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Do you have pets? ^^ & top 3 series? Goobye!

I have a calico cat named Momo! she’s a weird and strange child with a chirpy voice.. we also have a couple cats that visit my backyard because we leave food out for them, we call them milktea and big fluffy.. ^w^ My ojiichan also has a cat named Miiko.

This is momo:

This is miichan:

and for top three series.. you mean like, for tv and games and stuff? I would say gegege no kitaro, eastern mind: the lost souls of tong nou, and the neverhood…. My main interests change lots though, so it’s a little hard to say… anyways, thank you for asking! <3 <3 <3


Tong Nou Creature Profile #3 - Tabelinai

Location: Land of Life (Ming-ken)

Description:  Lives solitarily in the Sha-mo Desert of Ming-ken (Land of Life). Deserted as he is, anybody will suit his taste. Once in love, he can’t help but express excessive affection. Please do not dislike him, it’s just the way he is. 

Likes: Hungry for love, affectionate to all. His stomach is constantly filled with emptiness. 

Dislikes: Mouth washing, cleaning, and bathing disgust him. This lead to his dreadful cavity.

Additional Info: To get to Tabelinai, you need to go right when the path first splits up in two directions. You will see the path leads to an open area past a few rocks. Of course, going there is not necessary at all unless you want Tabelinai to eat you. It is best just to ignore him entirely. 

Eastern Mind original soundtrack - YouTube
The original soundtrack from Osamu Sato's strange point-and-click game ''Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou''(Or Tong Nou, depending on who you ask). I...

Fun fact: there’s a playlist of Tong Nou’s OST up! I think the person also had a playlist for the sequel’s OST


Tong Nou Character Profile #8 - Mong-aru

Location: Land of Dreaming (Palace of Dreaming)

Description: Collector of Magatamas for dreaming. His turn to dream has just arrived.  The number of Magatamas and chambers, within the Palace of Dreaming Ping-chao are limited. Therefore the competition involved is extraordinary. For the residents of this land, dreaming is a matter of life or death.

Likes: Mong-aru has served as a Magatama collector at the river for many years. His long awaited turn has just arrived. Wishes for a wonderful dream, fast.

Dislikes: The conclusion of his long awaited dream is most frightening. Nobody can tell when his next turn will be. Thinks this palace needs more chambers for dreaming. 

Additional Info:  If you try to talk to him without the peach first, he will grow very frustrated and kick you out (after all he finally got the opportunity to dream). As Tou-gyou said– “The monsters of Mon-chien are very short tempered. Anything done a second time will be forgiven. But, they will blow up on the third.” Meaning, don’t try talking to Mong-aru (this actually applies to many other characters too) a third time unless you use the peach. It will only end up badly. If you have the peach (answer ‘ying’ to Sui-gyou’s riddle to obtain it) you can use it to scare Mong-aru away, then you can pick up the Water Magatama. The Water Magatama is one of the five necessary to complete the game. Apparently the peach has the power to tear monsters apart!