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Fic Rec bc Fuck my Essay

No one asked me to do this but since I have writer’s block and I have been reading a few amazing fics, I thought I might do this.

*Clears throat* Prepare for ramble.

Keeping Count by sadisticsiren

Ramble: really fucking adorable af. the story telling it was amazingly charming, I really really loved the simplicity of it and how it was so damn easy to picture the entire scene of said story in so short words. It was a fucking delight to read and re read bc I re read every fic I rec to remember the feelings they make me feel. I loved this one so much.

shake what’s left of me by memesofbees

Ramble: honestly? most of the stories written by this author are fucking amazing and adorable and I love it when Lance calls Keith baby and dude, you all know me and I love smitten shit and these boys right here are so damn far gone with each other. also, it’s one of AFTER KEITHS VLOG so like, tears? fluff? comfort? bring it the fuck ON. ps. ALSO I loved the part where Keith goes like ‘NOPE’ all cracking voice bc that’s literally me and I saw myself and it was really funny.

don’t gain a single thing by memesofbees

Ramble: again, love this author. angry Lance confronting Keith after that stunt? emotional angry argument with yelling that hides their fear and sadness? fucking tears when tho u r still mad as hell and how fucking Keith just fucking crumbles and then they fucking visit Red? I just, damn man. roller coaster right there, gimme hurt boys and then comfort them GOOD, FUCK YEAH.

Keith’s Type by AmbitiousSkychild

Ramble: I’m sure you have heard of this one but I just HAD to put it because it was REALLY FUCKING WELL DONE AND AMAZING. The fucking outline of the story and how it slowly clicked with the show’s event was fucking genius and it was so fucking pleaseant because it was so damn satisfing to see that they are not each other’s first crushes, they had feelings before they even met 

Even more than that, seeing Lance’s pov and how he slowly comes to terms with his feelings and how he confesses but not really and then Keith does but not really and they are in this weird dancing that you KNOW ITS GONNA EXPLODE and then it DOES and you are like *whispers* aw yeah bring on the yelling and angry confession with tears and bla bla. AMAZING fic, loved it, treasure it, huge victory.

call me names by  memesofbees

Ramble: look, when you find a good author, you read all of their stuff bc you KNOW they are going to be a dman good blast. THIS RIGHT HERE has to be one of my fucking faves before it’s so damn simple but the stories it carries are so damn endearing and enjoyable.

I never thought reading a dictionary was going to be anything but that! I so damn enjoyed it and loved it and the way it got an actual story, a kind of plot in there, somehow idk? amazing skills right there, it was amazing and heartbreaking (bc ya know, ofc someone has to get hurt) so yeah, def one of my faves.

i’m right here by  memesofbees

Ramble: ok so NSFW RIGHT HERE, but I just HAD TO PUT IT bc its so damn emotional and heavy with feelings and you can really FEEL (woah there, not that kind) the love they have for each other and it’s really damn beautiful and I really loved reading that bc it made me giddily. 

color of boom by memesofbees

Ramble: Also NSFW lmao, sorry, BUT IT WAS SO DAMN GOOD AND SO DAMN CHARMING AND AGAIN. AGAIN WITH THE DAMN SMITTEN BOYS AND DUDE IM SUCH A WEAK GAL FOR SMITTEN ESTABLISHED BOYS IN LOVE UGH. It’s about keith’s birthday and it was so damn loving and precious and funny and I just love seeing Keith happy man, I lvoe love love that. 

Marichat May Day 24: ‘I owe you one’

Alya convinced Marinette to try to see other people and so she set her up for blind dates. But luck is not on Marinette’s side and so far all of them have been a disaster. Fortunately for her, she can always count on her kitty to sneak out and go back to the comfort of her home and have a peaceful evening.

dozing off.

How to remove backgrounds (the easy way)

 First, pick a picture with a strong difference between your focus and the background. The easiest ones will always be photo shoots with solid backgrounds.

Today I’m going to use this photo:

1) Open up your photo and select the Selection tool. Make sure it’s on plus.

2) Click and drag around your focal point until you have your background selected. Switch to the minus to remove parts if it selects too much. 

3) Next, invert the selection.

4) Then add a vector mask by clicking the square with a circle in it.

Example: Your layer should look like this.

5) Double click the black and white box on your layer and this window will pop up.

6) Select the Refine Edge Brush Tool and make sure it’s on plus. 

7) Zoom in and paint around the edges of the hair or finer details. If it adds too much, click the minus sign and repaint over the spot.

Example: The left half of her hair has been brushed over while the right side has not. You can notice a considerable difference bectween the hardness of the pixels. (also, feel free to adjust the Global Refinements/Edge Detection to your liking, just play around with the sliders and you’ll catch on quick!)

8) Click OK and review your image. 

9) Reselect the black and white vector mask and change your PS colors to black and white. Using the brush tool, go in and paint back (or out) details. Or, use the Polygonal lasso tool to make a selection and fill it with black to remove or white to add. Here, I removed a section between her arm and her waist.

10) Finally, add a background color/pattern and add any psds/actions/etc.

Here’s the final product! Hope this helps!

Oscar Isaac AU

Oscar Isaac as Enjolras (via thebridgesandtunnels)

Oscar Isaac as Combeferre

Oscar Isaac as Courfeyrac

Oscar Isaac as Feuilly

Oscar Isaac as Bahorel  (via smolfeuilly)


Oscar Isaac as Jehan (via pilferingapples and cheesethesecond)

Oscar Isaac as Joly

Oscar Isaac as Bossuet

Oscar Isaac as Grantaire (via darrenjolras)

Oscar Isaac as Marius:

PLUS bonus Montparnasse:


iman meskini lockscreens

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Elias found a little friend~

Got my Elias nendoroid a little while ago and have been meaning to take some pics with it. Unfortunately an annoying cold made cosplay less than ideal so it had to wait. But now the cold is gone and after seeing the new preview for the MahouYome TV anime airing in October it seemed like the perfect time to bring Elias out to meet his little buddy :)

Favorite things
  • Prompto: Hey Noct. Let's play a guessing game. Three clues. No wrong answers.
  • Noctis: Let's do it then.
  • Prompto: Okay. Your clues are: click click. Kwek kwek! Bang bang bang!
  • Noctis: hmph. Easy. Your favorite things. Taking pictures, chocobos and shooting guns.
  • Prompto: ohh almost. You got the last one wrong.
  • Noctis: Well then what else goes bang bang?
  • Prompto: You banging me up against the wall.
Helping Hand (m)

Summary: You wake up from a dream with an ache between your legs and Taehyung is more than willing to lend a helping hand. 
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Genre: romance, smut
Warnings: masturbation, multiple orgasms, oral sex
Rating: M
Word Count: 3691
Somewhat of a sequel: All Hands on Deck (m)

Originally posted by jimin-bts-trashs

The name passes through your lips in a hushed whisper, nothing but a curious call to see if the person lying next to you is awake or still deep in slumber. You push at the blankets until they lie in a rumpled mess around your hips and peer over at him once again, taking in the fan of eyelashes across his cheek bones and the natural pout of his lips as he curls further into a semi-ball. It appears he is still sleeping, completely unaware of the state you have woken up in. Huffing out a sigh, you ponder your next move. There is the option of escaping to the showers for a bit of privacy as you take care of the heat curling low between your legs from your recent dream however, you are not very interested in a shower so early in the morning and the idea of getting out of bed does not seem too appealing.

There is another option, you think.

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