eastman and laird's teenage mutant ninja turtles

TMNT 2012 premiere poster (pinterest) 🐢🐢
Heroes in a Half-Shell, and ready to battle! Since literally everything is coming back in August through November, I think I’ll take a look at this show. Also since there’s ANOTHER reboot coming next year, I better hurry or else I’ll have figure out a whole new TMNT universe!

Ninjas in the Dark (TMNT) by Captain Shizzzle (deviant art)
Heroes in a half shell, and master of disguise! There’s very little drawing here, but that’s what makes it great! Nice job on the color highlights, Captain S! 🐢😉

Leonardo goes into deep meditation to regain focus after he and his brothers lose their first battle and Master Splinter has gone missing.

(9"x12" mixed media on hot pressed watercolor paper)

“Smile Mikey!!” ♥

Really I still have hope in the Renetangelo… and the Shiniangelo too. XDD


TMNT © Kevin Eastman, Peter Laird and Nickelodeon

April’s Character Bio and Stats from the TMNT Roleplaying series from Palladium Books. Illustrated by Kevin Eastman/Peter Laird, featured in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangness by Erick Wujcik.


Real Name: April O’Neil
Alignment: Principled
Attributes: I.Q.: 19, M.E.: 11, M.A.: 13, P.S.: 13, P.P.: 14, P.E.: 11, P.B.: 14, Spd.: 13
Age: 27
Sex: Female
Weight: 115lbs
Height: 5ft 8in
Hit Points: 17
S.D.C.: 6
Disposition: Cheerful, friendly and concerned about people, hard working.
Powers: None
Psionics: None
Level of Experience: 1st Level
Level of Education: Master’s Degree
Scholastic Bonus: +36%
Occupation: Computer Programmer
Scholastic Skills:
Biology- 70%
Chemistry- 75%
Computer Operation- 95%
Computer Programming- 75%
Intelligence- 76%
Photography- 85%
Paramedic- 85%
Writing (Journalism)- 68%
Weapon Proficiencies: None
Physical Skills/Training:
Hand to Hand: Basic
General Athletics
Swimming: Basic
Secondary Skills:
Art (Carpentry)- 46%
Cook- 65%
Dance- 45%
Pilot Automobile- 98%
Pilot Small Truck- 98%
Basic Electronics- 45%
Study, Antiques- 92%
Study, History- 85%
Attacks Per Melee: 2
Bonuses: No Bonuses to Strike/Parry/Dodge/Damage; +2 to Roll with Punch or Fall.
Personal Profile: April is a very intelligent young woman. As a teenager she was a dedicated computer “hacker.” The skills she gained then were later translated into her career as computer programmer, specializing in robotics software. This is how she came to be associated with Dr. Baxter Stockman and his “Mouser” project.

  April also has an interest in antiques and junk, with the emphasis on the junk. The brownstone that she lives in has a junk store called “Second Time Around” on the first floor. This is the one her father used to own before he had his stroke. Now April operates the store part-time. The Mutant Turtles are now living in the building with her.

  Except for taking a few self-defense courses, April has no special fighting skill. She is in good shape though and runs and does aerobics regularly.
Special Weapons: None
Criminal Record: None

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