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Anna Bondaruk a Szeptunka from the village of Rutka prays at her home. Bondaruk claims to have a personal connection with Mary and sees villagers throughout the day for healing.

Location: Podlasie Province, Poland

Photographer: Diana Markosian

In remote northeastern Poland there lives a group of elderly Orthodox devotees who are said to possess special powers. They can heal the sick, cast out demons — even still a foe’s heart. Living at a mystical crossroad of Christian faith and folkloric superstition, they consider themselves members of the church, though the church does not. They are called “Whisperers or Szeptun in Polish.

One of the things I love about Eastern European foklore and folk magic is the completely blasé assumption that there are vampires everywhere. It’s not even “here’s how to get rid of vampires” - it’s more like “here’s how to exploit your vampire problem for personal gain”, or even “here’s how to live with the fact that your neighbour is probably a vampire”. Sure, everybody knows that old Vladislaus and his wife are blood-sucking abominations… but, well, come harvest time, you need every pair of hands you can get. So just smile and nod, hang fresh garlic in your windows every new moon, and try not to think too hard about what they’re using to fertilise those strangely vigorous crops.

Bat Music

Bruce: Likes soundtracks. Like, old soundtracks. (Grey Ghost, Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes, James Bond, Zorro soundtracks.) Also has a fondness for 80s soft rock and jazz that alternately puzzles and disturbs his children. (Batman humming along to “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” is a surreal thing to witness.) Rhythm and Blues, my friend, rhythm and blues. Has a dreamy, deep singing voice that will make you melt. Sadly, he almost never utilizes it. (Yes, I am referencing that scene from JLU)

Selina: Is a classy lady who shares a love for Jazz with Bruce. (They may or may not have won an impromptu swing dancing contest once. In costume) Also likes Spice Girls and Screamo. (Sings alto or contralto. Isn't’ half-bad.)

Barbara: My girl is here for the punk rock scene. Celtic Punk especially is a favorite. Dick has more than once walked in on her dancing along to Flogging Molly. Loves Lana Del Rey. Also tends to play dubstep when she’s in the Oracle Zone. If she’s playing Cristina Aguilera than someone is in trouble. Is an okay-ish singer. Not completely tone-deaf anyway. Can play piano.

Dick: It would be easier to list the music that Dick doesn’t like. His top favorites are Eastern European folk and pop. All the pop. Especially Euro-pop. Django and Kaly Jag are emotional favorites. Hard Rock and Glam Metal are also emotional favorites, since that’s what he used to play with Joey Wilson back in their Titans days (They had an album). Dick plays the guitar (it used to be his dad’s.) and sings (roughly tenor) Becomes a holy terror every year at Eurovision time. Jason fondly remembers the days before he even knew Eurovision was a thing. (Those days are long gone.) Dick loves Eurovision. He has every single song ever, even the truly horrible ones. He was super-thrilled by the 2017 competition. Tim has promised murder if he hears “Yodel It” one more time.

Jason: This nerd is into classical, classic rock, indie rock, and k-pop. Grieves deeply for My Chemical Romance. Shamelessly listens to Sarah McLachlan, Enya, and Evanescence. He took piano lessons while he was with Bruce and is quite good. (If the Outlaws ever became a band he would be the keyboardist, Artemis would be the drummer, Bizarro would be back-up vocals, Kori the bassist and lead vocals, Roy is cowbell.) Has a pleasant singing voice that hovers between tenor and baritone, and is a little raspy from his smoking habit.

Cass: Ballet, opera, This girl is all about the dance music. Lyrics are hard for her to follow, so she likes music that is designed to convey emotions without them. Breakbeat is a favorite. She loves and adores Lindsey Stirling. She’s been branching out into other dancing styles with that as a bridge from her ballet. Imagine Dragons is one of the only groups she actively likes that features lyrics.

Stephanie: Cheery pop music. She understands the struggle of trying to find angry music that features female vocalists and isn’t about ex-boyfriends. Broadway, punk, techno. Halsey, Katy Perry, P!nk, Pentatonix. (Glee) Has no vocal training whatsoever but is actually a decent singer who tends towards the soprano range and has what has been described as an “emotionally raw” voice. Tried to learn ukulele at one point but dropped it because she just didn’t have time.

Tim: No matter how the timeline works and no matter what decade he ends up being born in, Tim is a 90s grunge child, this emo little proto-hipster. Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam…He cannot sing to save his life but he did teach himself a little guitar. He plays his music very loudly and still somehow manages to fall asleep without warning. Has roughly 100 songs on his phone and plays them over and over.

Damian: Is still figuring out what he likes music-wise. Shares Cass’ love of Lindsey Stirling. Plays multiple instruments but violin is the one he chose to continue after coming to the manor. Refuses to sing in public as he is embarrassed over his singing voice. (You are ten, Damian. That’s how voices work.) Once he hits and passes puberty it will drop to a baritone just as smooth as Bruce’s.

Duke: Didn’t realize that his musical choices were going to be called into question. What even is with you people? Duke likes the classics. His mom used to play Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Louie Armstrong etc… and he’s still fond of them. Also likes Bruno Mars, David Bowie, and Beyonce. Doesn’t sing much but he’s good. Roughly the same vocal range as Jason. Is a pretty good rapper, it takes the kind of mental dexterity that he is good at. He and Stephanie had a rap battle once. It was epic. (It was also on comms) Was the best kazoo player on his street when he was little. (On a completely unrelated note, they found out that Damian does not know what a kazoo is.)

Alfred: Was quite pleased when Duke joined the family, as they share some music tastes. (He met Ella Fitzgerald once.)

Hex Does Not Mean Curse

Hexes are not always malevolent magick.

Hex doesn’t mean curse. They are not synonymous. Hex is a German and Pennsylvania Dutch word for spell. In German and Eastern European American folk magick traditions from the North East Coast and the Appalachian mountains, including the ones that get referred to as Pow-Wow, Braucherei, or Speilwerk; people who perform hexes are sometimes referred to as hexenmeisters or braucher. And hexes can be good or bad, based on what they are used for.

TL:DR hex ≠ malevolent magick.

anonymous asked:

How do I deal with people telling me I'm not "Goth Enough"? I tend to dress in a more Eastern European folk costume style with lots of goth elements. But recently some in the goth community and outside of it have told me that I am not a real goth because of this. How can I prove that I am goth? I know I should ignore those "Gother than thou" types, but its kind of hard to.

Your style sounds AMAZING, and I wish you would come off anon and share photos!

You DO NOT have to prove that you are goth. You don’t. Especially to anyone who throws around the phrase “a real goth”. But yes, I’m sure it is difficult to ignore those sorts. So what should you do the next time one of these elitist, wrong-headed gatekeeping types says something like this to you? Smile at them – either icily or as wide as possible, baring your teeth – and say in a completely flat tone “I’m sure your opinion is worthy and fascinating”. If they keep haranguing you, tell them that  that you AND your Auntie Jilli don’t agree with them, and that they need to stop talking.

Grrrrr. Pretentious gatekeepers make me SO MAD. 

reasons why you should listen to Natasha, Pierre, & The Great Comet of 1812
  • is described as an electropop opera based on a seventy page slice of War and Peace
  • is described by a friend of mine as eastern european folk music but also country
  • but he’s wrong so actually don’t listen to that
  • phillipa soo is in it
  • why would you pass up a chance to listen to pippa’s amazing voice belt to this crazy lovely strange music
  • I was blasting it the other day and my parents came home and my dad’s reaction was basically, “we step out for five minutes and you’re throwing a rave”
  • no, dad, this is not a rave
  • because it’s tolstoy, there’s just so much nineteenth century russian etiquette and I’m a nerd who is incredibly entertained by it
  • and the characters narrate their own actions as they happen, which always sounds idiotic when I do it, but here I am just inexplicably charmed by it
  • there’s this one note that lucas steele, who plays anatole kuragin, sings that apparently was written as a joke because nobody was going to sing that ridiculously high note
  • but lucas fucking HITS THAT NOTE
  • I swear from a technical standpoint this musical is unbelievable and between lucas and pippa I basically spend the entire time freaking out because hot damn your range
  • and the music
  • the music is just so cool dammit dave malloy
  • it is certifiably one of the coolest things
  • just check it out okay