easting disorders

I need summer housing.

So I’m a UBC first year and I need summer (and winter) term housing.

Max possible rent is $900/month (and that’s really pushing it, only considered if it includes wifi, heat, hydro, & electricity). I’m also Trans Non-Binary which may make my current housing hunt… interesting.

Would need to be able to move in once my housing contract is up (late april).

So if any of y’all live in Vancouver and are looking for a roommate/tenant/renter person, send me a message (off anon obviously). 

raccoon-macaroon  asked:

Hang in there Suzie! Your body is not a problem. I know my mother and my friend's mothers sometimes project their own insecurities onto their daughters. That doesn't make it right, of course. You are lovely, even if you don't always feel it!

The thing is, I think my mother MASSIVELY projects when it comes to me and my body, because I take after her physically and she’s always struggled with weight too and has told me that she used to have an easting disorder and she doesn’t want me to get to the same place. I don’t think she realizes that her behavior/the things she does pushes me to doing just that….

And yet, I know I could be more healthy, that I should lose weight. And that’s what makes it so complicated, because I know for all of her projecting, she’s not completely unfounded…

Thanks for sending this, love, it helps to know you’re in my corner <3


Pickle is doing so well lately! He had a bad week, so I put him on some Metro Meds (the last I have left) and ever since, he’s been swimming fully under the water - for the first time in months! I think he’s growing too :)