Lower East Side | New York, NY | 2017 by [DV8] David Patrick Valera


Hapi Phace Hats and Necklaces

When Gail Thacker, Tony Stinkmetal, Hapi Phace and I performed Hapi’s dadaist piece Carload of Klowns at the Gene Frankel Theater, I was doubly thrilled upon seeing the accessories that would complete the costumes.

For starters, Hapi had made necklaces. Mine had gorgeous red, orange, and black papier-mâché octahedrons joined by coral pieces. I was magically transported to the days when Hapi’s jewels were sold at Paul Monroe’s Einstein’s boutique on East 7th Street, where Greer Lankton’s Peggy Moffitt and Coco Chanel dolls populated display tableaux.

For my clown outfit, Hapi also made a hat out of a recycled D-cup bra, so romantic and evocative…like a French pastry or a wart, depending on how you see it…. To me, it hearkens a jellyfish for the head of my character, Palimpsest Clown aka Pickles, lover of fermentation.

Hapi’s hat for his character, Puddles the Clown, is a pointy cone fit for a wizard, embellished with a dahlia-like burst on the front. Its matching necklace is made of elongated papier-mâché pieces evoking turquoise.

I thought right away these pieces were all so glamorous…exquisite really. Dietmar admired Palimpsest’s necklace later that night, when I ran into him at Downtown Bakery Cocina Mexicana and I was still in costume, making for glorious daywear.

I asked Hapi if I could wear the hats and necklaces as fashion, and he styled and photographed me wearing them in the basement of the Gene Frankel.

Such an honor to wear these shamanic-ceremonial pieces which will soon appear in another incarnation of Hapi outfits for our Spring installment of Carload of Klowns, a now seasonal performance to be.

Photos by Hapi Phace.