easy bun

Horizontal Bun

Today’s new hairstyle, the Horizontal Bun, is something that I came up with recently that I have really come to enjoy.  It’s not that often that I come across low buns that I feel good wearing so looks like this are quite new to me.  What I like most about this bun is that it is low, but not particularly heavy.  I also love how this can be worn very clean, but also looks good messy.


1) Brush

2) Two Large Hair Ties

3) Two Small Hair Ties

4) Bobby Pins


1) Start by brushing out your hair.

2) Split your hair in half by creating a middle part all the way down your head.

3) Use the large hair ties to create two pigtails at the middle, back of your head.

4) Braid each pigtail and tie off with the small hair elastics.

5) Take the right pigtail and begin creating a figure eight shape by bringing it up and around the left hair tie.

6) Bobby pin into place.

7) Take the remainder of the right ponytail and bring it up and back around the right hair tie.

8) Bobby pin into place.

9) Continue this process until there is no more excess hair.

10) Repeat steps 5-9 with the left braid.  Finalize with hairspray.

Braided Top Knot

This week’s hairstyle combines many of I’m Hair For You’s hairstyles into one amazing bun.  Using a combination of a regular braid, a regular twist, a fishtail, a 4 strand fishtail, and a box braid, you can create this braided top knot.  Instead of including all of the instructions for each braid along the way, I have linked previous tutorials in each step.  You can also use a different combination of braids and twists in this look - it’s totally up to you!


1) Brush

2) Large Hair Tie

3) 5 Small Hair Ties

4) Bobby Pins


1) Start by brushing your hair into a ponytail where you would like your bun to be located.

2) Take one fifth of your hair and begin twisting it.

3) Tie off with a small hair elastic.

4) Take another fifth of your hair and create a regular braid.

5) Tie off with another small hair tie.

6) Next, section off another fifth of your hair and begin a fishtail braid.  Click here for a full fishtail tutorial.

7) Tie off with a third small hair tie.

8) Taking another fifth of your hair, start a 4 strand fishtail braid.  Click here for my recent 4 strand tutorial.

9) Tie off with another small hair elastic.

10) Take the rest of your hair and begin a box braid.  Click here for a DIY box braid tutorial.

11) Tie off with your final small hair tie.

12) Take one of your five completed sections and begin wrapping it around your ponytail.

13) Bobby pin into place.

14) Repeat steps 12 and 13 with the rest of your sections and finish with hairspray.

Fluffy Bun

Fluffy Bun?  Fan Bun?  Slinky Bun?  I’m still struggling to figure out the perfect name for this look!  No matter what it’s called, I love this hairstyle because it is a unique bun that only takes 5 easy steps to complete.  Another thing that is great about the style is that it creates a big, voluminous bun, even if you don’t have a lot of hair.


1) Brush

2) 2 Hair Ties

3) Bobby Pins


1) Begin by brushing your hair into a high ponytail.

2) Re-tie your ponytail with a second hair tie on top of the first, but do not pull all of your hair through on the last loop.

3) Wrap the loose hair (not pulled through) around the base of the ponytail and bobby pin into place.

4) Take the top loop of your bun and fluff it out.

5) Bobby pin the ends of your bun down and to the shape of your choice and finalize with hairspray.

Ballerina Bun | Back to the Basics

While doing live demonstrations of styles from I’m Hair For You, I was approached by somebody asking me how to create a ballerina bun.  She said she wanted to learn how to create a simple and tight bun for her daughter to wear to dance rehearsals.  This inspired me to make this week’s Back to the Basics tutorial a Ballerina Bun.


1) Brush

2) 2 Hair Ties

3) Bobby Pins


1) Start by brushing through your hair.

2) Pull hair into a tight ponytail.  Remember, the location of the ponytail will be the location of the bun.

3) Twist the hair from the ponytail together.

4) Begin wrapping the hair around the hair tie.

5) Once the hair is fully wrapped around, take a second hair elastic and tie around the bun to hold in place.

6) To finish off, use bobby pins to hide any pieces of hair sticking out and to hold the bun in place.  Use hairspray to keep down any flyaways around the head.

Have any suggestions for future hair tutorials?  Leave a comment or inbox me descriptions of what you’d like to see next!


Perfectly imperfect, it doesn’t get easier than a tousled top knot. After the beach or the BBQ, throw your hair up in a style that was made for 2nd day hair. Adriana of El Diario de la Moda shows us how: 1. Start by pulling 2nd day hair back into a high ponytail. 2. Tease your ponytail with a fine-tooth comb to add texture and volume. 3. Wrap your ponytail around the hair tie and pin into a bun. Finish with Youth Boost Hairspray for a light hold and protection from humidity.

Half Up Space Buns

Space Buns have continued to be a very popular hairstyle, and recently I have noticed a spike in the half up version of the style.  Today’s tutorial is my take on the Half Up Space Buns.  I have decided to include Dutch braided accents in the buns to make the style a bit more interesting.  While I chose to keep the buns quite small and left my hair loose and messy, you could choose to do different variations where the buns are larger, or everything is pulled tight.  It’s totally up to you!


1) Brush

2) Comb

3) 2 Large Hair Ties

4) 2 Small Hair Ties

5) Bobby Pins


1) Start by brushing through your hair.

2) Use a comb to create a centre part.

3) On one side of the part, take 3 equal sections of hair to begin a small Dutch Braid.

4) Cross the right piece under the middle piece, followed by the left piece under the new middle piece.

5) Add in more hair to the right piece before crossing under the middle piece.  Then, add in more hair to the left piece before crossing under the middle piece.  

6) Continue this process.  (If you’re having trouble with Dutch Braiding, click here for a full tutorial).

7) Once at the back top of your head, stop adding in any more hair and tie off with a large hair tie.

8) Finish off this ponytail by braiding it down to the bottom and securing with a small hair elastic.

9) Begin wrapping the braid around the hair elastic.

10) Bobby pin into place.

11) Repeat steps 3-10 on the other side of your head and finish with hairspray.

This is a super cute textured voluminous bun hairstyle that’s easy to do💖all you need to do is starting with a high ponytail, tease strands of the back of the hair and then twist it around and bobby pin it or use a ponytail and you can pull out pieces or work with it to achieve your desired look! Then finish using hairspray to make it stay in place all day👍✨