The whole family and the human adorers are waiting for the babies to fledge. They also did not do today! There was a lot of teasing, and in the evening, they started the calling game, so I guess tomorrow will finally be the day. Unfortunately, my nestbox cam cable got hit by the weed whipper, so I cannot see what is going on in there anymore. Come out, baby blues, the world is awaiting you!


False Spring

The unseasonably warm February temperatures brought the birds of spring to our backyard. Some Eastern Bluebirds winter in central Ohio, but they don’t search for insects in our yard until spring. A pair of America Robins left the shelter of the woods to check for worms and larvae. The unexpected guest was the Red-winged Blackbird. The is the earliest a Redwing has arrived in the past decade.


These two are new parents again. Early last night, the first egg cracked open and there was a tiny bird with the most adorable little eggshell helmet sitting in the nest. The next two hatched today, and I hope the fourth one will make it too. All seems well in the BB world. I am curious to see if the young ones from the first clutch will help raising the new babies.

The House Wren in the woodpecker box has been extremely diligent and is sitting on six eggs as of this morning. For the sake of that tiny birb I hope that was it haha


Eastern Bluebird by cg photography “Chasing the Light”

So happy to capture this little blue bird, and he even turned to strike a pose for me.