eastern woman

I know a lot of people are freaking out over Mercy not being a black man. But, can we take a moment to remember that Blizzard still made a game where you can play as:

  • A hyper-intelligent Latina computer scientist
  • An autistic Indian woman
  • A middle eastern woman in power armor
  • An elderly middle eastern woman
  • A black Brazilian musician/freedom fighter against colonialism
  • A lesbian flagship character

I cannot think of a single other triple A game that has one of these options let alone all of them. 

I’m not saying eat your rice and don’t ask for more, just… well, keep some perspective about how freaking awesome Overwatch is an how huge a step forward for representation in gaming it has been.

What I say: I’m fine
What I mean: The Bold Type and an amazing show and I’m terrified it’s going to get cancelled. People just aren’t watching it. And I don’t wanna say that people on tumblr are being hypocritical and maybe a little racist because I understand that it’s a niche type of show that not everyone wants to see, but then I see people shipping white girls who are both straight, like not even bi, just straight on shows that aren’t even that good and I get frustrated because we have a canon wlw relationship between a bi/pan black woman and a lesbian middle eastern muslim woman and no one cares. I see gifsets of superc*rp and j*ssica Jones with that blonde chick ten times more than I see gifsets of Kat and Adena kissing and it just bothers me. Not to mention that besides the Kadena ship there are three more amazing women on the show. Jane who is much more traditional than her friends who stands firm in her beliefs but pushes her limits when she needs to. Sutton a strong women who would do anything for her friends but also sticks up for herself and always tries to do the right thing. Jacqueline, a motherly figure who knows exactly when she needs to be soft and when she needs to be tough. And these aren’t perfect cookie cutter women, they’re complicated, they have flaws, and if they to to bed with makeup they wake up smudged. I just don’t understand why no one wants to watch The Bold Type on Freeform at 9/8c on Tuesdays.

Morteza Katouzian (1943-)
“The Letter” (1984)
Oil on canvas

Four books of Morteza Katouzian’s paintings have already been published and a lot of his works have been presented as posters. Five of his paintings are in Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts and a big number of them are in the collections of Iranian and foreign collectors in different countries.

A United Feminist Front Is

White AND Black North American women all collectively ignoring the fact Gal Gadot is an Israeli woman with Slavic decent 

playing Wonder woman - a person from a society that lived around “the Black Sea in the distant north-east, to Libya in the furthest south”, but is in the DC universe related to Byzantines, living off the cost of Turkey, 

And is therefore a symbol of intersectional feminism 

 And representative of more than one marginalized communities.

#WonderWomanIsNotWhite #WonderWomanIsAnImmigrant