great time, but you’re drunk, you need to rest. Please, can you do that for me?” – he mouthed with a soft tone as he cup your cheek. You nodded in silence and he was on his way to the door, when you called him back.

„Draco, please help me and peel me out of this dress.” – you said simply, the anxiety was long drowned into the firewisky. You were in your feet and turn your back on him, waiting for unzip your dress.

He pulled down the zipper, exposed your bare skin. He put his hand on your back and gently stroke it down to your lower back. You shivered under his touch. It was you like immediatly sobered and the only thing that made you drank, is his skin on yours. That was a now or never moment; you turned to face him. Your dress was already started to slip down, but before it could, Draco pulled you over tightly and kissed you greedly. It was a deep, fast kiss which show how much and how long you wanted eachother. Both of you were insatiable. Neither of you wanted to stop, neither of you pulled over. Your hands was on the back of his neck and when you grasped his hair, he instantly moaned in your mouth which made your knees weak. He sensed this so took a step forward, put you down on the bed, still not let go of you. He grab the top of your dress and cautiously pulled it off your body.

„You are so fucking beautiful, Y/N.” – he murmured. He kissed you again, but this time much slower and not so fierce. His hands were everywhere: from your neck to your breats, to your waist and hips while gently stroke it, to your thighs, made you tremble. He wandered down on your neck while he massaged your breasts which caused you moaning. He smirked into your neck and whispered a „Got you” in a husky voice before he was started to gently sucking on your sweet spot. Your hands wondered down from his hair down on his back, and you started to unblock his belt, but that was when he quickly grabbed your wrist and leaned away from you a little, his forehead on yours.

„What’s wrong?” – your said in a low voice.

„If we don’t stop now, I’m not sure I can stop later.” You felt his hard member through his pants; it was surprising that he can still control himself.

„I don’t want you to stop.” – you said, cupping his face.

„I want it too, but Y/N, you’re drunk, and I won’t take the advantage of the situaton.”

Your body was tensed up and you were almost completely sober by now, but you were still greatful for that. You kissed him gently and murmured a thank you in his ear.

You walked to your wardrobe to take on a t-shirt, and give him an another. He looked at you confused.

„The fact that we’ve not going to have sex doesn’t mean I’ll let you sleep alone tonight.” – you smirked at him and he smirked back before he started to undress. You couldn’t help yourself but stare at him; he had a nice body that make your cheeks pink.

„Like what you see, love?”

„Shut up.” – you smiled. He took on the shirt and crawled in next to you, immediatly make you cuddle with him.

„Oooh, you’re a cuddler, that’s so cute.” – you purred.

„If you don’t like it I can let go.” – he said threateningly.

„You wouldn’t do that.” – you grinned and he pulled you closer. „Thank you for being a gentleman.”

„Anything for you, love”. – he whispered before both of you felt alseep in eachothers arms.



Perfectly imperfect, it doesn’t get easier than a tousled top knot. After the beach or the BBQ, throw your hair up in a style that was made for 2nd day hair. Adriana of El Diario de la Moda shows us how: 1. Start by pulling 2nd day hair back into a high ponytail. 2. Tease your ponytail with a fine-tooth comb to add texture and volume. 3. Wrap your ponytail around the hair tie and pin into a bun. Finish with Youth Boost Hairspray for a light hold and protection from humidity.


A/N: Shitty writing but I’m trying to branch out of the typical plots. I listened to Confident by Demi Lovato and One Time by Marian Hill while I was writing this.

Warnings: Swearing

Summary: Your best friend growing up was Sam Wilson but with his busy life as an Avenger and your life in the Air Force, you two never really got to spend much time together. That was until you applied to become the new War Machine after  Lt. Col. James Rhodes retired. Now Sam won’t let you be and a new protective streak has started but will it end your friendship or only make things stronger? Bucky X Reader

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