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Hey look at you, kid! Now in a fandom that has a confirmed, canon, aro ace character.

I bet you are ready to jump into that trash pile of a TV show now! Wait, the writers are queer baiting both the bi, ace, and aromantic community? Well, 2017 is a series of unfortunate events, isn’t it?

You might not know me, I pre-date “THE DISCOURSE” and I know all too well both who keeps certain fandoms alive and who tries to come in to bully binary breakers. If you (luckily) missed out Dragon Age bull shit because you were happily reading comics, I’m here to help.

To prevent assholes from pissing on your enjoyment I suggest the following. Aphobes know what they are doing. This isn’t years ago, where you kindly explain their bigotry, or aggressively point out all the -isms they are doing. They’ve doxed people, they’ve suicide baited, they’ve stalked, so on, and so on. This is 2017. It’s nazi punching season, don’t go into anything thinking you can convince them off their bigoted rock.

If you want to engage, do so. But please mind the emotional wear. If you were using the comics or the show as escapism, don’t pick this battle with them. There are so many battles to be had. I’m not here to demand anything, but I am here to tell you how to avoid the thing you love being painfully and forcefully ruined on you.  

Step 1: No platform the assholes
Don’t engage. They want your attention. They like seeing people hurt. They are in the ace positivity tags because they want to attack you.

Step 2: Block the assholes
Here’s a list. I’m normally the last to block people, but those who uphold oppressive systems attack from all sides. You don’t owe your attention to anyone. It’s far too easy to see 50 shades of bullshit by breakfast.

Step 3: Block nasty anons
If they came into your ask box, they are asking directly for your attention. Deny them it. Tumblr lets you block anons. Do so.

Step 4: Remember that Jughead is canonically aro ace.
They are the ones with the theories. They are the ones without confirmation. They are the ones ripping labels off queer characters to apply their own. Fuck what they say, this character is yours. This isn’t to embolden you, this is a reminder not to fight those who have no power in this situation. If you are in a fighting mood, attack systems, not their people.

Stay safe, I’m rooting for you.

Recipe: Vegetable Medley

Description: This is very nutritious.

Game ingredients: Tomato, Beet

This recipe restores 165 energy and 74 health. It can be obtained from Caroline after reaching 7 hearts and sells for 120g. 

Difficulty: Easy, 50 minutes. Serves 4. 

In the cooking interface, this recipe is called “Vegetable Stew”. I decided to make a salad of sorts instead, mostly because I’m not entirely fond of stewed beets.

-3 medium beets
-2 large tomatoes
-½ bell pepper
-¼ large onion
-¼ cup olive oil
-½ teaspoon pepper
-1 teaspoon salt
-½ teaspoon thyme
-1 teaspoon rosemary
-¼ cup crumbled feta cheese

Preheat the oven to 400°F. In a bowl, combine the olive oil, pepper, salt, and thyme. 

Remove the root and stalks from the beets with a knife and then peel off the skin. Slice the beets to about ¼ inch thickness.

Toss the beets in the olive oil mixture and then arrange on a baking pan so none of them are overlapping. Bake for 20 minutes, then flip them and bake them for another 15 minutes. 

Slice up the onion and place on a second baking pan. Drizzle with olive oil and season with a bit of salt and the rosemary. Bake for about 8-10 minutes, or til the onion has started to turn crispy.

Thinly slice the pepper and tomatoes. Arrange all the vegetables on a large plate and then top with the crumbled feta cheese. Serve while the beets are still fairly warm, but not hot.

The resulting salad has a really good mix of flavours and textures, and beets are surprisingly good (coming from someone who generally doesn’t like beets all that much). You can add a drizzle of balsamic vinegar if you so choose. I didn’t because I found it didn’t necessarily need it; it was excellent on its own.


Tae's Hubby Qualities:

☑ LOVES CHILDREN ☑ Tall ☑ Affectionate ☑ Light hearted ☑ Could listen to that voice for 50 years, easy ☑ We’ve all seen that face, come on ☑ Passionate about things ☑ Looks like an expert hugger ☑ Joyful ☑ Already got the embarrassing Dad moves down

the diabolik lovers boys ranked by how difficult they are for me to draw
  1. ayato: i could draw him with my eyes closed. easy as pie. practically draws himself
  2. kino: i have the most fun drawing this boy. i love drawing him in any and every style. he looks like a steamboat willie villain so that’s my favorite way to draw him
  3. kanato: very fun to draw especially making gloomy or annoyed expressions
  4. yuma: once u know how his hair flows it’s as easy as falling off a log
  5. shin: surprisingly easy considering his hair. he still looks like himself with any expression. only downside is his wolf form is kinda hard cause i ain’t a furry like him
  6. subaru: it’s easy cause u only have to draw 1 eye
  7. reiji: he’s 50/50. easy to draw, but not easy to draw well
  8. laito: he would be easy to draw except i feel like i have to make him look extra handsome so more difficult than he should be
  9. azusa: sometimes the hair is too much but otherwise a ball of fluff. his outfits are kinda of difficult sometimes? so i draw him covered in blankets a lot
  10. carla: face and hair you can get away with but once you get to his outfits it’s an uphill battle
  11. shu: his hair needs to be drawn so specifically in order for it to look like him i hate it
  12. kou: again, the hair. there’s just so much and it’s styled like twelve different ways at once
  13. ruki: same thing as shu except worse. i have never drawn him correctly. the one thing he has is that i enjoy his color palette
Creepypasta #1087: It Doesn't Matter How Many Times I Tell My Babysitting Story, Because No One Believes Me

Length: Long

Listen, I’ve told the cops my story three times now. You can keep asking but I’ll keep saying the same thing. I know what I saw. I’m not crazy.

They were advertising for a babysitter on Craigslist. The post read “WANTED – BABYSITTER. ONE NIGHT ONLY. PARENTS NEED A DATE NIGHT DESPERATELY! $50. MUST LIKE GAMES.”

Well, I needed cash and I like kids. I like games too. I figured it would be easy money for just one night, so I responded. Back and forth, the typical shit - “We’re so happy you answered”, “When do you want me to come over?”, “Here’s our address”. All that stuff was pretty straightforward. Nothing really jumped out at me.

I should’ve realized they never mentioned who I’d be babysitting, right?

So I pull up to the house and it’s a real shithole. One of those that’s in an okay neighborhood and probably looked fine a long time ago but it got really gross and now their neighbors are pissed because in between their all-right houses is a total dump but no one says anything about it. And they had real weird decorations, too – next to the mailbox were these little bird-things with stone eggs for bodies and old metal limbs sticking out. Pointy rusted beak heads bobbing on weak springs. Real weird.

I knocked on the door because they didn’t have a doorbell. Right away, it opened, like someone was waiting for me.

First off, the guy was old. Like way, way older than I’d expected. I mean, the ad read like a couple with a baby who hadn’t been out in forever and this guy couldn’t have been a day under 70. Kind of stooped over, bald, skin sort of hanging off his face like it does with some old guys. His nose was all red, burst capillaries, most likely from too many years in the bottle.

“You’re here,” he said, excited, waving me in with a gnarled, liver-spotted hand. “Come in, come in!”

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anonymous asked:

Kalau boleh tanya, bisa deskripsi teman hidup seperti apa?

Yang pasti perempuan. Satu prinsip. Easy going. Nyari yang 50% aja deh, supaya aku yang bisa melengkapi 50% sisanya.

Which classicaloid should u fight
  • Mozart: 100% utterly fightable. He probably fights like an acrobat though so you should take out his legs first rendering his heelies useless. Once he is de-heelied, it should be an easy win. 50% chance of winning.
  • Beethoven: a tough fight. You probably won't win but you should fight him anyway. Because, listen. He wants you to fight him. He's wanted someone to fight him since his conception. He'll kick your ass, your dogs ass, his own ass. 1% chance of winning if you know some Karate. 100% chance of making memories.
  • Liszt: Now you might think this is an easy fight because she's a lawful femme but listen to me. Do not fight Liszt. Do not. Have you seen sheet music for Liszt? Do you know how big your hands have to be to play that shit comfortably? Liszt's hands are probably bigger than your face and she will squash your head with one hand like a mushy grape. Do not fight Liszt. She is good and pure though, she will probably spare you. 0% chance of winning.
  • Chopin: Don't fight if you're afraid of heights, as his Musik is tower building. That said, if you are a fearless motherfucker, take on Chopin. It's a well-fought but otherwise easy battle. The problem is you will probably have Liszt kick your ass after. That you will never recover from. 85% chance of winning. 90% chance of Liszt finding out and reaming you a new asshole.
  • Schubert: like ok this would be an easy battle. But also. Look inside yourself and ask why. Why would you fight Schubert. He is miserable enough and you are going to fight him. Why. 99% chance of winning. 100% chance of emotional wreckage after.
  • Bach: You should probably fight Bach. You'll probably lose. But you should fight him. We don't know what he's planning but he seems kind of mean to his Loid friends. Maybe you can punch some information out of him. He also seems to only be able to stop Musik, not a punch to the face necessarily. 45% chance of winning.
  • Tchaikovsky: Listen to me. Do not fight Tchaikovsky. Under that frilly Lolita dress is 5' of PURE UNADULTERATED RAGE. You'd be fuckin pissed too if you were originally a tall Russian man now in a teenage body. Where Liszt will spare your life, Tchaikovsky will end it 6 times over. 0% chance of winning. Fuck, -100% chance of winning.
  • Bada: Just bring up the one hit wonderdom and she should be out like a light. Unless you want to do good old fisticuffs, which should also be easy. 90% chance of winning.

Lazy days are not laundry days, I’ve recently learnt. Living in a dorm and having to do most things, I relied on my mother to do, has taught me that. Cooking and cleaning is not as easy as 50s housewives and home makers (as my English Language students like to call their mothers) make it seem, definitely got a new found respect for them.During my first month here I became a regular at the local konbini (convenient store) and Kura Sushi (100yen per plate, sushi restaurant/dinner-placey). I soon learnt that being lazy is expensive when my bank account had just enough money to stay open, but not enough for me to draw any. The number on the screen taunted me as my mother’s words ran through my head, “remember to budget, don’t spend it all on snacks and clothing.” Well, I’ve learnt my lesson and am proud to say it’s just over my second month here and I have not starved to death yet and my bank statements are at a healthy number. I’ve learnt how to NOT burn onions while frying them and that you have to let an egg that has been in the fridge get to about room temperature before frying it. It is now safe-ish to be around me in the kitchen. Wowuuuu! for a post that has the word “laundry” in it’s title, I haven’t talked much about my laundry skills…which are Ace if i do say so myself, I haven’t changed the colours of any of my clothes or shrunk anything yet. So I’m pretty sure I can get my adult badge around about now.
With love, M

Idea from KD7NHM, in the near future he's selling his better, louder and sexier versions which you can check out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdjYQ1...

In time for Halloween! Scare your neighbours with a button-triggered soundboard for your costume! Easy and under $50!

Camp NaNo Diary - Day Twenty-Two

Today’s mission was simple: bum in chair, words on page. I got all the housework done and went out for a run, then came back and sat down to just get on with Beautiful Mistake and try to crank out as many words as possible this morning. Because I wanted to go out and do things this afternoon, and I wanted to have a SG-1 binge this evening. I didn’t turn the wifi on so as to avoid distractions, and did the first half of my OUAT word crawl to get me going. In between breaks to cook and eat lunch, I managed a total of 6279 words in 2 hours 43 minutes, so I feel justified in taking it easy this evening! 

Goal: 50,000
Total written today: 6,279
Total written so far: 92,784

(Although my goal remains 50,000, I have decided to try and hit 100,000 by the end of the month.)

Typical Fallout: New Vegas playthrough

Hour 1: Running around Goodsprings, shooting fire geckos. Learning of all the cool new items like razor blades and handguns.

Hour 50: Easy Pete resets the universe, dies on his quest bed and stays there because he’s a miserable, rancid pile of shit who deserves the ultimatum of my unending wrath

"til death do us part”

yeah, i’m gonna be THAT person and talk about death headcanons: 


Steve and Tony get married when Steve is 30 and Tony is 45.  Tony isn’t naive: he knows that years of partying and superheroing aren’t doing him any favors in the area of longevity, so he makes extensive plans and preparations for his death, wanting to ensure that Steve is well taken care of.  Steve, having already gone through outliving his friends, is terrified of Tony leaving him behind, but he loves the man and vows to make the most of their time together. 

Tony is 70 and already retired for over a decade when there’s another intergalactic crisis that has him suiting up with the Avengers teams and heading into space.  Tony is just shy of his 71st birthday when Steve sacrifices his life to save Tony, and Tony is never the same. 


Steve and Tony have died and come back to life in this universe more times than they can count, and they spend another couple years cheating death before they finally get together, and after that, it’s basically just roses.  They’re in their mid-40′s when they get married, but they end up spending a blissful 35 years together.  Tony had found a way to extend his lifespan even after years of drinking and medical problems, and he dies peacefully in his sleep when he’s 80 years old.  Steve lives for another couple decades, dying with many of his teammates after being forced to put on the suit to save the world again.  He embraces death, glad to finally be able to be with his husband again. 


Steve and Tony fight and die and make up and fight and die again dozens of times before they get together, and when they do, it almost makes all of the wasted time worth it because they’re best friends and falling into a relationship is ridiculously easy.  They’re both nearing 50 when Tony is killed in battle, and Steve spends the next ten years grieving his best friend, husband, and love of his life.  He works hard to ensure that tony hadn’t died for nothing, helping Pepper with the company, training the new Avengers teams, setting up scholarships and funds in Tony’s name.  Steve is 58 when a world crisis has him barking out orders to a team of over a hundred superheroes; he’s 58 when he’s blinded with a brilliant white light, and in the aftermath, Tony’s there looking the same as he did almost ten years ago when he had “died.”  They manage to sneak in a passionate night together even in the midst of the war, sobbing “I love you’s” into each other’s mouths, hands grazing over every inch of skin they can touch. 

Tony is 49 when 58 year old Steve dies in his arms. 

Insanitas | Asylum!ClaudeAlois


Life in an institution was never easy, especially in the 50′s.
But the Lake Repose Psychiatric Institution was a place where the souls that nobody wanted were sent, those beyond help: the criminally insane, pedophiles, and schizophrenics. 

Most people who went in were not expected to leave. There was nobody waiting and wishing for them to get better, and every once in a while a man dressed in black would enter the forest behind the asylum, wheeling a wheelbarrow. In it would be the body of the most recent being to perish within the confines of Lake Repose’s dim stone walls. 
They were all dumped in the silvan lake, weighted so that the corpses would sink, and the fish would make a meal of them. 

That was the fate that the inpatients of the institution were resigned to. 

Of course, on the outside it seemed, and was, a perfectly respectable institution. When people came to drop off their unloved ones, they would see other patients out enjoying the fresh air with an orderly standing by. Surely they were happy here, where they couldn’t hurt themselves or others. 
This made it easier for those people to justify their actions. 

On one unusually sunny day, patient no. #667 – one Mr. Claude Faustus – had been on his weekly outside time, where he could enjoy all the little critters of nature and breathe in the earth’s scent peacefully. Today he was weaving a flower crown when a dark limousine pulled up at the front gates. 
…This was quite an expensive car; Claude had not seen many of these in his life. The owners must be obscenely rich.

What he then witnessed was a much more familiar sight: that of a figure being pulled from the car, kicking and screaming to high heaven Don’t leave me here!!’

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10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 <3

10 “when is the last time you saw your sister?” : I don’t have a biological sister, so never, but @mistsoda is like a sister to me, nd I saw her on Thursday!

20 “does anyone like you?” : Well, I mean I hope so, otherwise this is weird (jk, yes, someone does)

30 “do you like text messaging?” : Yeah, but if we can talk face to face I like that better

40 “what made you start liking the person you like now?” : Her humour, and her personality. We like a lot of the same things, and shes just easy to talk to

50 “anyone you’re giving up on?” : I try not to, a while ago I did consider it but things have been happening with them and I’m more worried than I thought I’d be, so..not givin up yet

60 “what do you carry with you at all times?” : My bus pass, and phone

70 “would you rather listen to Luke Bryan or Lil Wayne?” : Luke Bryan. “I don’t want this night to end” was my SONG in, like, grade 9

80 “are you from the south?” : Nope, I’m what everyone in the states calls a northerner or yankee? Or does yankee just refer to people in northern US? Idk, I’m not from the south but I do say “y'all”

90 “have you ever snuck out of your house?” : I tried to once, but my door was really loud amd I chickened out

100 “are you friends with people on Facebook that you actually hate?” : I used to be, but a lil while ago I went on a binge, deleting anyone I hadn’t talked to in like 3 years and anyone I didn’t like, so not anymore

Thank you boo!💖
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