eastern newts

Au where everything is same but fbawtft is placed in Soviet Russia.
  • Everyone is suddenly *Tovarish Kredenc.  Tovarish Kredenc  is the only one who survives. If you want to live, you must became Tovarysh Kredenc.
  • Macusa is even more KGB. 
  • What beast? You ever heard of some beast? I certainly did not heard of the beast. No one ever died here.
  • Newt doesn’t even make it to the bank.
  • Tina suddenly disappears in middle of the story and is never seen again.
  • Graves still meeting Credence in the dark corridor, but now they squat there.


Newt Scamander: “What, you fought in the war?”
Jacob Kowalski: “Of course I fought in the war, everyone fought in the war – you didn’t fight in the war?”
Newt Scamander: “I worked mostly with dragons, Ukrainian Ironbellies – Eastern Front.”
—  Aka Newt secretly being a dragon tamer in the war is canon and you’ll have to pry that fact from my cold dead hands

Sketchbook notes! I’m trying to better familiarize myself with native species, starting with amphibians because I’m pretty bad with amphibian IDing in general. This isn’t an exhaustive species write-up or a sophisticated and precise illustration; it’s mostly just note-taking, because drawing and writing things down helps me remember stuff and I’d rather already have some of this stuff in my head if I find one when I go field herping than have to pull out a field guide :P

I’m just going in order on a list of species commonly found in my local parks; this guy was first on the list :D

Red efts are on the move. These salamanders are part of the strange life cycle of the eastern newt (Notophthalmus viridescens). Baby newts have gills and are fully aquatic. Then they become land-dwelling efts, roaming widely and advertising their poisonous nature with neon orange. When it’s time to reproduce, they shapeshift to an adult aquatic form and and return to the water.