Farmeros, low-rider cultura and El Movimiento all came from the same intersection. Heres a fact, East Side San Jo was an unincorporated land, largely desolate of the Orchard fields due to its poor and dry land, the fields were in San Jose, now West Valley. Cesar along with the CSO got Chicanos to vote, this made such an impact, East Side San Jo was incorporated into San Jo in the 1950’s with the Mayfair community (Sal Si Puedes) and Meadow Fair being their first developments, homes with running water and electricity. East Side San Jo before this did not have paved streets, running water and electricity in every home and neighborhood. It was a segregated slum for Chicano farmworkers. The fact of East Side San Jo being incorporated in the City of San Jose was such an outcry in the West Valley, cities like Campbell “The City of Orchards” broke off and became their own independent cities and towns. Yo soy The H/M de ESSJ Nomas y que! Had to re-post #lamovidalives #vivalacausa #farmeros #cesarchavezlives #eastsidesanjo #essj


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