False Spring

The unseasonably warm February temperatures brought the birds of spring to our backyard. Some Eastern Bluebirds winter in central Ohio, but they don’t search for insects in our yard until spring. A pair of America Robins left the shelter of the woods to check for worms and larvae. The unexpected guest was the Red-winged Blackbird. The is the earliest a Redwing has arrived in the past decade.


Eastern Bluebird by cg photography “Chasing the Light”

So happy to capture this little blue bird, and he even turned to strike a pose for me.

Female Eastern Bluebird checking out the nestbox this morning

Since it is womens’ day, a little video from this morning. Had to film it with the phone from the computer screen, but here is the local Bluebird lady, checking out the nestbox. I love how she lights up in the end. I want to wish each and every woman out there a wonderful day. (Every day should feel like womens’ day, but it is nice to congratulate on the occasion too)