False Spring

The unseasonably warm February temperatures brought the birds of spring to our backyard. Some Eastern Bluebirds winter in central Ohio, but they don’t search for insects in our yard until spring. A pair of America Robins left the shelter of the woods to check for worms and larvae. The unexpected guest was the Red-winged Blackbird. The is the earliest a Redwing has arrived in the past decade.

I guess I can sense a pattern here. Everybody is now bringing snacks to the booth haha The four babies are in amazing shape and have become much more active in the last two days. They constantly scratch and preen their feather stumps, reorganise a lot and go bonkers when a parent comes with food. I can now also hear them tweeting when a parent approaches the box. I have a feeling that these guys will fledge early.

I was quite busy these last few days, and did not have enough time to go through my pics (for some reason, the photo booth camera turned out more than 10.000 the other day and I am still sorting them out o.O). Today, however, I was lucky enough to have the time to watch all my four backyard Bluebird babies fledge :D It was wonderful to see the whole procedure. The babies called the parents, and started making their way out as soon as they got sufficiently frequent replies from them. My fledge day pics never come out good because my lens is not good enough, but I still wanted to share this one here. This was baby 2. Not super elegant, but it made it out! I am very happy that it all went well this time around. I cannot wait for them to bring their babies back to the yard and hope I can catch them on the photo booth too. Well, and I hope they start another nest, the summer is still long enough….


Eastern Bluebird by cg photography “Chasing the Light”

So happy to capture this little blue bird, and he even turned to strike a pose for me.