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Alex Karev Imagine

Alex Karev Imagine
1622 Words
Suggestions: Reader is engaged and Alex is Jealous. Reader and her fiance get into an argument and she threatens to leave him. Instead, her fiance abuses her and Alex does something about it, scaring the Reader. As she gets pulled up into the E.R., Alex confesses her love as does the Reader, because she has loved him for a long time as well.
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You grinned, skipping happily down the hall.

“Wow, you look happy,” Meredith looked at you.

“Too happy,” Cristina said.

“C’mon, she’s engaged, she’s supposed to be happy,” April smiled.

“I know, but this happiness is coming from somewhere we haven’t seen.”

You were a 5th Year resident, a year above the 3 girls that noticed a change in your mood.

“After getting engaged, my luck has turned around! I got in on 3 solo surgeries just this week alone,” You sighed with relief, leaning over a counter with a dreaming look on your face.

“Did you forget that I was in on those surgeries,” Alex muttered, hitting the back of your head.

“How could I forget?! My knight in shining armor came and helped too,” You slapped his back, hard.

He flinched.

“Don’t tell me you want to start a war (L/n),” He smirked at you.

“Nah, I’m good. I’m engaged, no need to hit this beautiful art,” You motioned to yourself.

He frowned.


You sighed.

“I know you don’t like him, but can you get along? For me? Please.”

“I said whatever, so I mean whatever.”

You smiled and placed a hand on his arm.

“Thank you.”

You walked off, more than likely to get another surgery.

After you left, Meredith and Cristina both looked at Alex.

“Okay, the fact that you let her walk away without telling her is just shocking,” Cristina said.

“What do you mean,” April asked.

“Okay, you should’ve caught on by now,” Jackson walked up to her, looking down at her.

“Alex has had a crush on (Y/n) since last year. He just won’t tell her,” Meredith said.

“And there is no need to. She’s engaged, so what? I can find the love of my life somewhere else,” Alex muttered.

“Yeah, except the guy sucks.”

“She loves him, okay? I’m fine being the best friend who tells her she’s pretty on her wedding day.”

“The fact that she said she doesn’t want a maid of honor is shocking too.”

“Maybe she wants a small wedding with little-to-no people there,” Cristina chewed on a candy bar.

“She’s a people person, of course she wouldn’t want that.”

“Of course, she is. I mean, what’s the other reason?”

“Why don’t you ask,” April asked them both.


They both trailed off. You walked around again, this time with a scrub cap.

“Dr. Webber asked if I could assist him in an Appy! SO EASY,” You squealed.

“I heard you don’t want a maid of honor at your wedding, why,” April asked casually.

You stopped and looked at her.

“Oh, you heard? Ah, well… I can’t have a guy as a maid of honor… So… Yeah… I don’t want one.”

You shrugged, walking off.

“Her and Alex are inseparable, of course it had something to do with him,” Cristina muttered.

“Yeah, of course it did,” Meredith nodded.

April looked at the both of them and sighed.

The next morning, you were wearing a turtle neck.

“(Y/n), aren’t you hot,” Meredith asked you.

“I’m okay,” You mumbled, rubbing your eyes as you had half your face covered by a scarf.

“No, you’re not. I said that when Owen chocked me and look where that got us,” Cristina said.

“I’m okay.”

Your hair hid one of your eyes, which people thought it was really weird, one of those people including Alex. You were walking down the hall when you were pulled into a closet. You turned in shock and saw Alex frowning at you.

“What,” You asked him.

“Why the hell do you look like this,” He asked, pointing at the extra stuff you were wearing.

“No reason.”

He pulled down the scarf to see your lip was busted.

“What happened?”

“I fell down the stairs.”

He moved your hair and saw a black eye.

“Okay, you didn’t fall down the stairs. What happened? You punched yourself by accident?”

“Something like that…”

You trailed off. He stared at your discomfort. He grabbed the top of your turtle neck and pulled it down, seeing 2 red marks on either side of your neck. He pulled it back up. He wrapped the scar around your mouth and looked into your eyes.

“What happened,” He whispered.


You looked away. He got the picture now. He opened the door and walked out.

“Alex,” You whimpered.

“I’ll talk to you later,” He called to you.

You tried to work through the day, but your face was pretty messed up. You couldn’t really hide most of your face for much longer. When you got into surgery, Dr. Bailey looked at you scrubbing in.

“Why do you have a black eye and a busted lip? Did you get into a fight,” She placed a hand on her hip.

“…Something like that,” You looked down, putting your scrub mask on.

“You know me (Y/n). That is NOT an answer, now I could sit here all day, we have a patient to get to-.”

“I did… get into a fight… but it’s not a normal fight.”

You looked at her.

“I got… in a fight with my fiancé… well, now Ex-Fiancé… and I threatened to leave him, and he punched me in the eye. I might’ve dislocated his shoulder, but he smashed my head into a vase, and cut my lip. I fell onto the ground and couldn’t get up. I hurt too much. He got on top of me and placed his hands around my neck.”

You pulled down your turtle neck and pointed.

“He started chocking me. After 20 minutes, he got up and said he had to go to work. That was at 3 am. I couldn’t sleep, so I showered, grabbed a turtle neck and a scarf, I fixed my hair and went to work. That’s the quickest trip I’ve had at home in a long time.”

You finished scrubbing your arms and hands with soap and looked at her.

“Ready whenever you are.”

After surgery, Bailey told you to stay with her afterwards. You obeyed, sitting outside the O.R. She got out and looked at you.

“I scheduled a C.T., just to be on the safe side. If you don’t have a concussion, then you can sleep in the O.R. when we’re finished.”

“Dr. Bailey-.”

“You don’t need to worry. Trust me.”

“…Thank you.”

You nodded your head and followed her through the hospital. People gave you looks, and you decided to ignore them, for your best interest anyway.

“Dr. Bailey, can you spare Dr. (L/n) for a couple of hours,” Owen came around the corner and looked at her.

“I’m taking her down to C.T. with me,” Bailey looked at him.

He looked at you and stared. You frowned.

“What happened,” He whispered to her.

“I will leave the details up for her to tell you. You can ask her.”

You both arrived at C.T. and started getting you scanned.

“How do you feel in there, Dr. (L/n),” Owen asked you.

“My neck hurts,” You called.

“Don’t worry, we see nothing in the scans, we’ll get an X-Ray if you want.”

Dr. Webber walked in, looking at the two of them.

“I heard about you both and someone else getting a C.T. who isn’t a patient. Who’s in there,” He asked.

Bailey gave him a look.

“Dr. (L/n), sir,” She said.

“Dr. (L/n) is in there? What happened?”

“I got hit with a vase,” You called, hearing the entire conversation.

Dr. Webber looked at you.

“And she doesn’t have a concussion. You can get up now Dr. (L/n),” Owen called.

You got up, rubbing your neck. You got out into the hall, meeting up with the 3 doctors. You heard your pager beep and look down. Your breath hitched.

“Oh god,” You muttered, running past them down the hall into an elevator.

You arrived in the E.R., hearing the ambulances outside.

“(Guy Name) (Last Name), possible concussion, possible broken ribs, and a dislocated shoulder.”

Your Ex-Fiancé rolled in on a stretcher, groaning.

“That idiot’s going to get what’s coming to him,” He yelled.

“Alex Karev, possible broken ribs, cut on cheek, and a broken wrist.”

“Alex,” You breathed, running next to his stretcher.

“(Y/n),” He muttered.

“What the hell did you do,” You whimpered.

“Taught him a lesson, I hope.”

“No, I don’t care what you did to him, what we’re you thinking?! I don’t want to come into the E.R. when your name pops up on my pager with 911. My heart almost stopped. Okay?! My heart almost stopped when your name came up… Don’t scare me please.”

You placed your hand on his cheek. You pulled it off and grabbed a suture kit.

“I’ll sew up your face if you want?”

“Yeah… please.”

Before getting an X-Ray, you pulled up a chair next to him. He held his chest.

“Why did you fight him,” You murmured.

“He doesn’t get to hurt you. Not on my watch. If he touches you again, I’ll lose it. I won’t back down. I didn’t even start the fight in the first place.”

“Doesn’t matter who started what first. Let me tell you this… I don’t want you to hurt yourself, okay?”


You grabbed his cheeks and made him face you.

“Don’t you whatever me… Idiot. I want full responses. Okay? Fine? Alright? Whichever works for you.”

He leaned in and pressed his lips against yours. You smiled and kissed back. You both pulled away.

“Honestly, I tried to get over you,” You said, putting up your suture kit.

You looked up at him.

“But you pulled me in. I dated, I found someone, and you still manage to pull me in… You’re mean, you know?”

“I love you,” He whispered.

“I love you too.”