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A United Feminist Front Is

White AND Black North American women all collectively ignoring the fact Gal Gadot is an Israeli woman with Slavic decent 

playing Wonder woman - a person from a society that lived around “the Black Sea in the distant north-east, to Libya in the furthest south”, but is in the DC universe related to Byzantines, living off the cost of Turkey, 

And is therefore a symbol of intersectional feminism 

 And representative of more than one marginalized communities.

#WonderWomanIsNotWhite #WonderWomanIsAnImmigrant 

anonymous asked:

Gal Gadot is literally white wtf are y'all on about...

Come off anon and say that to my face, see if I don’t hit you with receipts. 

Literally, not White. Not. White. Slavic, Jewish - yes. The character is Balkan/Wog/Middle Eastern (we’re related anyway). 


both of my parental units said im not allowed to buy one of the adorable baby eastern bearded dragons at pet smart (THAT IVE WANTED FOREVER) even tho they were on sale and so were the full care kits + food and i went home and cried for an hour i hate my life


as a brown middle eastern woman, i’ve recently been thinking a lot about how people go about drawing the overwatch ladies. these are some of my thoughts from my main art twit regarding the overwatch artists’ community in some problematic portrayals of the brown ladies; this is specifically addressing fanart portrayals i’ve seen of pharah, esp in comparison w mercy in a lot of pharmercy fanarts.

this also reflects why i’m uncomfortable with the vast majority of pharmercy content. i’ve had enough representations of pharah as a brutish/manly/dirty/submissive figure to mercy as the pure/femme/clean/dominant figure. its 2017 and some of y'all still don’t know why thats problematic and gross as hell

Alabaster figure of a reclining woman. Reclining figures are common among Greek terracottas, and the appearance of the posture in Mesopotamian sculpture may reflect the influence of Greek terracotta manufacturing centers along the eastern Mediterranean.

Parthian, ca. 2nd century B.C.–2nd century A.D.

@ anon: Asians aren’t people of color? Really? Are you seriously telling me that (prepare for a massive picture spam) 

these people

External image


External image

people of color

External image


External image

External image


External image

External image


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External image


External image

(the above is a picture of Sri Lankans–if you know your geography, anon, you’d know that Sri Lanka is a country in South Asia, close to the bottom tip of India) 

No seriously, do you actually believe that all Asians are pale with “milky white skin” like most kpop idols and that’s why you have the (idk if mods consider this ableist language but I will star it out just in case) b**dbr**** idea that Asians aren’t colored because in your mind pale-skinned Asians =/= people of color? Even though, back around the Civil Rights Movement, white people told Asians they had to use facilities labeled for people of color because they didn’t see Asians, even pale-skinned Asians, as white?  

And even East Asians themselves can be people of color, as seen below: 

External image

(yeah Hyorin is a kpop idol but everyone knows that she naturally has darker skin compared to other kpop idols–even her audition video showed how naturally dark she was) 

External image

(another kpop idol, Lee Hyori, with naturally dark skin) 

External image

(original url for the above picture says that she’s a Chinese girl from Yunnan) 

Like oh look at the range in skin tones that Asians can have!!!!