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 so some fun facts about working in carpentry (from someone in the field) that probably no one wants but could be fun for writing about julia and mags with:

  • it is so so important to maintain a positive relationship with your clients and that’s probably why mags is so proud of his rustic hospitality and wants to use it at every corner because your relationships and reputation is half the job
  • for one you get returning clients and tends to be the best and most reliable source of income and you also usually will end up getting gifts from them too which is, sweet
  • if they’re doing pretty well off during a year i’m almost certain that they offer discounts for their services for the poorer members of raven’s roost, mangus in particular has a “doggy discount” that if they own a dog and they let it work with him they get a good discount
  • both of them (+plus stephen) are probably ambidextrous to a degree as when working on repeat projects, you tend to get really tired and sore and continue working until that arm gives out and then switch to the other to be able to continue working
  • going with that, you get paid by commission or project usually and so hypothetically you could pick up as many as possible (or as many as the union will allow) and probably will do that a couple times and you could literally blow out your entire body but be set for the year in a couple weeks
  • going with the stress on the body, the physical labor definitely means that they have bad knees and probably a bad arm as well not to mention if there is a lot of heavy lifting you can get multiple hairpin fractures along your spine and legs causing intense pain that cannot be treated 
  • also if they’re working with saws (which i’m pretty sure trav did say were in the pocket workshop) then i have no idea why mags reacted so badly to losing a finger because everyone i have ever worked with has or has almost cut off their finger once a week
  • also you get a very high tolerance for pain (which probably helps mags as being a sword for hirer)  like i have literally sliced my entire forearm open and just wrapped it up and continued working
  • since raven’s roost has a carpentry district, that most likely means that they have a lumber sister town that provides all of the resources
  • and again, going with the importance of rustic hospitality, if you’re friends with the lumber providers then you will get first pick on the quality wood and quality literally will save you days of work
  • if there’s a bad harvest one year then it will fucking suck because people don’t stop needing furniture or buildings and you as the carpenter have to pick up the slack for the shitty warped wood and most projects will take about double the time
  • woodworking is a skill trade and has to be learned over years so most likely by the time mags came along julia was already extremely skilled and is able to do commissions and bids on her own and has her own reputation in ravens roost (which…tbh mags could have very well apprenticed under her) 
  • it is extremely hard to go from apprenticing one carpenter to another because even the basics get muddled with your own style to the point where most people measure in different ways and cutting something wrong (especially cutting it short) will waste so much material thus mags being brand new to apprenticing under stephen probably takes years while jules just laughs each time he fucks up a leg of a chair

Capitalism is honestly the biggest inhibitor of learning tbh, like … people even recognize this when they say shit like 

“if everyone got free college then a degree would be useless” 

lmao like THEY KNOW IT’S FUCK HARD to get an education under capitalism.

what with the egregious costs for everything from attending school to getting school material … to getting access to journals .. etc. 

you literally can’t fucking do anything without money if you wanna learn and do serious research, literally everything is behind a paywall. 

scientific journals, economic journals, finance journals, etc. all ridiculously expensive to gain access to. If you can’t afford to access this shit good luck completing your dissertation lmao. 

A single paper can be anywhere from $50-$200 easy to access. 

capitalism does not want people to learn unless they got money, and yall fucking recognize this, you recognize it lmao. it shows in everything you say.

Emergency guide for langblrs

I thought i should make this guide with suggestions for people who:

1. Don’t always have internet.
2. Go somewhere where there’s no internet.
3. The internet is slow/barely working in their area.
4. People who want to be prepared.
5. Others that i can’t think of now.

Everything I’m going to say works offline so in case the light went out for a couple of hours and you don’t know what to do to practice your target language, here are some suggestions.


You should have a notebook with grammar in it and it doesn’t really matter if you just copy-paste an entire grammar book. (However it would be pretty good if you actually pay attention to what you write otherwise you’ll have to work twice. 1st you copy-paste then you have to figure out what’s important and what isn’t and that takes pretty long time.)


  • Print a book. try to find a place where the printing is cheap. Usually these are small bookshops or so. Take a walk around the town and check out many places or ask friends of yours, maybe one of them knows a place.
  • Buy a book

Print some lists with verbs and their forms. 

I’d suggest you guys to always have a list with irregular verbs. If you have time you can actually make a big poster with their forms and practice them daily (or just look at the poster, after a while you remember what you wrote) or keep it for days with no internet so you can study them.

Alternative: you can download a PDF but if you have no light for hours, your phone/laptop will die pretty soon and you might need them for more important stuff.

Always have books, magazines, comics in your target language. 

Now, it doesn’t matter if they are PDF or physical. My tablet has comics in Danish in case i have no light and i’m bored. It’s pretty handy to have something to read.

Idioms all the way~ 

You might be a beginner so you didn’t really want to learn idioms usually because you think they are “too advanced”, however, it’s no harm to have 2 packs of flashcards at you in case you want to play a game.
I said 2 packs so i should explain why. 1 is in your target language while the other is the translation. Put all the cards with their writing facing the rug/table/book/whatever and turn them 2 at the time. If the translation is the right one for the other card, take them out or leave them with their “face” up, if not, turn them again and turn 2 cards again. 

pro tip: have a list with the pairs since you don’t know the meaning of the idioms.


You can buy one/download a pdf or use an offline dictionary. I’d recommend using ProDict or BitKnights Ltd. You need internet only for 5 min to download all the content and then your app is good.


Try to have at least 2-3 movies in your laptop or on a flash stick/USB. Now, if you stay  1 month at your grandparents, you might learn the lines of these movies but at least you used your listening skills.


I’m pretty sure 95% of langblrs have at least 1 song in their target language(s) but i’m still going to say this. When you’re bored, these songs will save you, also, singing improves your pronunciation.

Apps that work offline

Pocket - basically, you need internet at first (the app has to download the content and you have to log in) and after, you have to save a few stuff. The app allows you to read articles offline. It saves the page and you can acces it later.

While you are at a computer you “save” the page through the browser’s extention and they will be added to the app from your phone.

50Languages - just like every app i’m going to mention, you need internet only at the beginning. This app has games, audio, vocab. I like it for the fact that the audio is really good. As you guessed, it’s for 50 languages.

Fun Easy Learn - it has a version for words and one for phrases. The app has 7 games and you have to play them all in order to have “learned” the vocab.

Memrise - everyone knows it so i won’t say anything else than the fact that you can download a couple of their courses. (i’m not sure if for ios you can download them but i know that on os you can)

Learn - this app has audio and vocab. The game for “teaching” is more of a way of testing you after you learned the words but it’s still pretty handy.

Learn Languages - this app is built to work hand in hand with 50Languages and i just love them? So, you use 50langs for the audio and LearnLanguages tests you for what you know. If you don’t know a certain word or phrase, the app will send you notifications with what you don’t know and its translation. You set the timer (15min, 30min, 1h, 3 h).

If you have words that need to be learned and you don’t know how, Quizlet might be a good option since it has different games and also a flashcards option.


If you by any chance don’t understand something, write it down. Try to have a notebook or a paper only for questions. When you have internet again, use HiNative or ask a native friend of yours.

Entry #51

How is this ship split 50/50 on the pineapple on pizza argument

Empty Minded, Empty Handed

It’s one of my first games as DM, and its the first time for a few others too. They’re well aware of traps and tricks at this point, so that’s no excuse. As a point of interest, the Swordsage is a veteran player.

DM: You enter a slim room, with caskets and a chest neatly set at the other end.

Swordsage: I search to see if there’s anything on or in the caskets.

DM: The caskets are full of bodies, and there are meager offerings on the ledges, nothing an adventurer could make due with.

Rogue: Imma pick the chest’s lock. *rolls absolute garbage*

DM: As you fiddle with the chest, it flies open. *it wasn’t locked to begin with* You really know your stuff. Are you fully opening it?

Rogue: Cool, and sure.

DM: However as you do, a flurry of darts sprays out.

(Somehow, the people by the door get hit, despite the multiple range penalties. After this, they spend a while picking up the darts and seeing if the tiles are worth any, since I mentioned one being damaged by a missed dart)

Swordsage: So, what’s the chest like? I’m a construct, so can I salvage the trap for parts?

DM: The chest, eh… it’s an unassuming chest. A stone one, weighs 50 pounds easy. The trap mechanism is broken though.

Sorcerer: I want it. It’s a good hiding place.

DM: None of you have 50 pounds of capacity to spare and honestly you can get a lighter chest for much cheaper.

Sorcerer: I dunno, I really want the chest.

DM: *becomes somewhat exhausted that the party is trying to loot everything BUT the contents of the chest itself* Fine…

Swordsage: No, we don’t need it. We’re done here, let’s move on, to adventure!

Everyone else: *agrees*

DM: You leave the room and the open chest… *waits a beat, nobody bites* Okay then.

Worst part is that the chest had some nice stuff in it too, and the Swordsage only realized when I told him after the session. 


I translated the video: 

The Grubbels
Frondly Warning
You pose, all gold and gleaming
A ten dreessed to the nines
Spongeclots deaf to our screaming
And to changing times
Stay swimming in your mentions
Too cold to feel whats coming
Why do mask intentions?
All you hear is drumming, drumming
Drumming (x14)
Don’t bother looking for us
As if you even would
Just jam out to the chorus
As if you understood
We sing a song of freedom
the best track is the last
Liner nites. Hey did you read em?
We sang your epitaph
(blood boils x8)
Baby queen of calamari
Gonna fry and dip you
Way too late to say you’re sorry
Way to late to fix you


2017 Reading List : Out of the Easy

“I could see her. She’d drape her arm across her chest for everyone to admire her stolen jewelry and then slide her foot into Cincinnati’s crotch under the table. Mother was prettier than all the women at the Lockwells’ party, but she didn’t carry herself with the same poise or confidence as the other ladies. I didn’t agree with Cokie. It wasn’t just rich folks. Mother was soul broke, too.” | Ruta Sepetys



Hey look at you, kid! Now in a fandom that has a confirmed, canon, aro ace character.

I bet you are ready to jump into that trash pile of a TV show now! Wait, the writers are queer baiting both the bi, ace, and aromantic community? Well, 2017 is a series of unfortunate events, isn’t it?

You might not know me, I pre-date “THE DISCOURSE” and I know all too well both who keeps certain fandoms alive and who tries to come in to bully binary breakers. If you (luckily) missed out Dragon Age bull shit because you were happily reading comics, I’m here to help.

To prevent assholes from pissing on your enjoyment I suggest the following. Aphobes know what they are doing. This isn’t years ago, where you kindly explain their bigotry, or aggressively point out all the -isms they are doing. They’ve doxed people, they’ve suicide baited, they’ve stalked, so on, and so on. This is 2017. It’s nazi punching season, don’t go into anything thinking you can convince them off their bigoted rock.

If you want to engage, do so. But please mind the emotional wear. If you were using the comics or the show as escapism, don’t pick this battle with them. There are so many battles to be had. I’m not here to demand anything, but I am here to tell you how to avoid the thing you love being painfully and forcefully ruined on you.  

Step 1: No platform the assholes
Don’t engage. They want your attention. They like seeing people hurt. They are in the ace positivity tags because they want to attack you.

Step 2: Block the assholes
Here’s a list. I’m normally the last to block people, but those who uphold oppressive systems attack from all sides. You don’t owe your attention to anyone. It’s far too easy to see 50 shades of bullshit by breakfast.

Step 3: Block nasty anons
If they came into your ask box, they are asking directly for your attention. Deny them it. Tumblr lets you block anons. Do so.

Step 4: Remember that Jughead is canonically aro ace.
They are the ones with the theories. They are the ones without confirmation. They are the ones ripping labels off queer characters to apply their own. Fuck what they say, this character is yours. This isn’t to embolden you, this is a reminder not to fight those who have no power in this situation. If you are in a fighting mood, attack systems, not their people.

Stay safe, I’m rooting for you.

Recipe: Vegetable Medley

Description: This is very nutritious.

Game ingredients: Tomato, Beet

This recipe restores 165 energy and 74 health. It can be obtained from Caroline after reaching 7 hearts and sells for 120g. 

Difficulty: Easy, 50 minutes. Serves 4. 

In the cooking interface, this recipe is called “Vegetable Stew”. I decided to make a salad of sorts instead, mostly because I’m not entirely fond of stewed beets.

-3 medium beets
-2 large tomatoes
-½ bell pepper
-¼ large onion
-¼ cup olive oil
-½ teaspoon pepper
-1 teaspoon salt
-½ teaspoon thyme
-1 teaspoon rosemary
-¼ cup crumbled feta cheese

Preheat the oven to 400°F. In a bowl, combine the olive oil, pepper, salt, and thyme. 

Remove the root and stalks from the beets with a knife and then peel off the skin. Slice the beets to about ¼ inch thickness.

Toss the beets in the olive oil mixture and then arrange on a baking pan so none of them are overlapping. Bake for 20 minutes, then flip them and bake them for another 15 minutes. 

Slice up the onion and place on a second baking pan. Drizzle with olive oil and season with a bit of salt and the rosemary. Bake for about 8-10 minutes, or til the onion has started to turn crispy.

Thinly slice the pepper and tomatoes. Arrange all the vegetables on a large plate and then top with the crumbled feta cheese. Serve while the beets are still fairly warm, but not hot.

The resulting salad has a really good mix of flavours and textures, and beets are surprisingly good (coming from someone who generally doesn’t like beets all that much). You can add a drizzle of balsamic vinegar if you so choose. I didn’t because I found it didn’t necessarily need it; it was excellent on its own.


Don’t tell me that wasn’t a program in the holodeck

Tae's Hubby Qualities:

☑ LOVES CHILDREN ☑ Tall ☑ Affectionate ☑ Light hearted ☑ Could listen to that voice for 50 years, easy ☑ We’ve all seen that face, come on ☑ Passionate about things ☑ Looks like an expert hugger ☑ Joyful ☑ Already got the embarrassing Dad moves down


Tanks, August 10th, 2017. 

I moved some plants in the 29, cleaned some green algae, and added 6 tiny celestial pearl danios. Trimmed, rearranged, and replanted some stem plants in the 10a, also added some floating pennywort. The red plants in the 7 are getting redder (thank goodness!!), and I redesigned the 10b, again, this time with all the breeding stuff I’ve been using with the celestial pearls in one tank instead of all these separate boxes/small tanks. I don’t think any fry are going to appear out of the java moss or boxes at this point, but at least I have it set up for when I try again (if I can ever find the big male in the tank, who vanished since I put him back in the main tank… I see him when I scare him out, but he won’t come out on his own.) Then, I moved the emerald dwarf rasboras to the 2 gallon for a week or so to see if they’ll breed. Fingers crossed! I’m not even entirely sure I have males and females, I’m really bad with this species… I didn’t do anything new in the 5, but Eonwë did get a new almond leaf.