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There’s so many other things to write about than unrequited love.

Lucinda Williams

The One After Her: A Criminal Minds Fan-fiction

Featuring: Spencer Reid x Female Reader       Setting: Season 10

A/N: Reader is a writer trope, but wouldn’t our boy love someone who could create worlds for him to hide in? Also there is some awkward intimacy stuff, not smutty though. xoxo Stu

You had fallen in a blur. There was this tall soothing man with a bundle of curls on top of his head looking down at you and suddenly you had forgotten how to speak. His lips were very expressive though his eyes were tired. You remember wanting to brush his hair out of his face. Then he scrunched up his nose and you just about sighed, right there in front of everyone. Everyone being a group of strangers in business attire all mulling around the lobby to your apartment complex.

There had been some sort of crime, you knew because there were police at every entrance. Slowly you righted yourself and remembered to breathe, then how to form words. “Forgive my clumsiness, uhm, thanks!” You waved, ducking your head down as you headed to the elevators.

“Miss? I think you dropped this as well.” The lean man called to you, well at least you still looked young enough to earn a ‘Miss’. You sighed, the blush still warm on your cheeks. You turned slowly and took a short step towards him as he had crossed the tiled floor in about two easy strides.

He had your moleskin that you kept on you at all times, constantly refilling with new inserts as the pages filled with your ramblings. “Couldn’t have lost that now could I?” You hugged the notebook to your heart. “Thank you, really, you saved worlds.”

His kind face twisted into a thoughtful glance. “How do you mean?”

“Oh, don’t mind me. I just write a lot, so I tend to be a little possessive when it comes to my stories and a great deal awkward when it comes to human interaction apparently.”

“What kind of stories do you write?” The man’s dark eyes were gently curious, his mouth seemed to have extra abilities than any other mouth could maneuver.

“Fantasy, mostly. All fiction, besides the poetry, which is half fiction half non-sense.”

“Wow, well, I love poetry actually. Fantasy too. I am happy to save your work.” He stood relaxed, his hands in his pockets. “Do you know what Ginsberg said about poetry?” You tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, despite the fact that you knew it would fall again at the lightest twist of your neck; you shook your head in response. “‘Poetry is the one place where people can speak their original human mind. It is the outlet for people to say in public what is known in private.’

“He was a true master, wasn’t he? Thank you, again.” You didn’t want to continue back to your quiet, lonely apartment. “Can I ask what you all are doing here?”

His lips wrapped in on themselves as he thought. “Well, we’re here because we’re investigating a kidnapping.” He paused as your eyes bulged slightly, pulling your purse strap absentmindedly. “Um, I’m Dr. Spencer Reid, I’m with the FBI. If you could act like we are talking about the case instead of visiting, that would make me look a lot more professional than how unprepared I feel for chasing after an attractive woman.”

And there the words went again. Your mouth was open, so you closed that. Okay, now what else was there to do? Acknowledge the compliment, Y/N. Right, open mouth and speak to the handsome doctor. Speak. Speak now.

“Uh, so, uh, Doctor? I don’t,” You were stammering and he seemed just as mortified as you felt. “Do you, need to get back to work, because I think, I think you have me confused for someone else. Is, you’re not being funny are you?”

“No, not intentionally. And I feel like I can take charming off of my resume as well,” he mumbled. Spencer’s long fingers finally brushed the strand of hair out of his face. They looked like they could build symphonies. You smiled weakly at his self-deprecation. “May I have your name?”

“I’m Y/N, Y/N Y/L/N. It is surprisingly nice to meet you Dr. Reid.” You finally tucked your notebook into your bag, trying to find something to do with your hands.

“The pleasure is all mine.” He blushed.

That was it, you had fallen twice in a matter of moments. Spencer took your information while pretending to question you about the man on the second floor, while you lived peacefully on the seventh. He mentioned in a rush that he would love to take you to a poetry reading at a coffeehouse he frequented. You just nodded, unable to be sure of your voice again. He called you the next day.

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A Betrothal Of Sorts

Today of all days being in Elven princess wasn’t all it was cracked up to be Caroline or any of her dressing maids. Especially not after discovering she was engaged to a dragon, a literal dragon, okay half dragon. She had known him her entire life and thought of Klaus more as a demon than anything else. Still the story of the heir of dragons and the Princess of the western Elven Kingdom was just beginning.


For @lynyrdwrites


Part 1, Klaus’ POV:

For years he had watched her grow and blossom until the beautiful woman that stood a few yards away frolicking with her hand maidens and his younger sister. Thankful he had stopped his age progression over three hundred years ago just to be in her enamourous presence. Granted he wasn’t in her favorable company and rarely had a genuine smile like the one her lips held no in his direction.

Klaus didn’t mind the first cycle after she was born, a cycle being a century in dragon terms, but no her indifference wore on him. Plagued him ruthlessly as he watched her azure eyes bat at an the Princes and Kings that would use her as a prop in their name. Most of these men he threatened when he was certain she would not figure out it they would dither from her by his hand.

Then one morning came with news from his true father, the dragon king, a man Klaus knew only by blood through his mother’s affair with him time ago. Throughout the western kingdom he was only looked upon with respect do to that linage, for otherwise he would be a bastard -A looked down upon half blood.

In his early life he had tried to honor his mother’s husband Mikeal but to no true avail so he gave instead honing his true nature. His eyes green as the castle maze gardens when in elven form but hazel and blue as the night right after sunset. Now however they could be a swirl of colors that matched the mixed emotions bubbling in his chest.

Ansel, his father had been in negotiations to bring the dragons back from the eastern seaboard for little less than a cycle and finally last night the treaty talks had come to an end. It was at Caroline’s expense, something he knew the kingdom’s only princess would not be pleased with even if his heart beat with great pleasure. He knew she had to have been told the same time he was but the betrothed pair had yet to cross paths in the castle.

That was until now in the grand hall with many speculating eyes watching the lack of interaction between the pair. Klaus felt stiff and in dear need to loosen the cravat at his collar, his body was used to the heat of the crowded room but not the fire seeping from her pores with every look she gave him that seemed to match the intensity of his dragon breath.

Her father William watched the happenings from his perch on the throne giving him a beseeching nod towards his only daughter. Klaus nodded in trepidation knowing that with each step he took in her direction the pressure grew on both his shoulders and hers. Caroline drew his eyes to her face laughing at something Stefan had said as she graciously excused herself. He knew it the moment he was within distance of her, Klaus knew that she would run walk as quickly as her gown and good manners would get her from him.

Wary Klaus followed her through the other end of the room careful not to draw the unwanted attentions of Camille and her brazen cousin Hayley. He was not as lucky with Aurora, the sleeping fairy who had grown quite attached to him despite their ended tryst cycles ago. Caroline seemed to have catch the heated stare the red haired vixen threw him because her mouth slacked as he looked at her.

He flinched as her eyes flickered in a green hue, sparking a hint of hope in his chest as his eyes followed her out of the room. His eyes met the King’s with a pleased expression that Sir William seemed to match. Klaus, thought perhaps he knew a little something more about his daughter’s feeling towards him than he let on in earlier days.

Later on the patio he frequented by her windows he sat sketching the celestial flowers she so adored and tended to by her own gifted hands. Klaus pretended not to feel her eyes on his back from the alcove of her room a floor above him as he used his fire breath to warm his tea. He pretended his hearing was not so incredible as to be able to hear her talking to her maidens about their mutual, predicament as she like to word it.

He also pretended that she hadn’t wounded him by saying that there was not a way she could ever see herself happy with a man who was so nonredeemable as he. She said this as she stood by the bay window and Klaus swore that was the first time she knew he could hear her mutters because she gasped in realization at the stunned look of hurt in his eyes. That moment his sketchbook filled with her face set afire in his hands further shocking her into stumbling out of view.

Klaus grew inconsolable over the next few weeks, indifferent, and far more introverted than most thought possible from a man who generally like to be alone. He refused to see her or speak a few civil words in her direction in the public which only served to wound them both further. He spent more time than he ever had before turning, flying above the kingdom towards the sea wishing he could go further.

It was on one of these occasions while he was in his true form that he found her by the shoreline healing an injured creature. Klaus found himself hiding, shielding her from his scaly appearance as Caroline stood up pleased with her work. He took a step back snapping a fallen twig simultaneously drawing her attention to his direction.

His tail hit a berry bush crushing it as she called, “Who’s there?” savage determination in her tone rather than fear invoking a swift esteem of her to swell in his chest.

Klaus drew to a conclusion stepping forward to reveal himself as he was to her knowing it was the only viable option unless he wanted to further alarm her with his nudity, something neither were ready for. He smiled as he saw her progressing towards him with her eyes burning a green hue which meant she was clearly agitated.

The look of death she shot towards him was a clue as to what was causing her agation as he revealed himself. Her whole body seemed to visibly relax as she seemed to recognize him her hands coming to run up and down her cheeks in relief. Klaus felt himself grow flustered in her presence knowing he should be angry with her but unable to find the strength to as she regarded him with evident enchantment.

Her hand touched his niking her finger on a scale, his eyes drew to the spot of blood as she licked it healing herself, “You’re beautiful,” she complimented in a breath causing him to groan in his chest from illicit pleasure.

“Truly,” she drawls, “I’ve seen you fly,” she adds looking flustered under his silent stare, “I couldn’t imagine what that is like,” she confesses.

Klaus, unable to speak forces his scales inward as he extends his hand for her to take asking silently for Caroline to take it, to mount him and trust him. She bites the inward edge of her bottom lip causing smoke to escape his nostrils as he breaths making her blush. If ever a dragon could look sheepish he’s certain he does now as she takes his hand with a smile mounting his back carefully.

In the next moment they are in the air, the wind curling around them running over the ridges of his scales and through her perfectly golden tendrils. Klaus feels her hug him, feels her excited breath in his ear, hears her heart racing in her chest as she clings to him. He lets out a breath of fire in elation as he dips down with a swirl that leaves her in his embrace.

Caroline holds on tightly to his neck shutting her eyes as he gains speed making them rise again one last time as Klaus takes a chance on her. He slowly changes back to his elven form his arms coming around her waist cradling her to him. With her eyes closed she doesn’t seem to notice until their feet touch the ground and she feels his bare chest under her cheek.

“Klaus?” she pants, her eyes he notices turning a vibrant shade of blue with speckles of hazel much like his own as her cheeks flush furiously.

Her nimble hands absorbed in the feel of his naked flesh against her clothed self as her eyes grip his with beholden interest. A feeling running deep and familiar in his heart of hearts occupies him at the sight of Caroline, the most powerful healer elf of the land looking at him with curious fascination. Her soft bosom pressed to the hard planes of his chest deriving a different kind of heat, one that only two souls could create.

“I -I’m sorry,” she sputters drawing back from his embrace dashing his hopes before coloring in the face once more realizing he’s nude from head to toe.

He smirks as she presses herself back against him in order to hide the parts of him he certainly wasn’t ashamed of as they pressed against her hip, one appendage in particular. Klaus’ hand runs into her hair at her nape nudging her eyes to his with a lift of her head. A gleam in her eyes entices him to procure a taste of her supple mouth.

“Bold,” she whispers against his moving lips giving into the felicity of the moment as he catches her by the waist once more catching her as her knees give way.

“Too true,” he says unable to resist tasting her saccharine lips a little longer than he intended and was considered appropriate even as a betrothed couple.